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TV station ( public service )
Program type Division program
reception Digital: DVB-C , DVB-S2 , DVB-T2 , IPTV
resolution 576i ( SDTV )
720p ( HDTV ) (ARD-alpha HD via DVB-C and DVB-S2 since January 7, 2019)
1080p ( HDTV ) (ARD-alpha HD via DVB-T2 since March 29, 2017)
Start of transmission January 7, 1998 (as BR-alpha)
June 29, 2014 (as ARD-alpha)
language German English
Seat Munich , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk , ARD
Intendant Ulrich Wilhelm
Program director Andreas Bönte
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ARD-alpha is a German educational channel on television that went on air on January 7, 1998 under the auspices of Bayerischer Rundfunk as BR-alpha . On June 29, 2014, it was renamed ARD-alpha.


BR-alpha (1998-2014)

The television education channel BR-alpha started as a 24-hour offer on January 7, 1998. The special-interest broadcaster's program was originally broadcast analogue via Astra and in various cable networks. The focus of the division program was placed on the areas of education, information and service. In the summer of 1998 the digital broadcast via Astra also began. On November 28, 2000, the directors of the state broadcasting corporations signed an administrative agreement for the first time on cooperation with the BR educational channel BR-alpha.

The Tagesschau has been running on BR-Alpha 25 years ago and the Wochenspiegel 25 years ago since 1998 . Here the station offers a comprehensive insight into recent history through older news programs. At first the program was always shown at 6:45 p.m., and since 2012 at 11:45 p.m. ARD Alpha took over the program and continues it on the broadcasting slot.

On September 30, 2002, Planet Wissen started , the joint knowledge broadcast by BR-alpha, WDR and SWR, which also offers an extensive range of Internet services. With the start of digital aerial television in Bavaria on May 30, 2005, BR-alpha also began broadcasting via DVB-T.

The program scheme was revised on February 16, 2008 for the 10th anniversary. In addition to articles on the subject of career orientation, the youth magazine freiraum was launched . At the same time, the programs W for knowledge and fascination knowledge, two knowledge formats, were taken over from Bavarian television and from the first.

On August 9, 2009 the youth program on3-südwild switched from Bavarian television to BR-alpha. On June 27, 2010 Andreas Höfer received the German Camera Award in the TV film / docudrama category for the BR-alpha film production Empathie - Stumme Schreie .

ARD-alpha (since 2014)

BR-alpha was renamed ARD-alpha on June 29, 2014 . A scheme change took place on June 28, 2014. The funding and broadcasting responsibility for the station are still in the hands of the BR, but it is hoped to be able to win contributions from other ARD stations for ARD-alpha . In the course of the national orientation, the Tagesschau from Hamburg has been included in the program instead of the BR- Rundschau . The cooperation with the Austrian ORF ( alpha Austria ) will be continued, the content produced here will now be broadcast after 10 p.m. instead of the previous evening. According to the industry service, there are still fundamental considerations about the continued existence of ARD-Alpha:

"If BR-alpha received hardly any attention in the public perception in the past few years, the question now arises as to what the ARD actually wants with the educational channel."


Audience acceptance

ARD-alpha's market share is in the tenth of a percent range and in Bavaria is far below arte and the children's channel KiKA . In 2007 the market share of the then BR-alpha was 0.1%. The last Radio Analysis Bavaria 2014 by TNS Infratest Media Research shows a market share of 0.3% for ARD-alpha. The responsible head of ARD-alpha is Andreas Bönte .


Video from ARD-alpha about the analysis and interpretation of dramatic texts

The 24-hour program from ARD-alpha consists of in-house productions by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation as well as programs from other ARD stations and the ORF .

In addition to language courses , advanced training programs from the Telekolleg as well as university and science programs, the range of programs also includes the areas of religion, music (especially recordings of the Burghausen jazz week , which have been broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1 since 2005 ), philosophy , literature, art and culture.

In the morning program, panorama images from Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol are broadcast. These are linked to information and weather reports on the tourist areas.

Station logos


ARD-alpha can be received nationwide via the cable network . ARD-alpha can be seen across Europe via satellite ( ASTRA 1M digital), and since January 7, 2019 also in HD. In addition, the channel is broadcast in Bavaria via DVB-T2 HD (also in Dolby Digital 5.1). Reception via the Internet is e.g. B. possible via the Telekom Entertain platform , as well as a live stream via the ARD media library and the BR media library.

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