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TV station ( public service )
Program type Specialized program (other)
reception DVB-C , DVB-S , DVB-S2 , DVB-T , IPTV
resolution 576i ( SDTV )
720p ( HDTV ) (ZDFinfo HD)
Start of transmission August 27, 1997 (as ZDFinfo channel)
September 5, 2011 (as ZDFinfo)
Seat Mainz , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Broadcaster Second German Television
Market share 1.5% (2019)
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ZDFinfo is a German television broadcaster and part of the ZDF's digital programming . It emerged on September 5, 2011 from the ZDFinfokanal , which started broadcasting on August 27, 1997 under the name ZDFinfobox . The station focuses on documentaries and reports .


ZDFinfo can be received continuously via satellite, cable in the ZDFvision package and via DVB-T2 . It is also distributed via IPTV and streaming services such as Zattoo and TV.de.

ZDFinfo HD

ZDFinfo has been broadcast in HD 720p since April 30, 2012 . The program was initially only upscaled from 576i, as ZDFinfo did not have HD-capable broadcasting at the time. The program has been broadcast in native HD quality since mid-May 2015.


The program consists almost exclusively of documentaries, including true crime formats such as the German programs Aufgeklärt - Spectacular criminal cases , investigators! and Convicts with Joe Bausch , the French programs Killerjagd and Täterjagd as well as the British programs On criminal hunt and perpetrators in the network .

In the classic historical documentaries, the focus for a long time seemed to be on the time of National Socialism or the Second World War and the Holocaust , but ZDFinfo illuminates all eras, starting with antiquity , through the Middle Ages , the Thirty Years War , the First World War and the Weimar Republic , the conflicts in the context of the Cold War ( Korean War , Vietnam War , Soviet intervention in Afghanistan ) and its end ( Yugoslav wars ) to the present day (war against the Islamic State , civil war in Syria ) - often with a focus on German history (key words “ Red Army Fraction ”, “ German Democratic Republic ”), partly as part of ZDFzeit and ZDF-History , often in cooperation with Spiegel TV .

Even scientific programs such as Terra X , Leschs cosmos or Morgan Freeman: mysteries of the universe are an integral part of ZDFinfo, as well as speculative myths hunters . There are documentations relating to today's reality of life. a. at ZDFzoom and Terra Xpress XXL , and docutainment formats such as That was gone, or portraits of artists , politicians and aristocrats are also broadcast.

In contrast to the usual program schedule, the comedy format heute-show is broadcast on Sundays at 7:40 p.m.

Especially in the mornings, the news format Today Xpress is shown between programs .

Special programs

The ZDFinfokanal occasionally reported live on major events in special programs that went beyond the main ZDF program. For example, the broadcast of the funeral service for the death of Michael Jackson was continued in the info channel. On the occasion of the revolution in Egypt in 2011 , the live program of the television channel al-Arabiya with German commentary was broadcast on the info channel. There were also special programs for the severe earthquake in Japan in 2011 under the title ZDFinfo special , in which the live program of the Japanese international broadcaster NHK World TV and the Japanese broadcaster NHK were translated and commented on.

Sports broadcasts

Since the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens , ARD and ZDF have been using their digital programs tagesschau24 , Einsfestival , ZDFneo and ZDFinfo to also be able to report on the Olympic Games. This possibility has also been used for soccer world championships and soccer championships since 2008 in order to be able to broadcast simultaneous games. At the FINA World Championships in 2009 and the 2010 European Aquatics Championships were the competitions in Diving broadcast live on the information channel. Around 14 hours of live broadcast of the 2010 World Equestrian Games were broadcast.

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