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Radio Upper Austria
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More music - more variety
Radio station ( public law )
reception analog terrestrial , cable , satellite
Reception area Upper Austria
Start of transmission October 1, 1967
Broadcaster ORF
Intendant Kurt Rammerstorfer
Program director Michael Trnka
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Radio Oberösterreich is the regional radio for Upper Austria operated by ORF as part of the Österreich 2 ( Österreich-Regional ) station.


During the day, Radio Oberösterreich offers a fully formatted program with music, moderation, news, sports, culture and weather / traffic services tailored to the audience in Upper Austria. The target group are Upper Austrians over 35 years of age. The music selection is mainly based on popular Popoldies. German-language titles are also played, mostly Schlager or Neue Deutsche Welle, with the proportion of Austrian music titles (" Austropop ") being relatively high. Occasionally there are so-called "music weekends" on weekends, when music is played almost exclusively by a certain artist, a certain genre or a certain musical time. Among other things, the following "music weekends" have already taken place: The " Udo Jürgens weekend", the " Elvis Presley weekend", the "musical Hådern weekend", the "Austropop weekend", "Girls, Girls, Girls - Von Angie to Suzie Q. "," Disco Fever - The Music Weekend ", Music Weekend:" Happy Birthday Elton John "and" Bella Italia! The Music Weekend ". The program can also be received via live stream on the Internet worldwide and Astra Digital throughout Europe. During the week after 6:30 p.m. and on the weekend after 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday mornings, Radio Oberösterreich deviates from the oldie-based format and broadcasts traditional folk music (" folk culture "), sports, culture and talk magazines.

With the introduction of the private regional radio in 1998, Radio Upper Austria got new competition. Stations such as the commercially oriented " Life Radio ", "Krone Hit", " Radio Arabella " and the free culture broadcaster Radio FRO (Radio Free Upper Austria) have found audiences in recent years. With 420,000 listeners from the age of ten (entire broadcasting area of ​​Radio Oberösterreich, Monday to Friday, preliminary projection), Radio Oberösterreich is the regional market leader in the 10+ target group (Radiotest; 2nd half of 2007).


Since January 2012, Radio Upper Austria has been headed by regional director Kurt Rammerstorfer as a division of the ORF regional studio Upper Austria (based in Linz). Johannes Jetschgo is the head of information and responsible for the news broadcasts. Michael Trnka acts as program manager, as the long-time program manager and head of the sports department, Reinhard Waldenberger, retired on December 31, 2017. Andrea Novak is responsible for regional marketing and Günther Hartl for the folk culture department.


Moderators from Radio Upper Austria and the moderators from Upper Austria today

Moderator Area
Dennis Bankowsky Sport, occasionally Radio Oberösterreich Café, Radio Oberösterreich at lunchtime, people from Upper Austria experienced and told, Hello Upper Austria
Alice Ertlbauer-Cammerer Moderator concert podium
Sandra Galatz Reporter, editor
Franz Gumpenberger Moderator sung and played, with us at home
Chiara Hölzl Reporter, editor
Thomas Hölzl Sports
Heinz Hörhager Moderator sung and played
Gernot Hörmann Moderator Good morning Upper Austria, In conversation, Hello Upper Austria, Moderator Upper Austria today
Wolfgang Huettner Moderator Hüttner in the evening, reporter, editor, occasionally sports
Johannes Jetschgo Head and occasionally moderator Upper Austria today
Martina Kohlmann Moderator sung and played
Petra Lehner Moderator Radio Oberösterreich Café, Radio Oberösterreich at lunchtime, people from Upper Austria experienced and told, occasionally Hello Upper Austria
Wolfgang Lehner Moderator Guten Morgen Oberösterreich, In conversation, occasionally Radio Oberösterreich Café, occasionally Servus Upper Austria, in summer my favorite hut
Günther Madlberger Moderator Guten Morgen Oberösterreich, in conversation, occasionally Servus Upper Austria, occasionally Linzer Torte , editor Upper Austria today
Jutta Mocuba Moderator Radio Oberösterreich Café, Linzer Torte , Radio Oberösterreich at lunchtime, people from Upper Austria experienced and told, Hello Upper Austria, occasionally in conversation, Moderator Upper Austria today
Klaus Obereder Moderator Upper Austria today
Stefanie Poxrucker occasionally the moderator sung and played
Walter Rescheneder Moderator Klingendes Oberösterreich, the brass music concert from Radio Oberösterreich
Otmar scrap Moderator Servus Upper Austria, Linzer Torte , occasionally Radio Upper Austria Café, editor Upper Austria today
Loucaz Steinherr Reporter, editor, presenter Hoamatsound
Maria Theiner Moderator Radio Oberösterreich Café, Radio Oberösterreich at lunchtime, people from Upper Austria experienced and told, Hello Upper Austria, presenter Upper Austria today
Michael Trnka Program director, presenter Linzer Torte , occasionally Radio Oberösterreich Café, occasionally in conversation, occasionally Servus Upper Austria
Katrin Wachauer Moderator Servus Upper Austria, reporter, editor, occasionally sports
Helmut Wittmann Moderator At home with us (The legendary hour)
Claudia Woitsch Moderator Servus Oberösterreich, Radio Oberösterreich Café, Radio Oberösterreich at lunchtime, people from Upper Austria experienced and told


Radio Upper Austria can be received in almost all of Upper Austria on 95.2 MHz ( Linz Lichtenberg , 100 kW ERP).

Only in Attergau and in the Kirchdorf an der Krems district there are isolated reception problems, which is why Upper Austria radio in Attergau on 101.2 MHz ( Salzburg / Gaisberg , 7 kW ERP) and in the Kirchdorf district on 93.1 MHz (Windischgarsten / Kleinerberg 0.15 kW ERP) is disseminated.

Radio Upper Austria can be received well to very well almost in all of Upper Austria, in parts of southern Bohemia as far as the Prague Basin , in the west as far as Lower Bavaria , Upper Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate . Radio Upper Austria can also be received in the neighboring federal states of Salzburg , Lower Austria and Styria . Due to its geographical location, which tends more towards the east, it has - especially towards Germany - a less large transmission area than its south-western neighbor from Salzburg .

Peace light

The now internationally known and valued idea for the peace light from Bethlehem has its origin in the Upper Austria regional studio. Radio Upper Austria accompanies the newly selected Friedenslichtkind from Upper Austria every year.


In addition to popular music and information broadcasts, Radio Upper Austria is also open to an audience interested in culture. Alice Ertlbauer-Cammerer's "Konzertpodium" or, in earlier years, the "Open Radio", in which Bernhard Kravanja-Raingruber's jazz and world music series "Tin Pan Alley" ran, are and were a living example of this.

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