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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Mansfeld
Map of Germany, position of the city of Mansfeld highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 36 '  N , 11 ° 27'  E

Basic data
State : Saxony-Anhalt
County : Mansfeld-Südharz
Height : 255 m above sea level NHN
Area : 143.79 km 2
Residents: 8649 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 60 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 06343
Primaries : 034782, 03476 (Großörner), 034772 (Annarode, Siebigerode), 034775 (Braunschwende, Friesdorf, Hermerode, Ritzgerode), 034779 (Abberode, Molmerswende)Template: Infobox municipality in Germany / maintenance / area code contains text
License plate : MSH, EIL, HET, ML, SGH
Community key : 15 0 87 275

City administration address :
Lutherstrasse 9
06343 Mansfeld
Website :
Mayor : Andreas Koch (Free Voters Association Mansfeld e.V. (FWG))
Location of the city of Mansfeld in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz
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Mansfeld is a town in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz , Saxony-Anhalt (Germany).


Geographical location

The city of Mansfeld is located in the eastern Harz foreland , about 35 km northwest of Halle (Saale) . The area of ​​the district Mansfeld includes the valley of the Wipper , some side valleys that open to the west to the Wipper, as well as the ridges between the valleys, the average heights of 300 to 350 m above sea level. Reach NN and already belong to the lower resin .

Mansfeld, aerial photo (2018)

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities are Arnstein in the north, Hettstedt , Gerbstedt , Klostermansfeld , Benndorf and Ahlsdorf in the east, Hergisdorf , Allstedt and Sangerhausen in the south and Harzgerode and Falkenstein / Harz (both districts of Harz ) in the west.


Climate diagram

The average air temperature in Vatterode-Gräfenstuhl is 8.2 ° C, the annual precipitation is 510 millimeters.

City structure

Mansfeld includes the core city with the districts of Mansfeld, Kajendorf (district of Leimbach) and Leimbach as well as the following districts :

District Residents Breakdown
Abberode Annarode Biesenrode Braunschwende Friesdorf Gorenzen Großörner Hermerode Möllendorf Molmerswende Piskaborn Ritzgerode Siebigerode Vatterode MansfeldDistricts of Mansfeld.svg
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The towns of Mansfeld
(clickable map)
Abberode 341 Abberode, Steinbrücken and Tilkerode
Annarode 476 Annarode
Biesenrode 404 Biesenrode and Saurasen
Braunschwende 511 Braunschwende
Friesdorf 318 Friesdorf and Rammelburg
Gorenzen 327 Baumerode and Gorenzen
Großörner 1.932 Großörner and Rödgen
Hermerode 109 Hermerode
Mansfeld-Lutherstadt 3,168 Leimbach , Mansfeld
Möllendorf 283 Blumerode and Möllendorf
Molmerswende 256 Horbeck, Leinemühle and Molmerswende
Piskaborn 251 Piskaborn and Wimmelrode
Ritzgerode 81 Ritzgerode
Siebigerode 587 Siebigerode
Vatterode 627 Gräfenstuhl and Vatterode
All in all 10,083

The district of Mansfeld bears the suffix Lutherstadt ( Mansfeld-Lutherstadt ), which is based on the fact that the reformer Martin Luther spent a large part of his childhood in the village.


Mansfeld, copper engraving around 1650
Watercolor around 1830
Mansfeld around 1930, taken from the castle.
Mansfeld around 2007. View from the castle to the city center

middle Ages

In 1400 Mansfeld received city rights. The development of the place determined the copper and silver mining in smelters. Since 1996 the city has been nicknamed "Lutherstadt". Martin Luther's father , Hans Luder , settled in 1484 as a smelter. Luther spent his childhood in the village and attended the school from 1488 to 1496, the location of which is documented. The building "Luther's School" was demolished due to structural defects and rebuilt in 2000. There is a museum in Martin Luther's parents' house. Luther was an altar boy in St. George's Church, which already existed in 1497.

After the death of the last Count von Mansfeld in 1780, the city and the rest of the Prussian part of the county went to the Brandenburg-Prussian Duchy of Magdeburg . As a so-called immediate city, the city of Mansfeld was directly under the government of the Duchy of Magdeburg . The then still independent city of Leimbach was a media city and also belonged to the duchy.

Modern times

In 1807 Napoleon Mansfeld assigned his brother Jérôme to the Kingdom of Westphalia . Since then the city has belonged to the Halle district in the Saale department . After the reorganization of the district structure in the Prussian state after the Congress of Vienna , the Mansfeld Seekreis was established in the administrative district of Merseburg in the Prussian province of Saxony on October 1, 1816 , to which the city of Mansfeld was assigned. The district office of the Mansfeld Seekreis was since then in Eisleben , which originally belonged to the Saxon part of the county of Mansfeld.

World War II period

During the Second World War , a labor camp was set up in the “Schloss Mansfeld” inn in the Leimbach district for 100 southern German so - called half - Jews who had to do forced labor as part of Sonderkommando J.


The city of Leimbach was incorporated in 1950. In 2005 eight communities were incorporated into the city of Mansfeld, some of which were previously part of the Rammelburg district. With these incorporations, Mansfeld has almost sevenfold its area and the number of inhabitants nearly tripled. In 2009 another six parishes followed.

Former parish date annotation
Abberode 03/06/2009
Annarode 01/01/2005
Biesenrode 01/01/2005
Flowerode 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Möllendorf
Braunschwende 03/06/2009
Friesdorf 03/06/2009
Gorenzen 01/01/2005
Graefenstuhl 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Vatterode
Großörner 01/01/2005
Hermerode 03/06/2009
Leimbach 07/01/1950
Möllendorf 01/01/2005
Molmerswende 03/06/2009
Piskaborn 01/01/2005
Rammelburg 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Friesdorf
Ritzgerode 03/06/2009
Siebigerode 01/01/2005
Stone bridges 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Abberode
Tilkerode 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Abberode
Vatterode 01/01/2005
Wimmelrode 07/01/1950 Incorporation to Piskaborn


City council

Local elections 2019
Turnout: 56.7%
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
+ 18.6  % p
-9.2  % p
-5.4  % p
-3.2  % p
+ 4.6  % p
+ 0.1  % p
-10.1  % p
+ 4.6  % p

Since the local elections on May 26, 2019 , the 20 seats of the city council have been distributed among the individual lists and parties as follows:

Party / list Seats
FBM 4th
AfD 1
Groups of voters 5
Individual applicants 2
total 20th

coat of arms

Blazon : " St. George turned left in red, in golden armor on a gold-bridled white horse, piercing a winged green dragon with a spear penned with a gold-black cross flag."

The coat of arms in its current form was designed by the municipal heraldist Jörg Mantzsch .


Culture and sights

Mansfeld Castle
Luther monument
  • St. George's Church (built from 1397, carved altars from the late 15th century, gallery with 49 panels, Luther portrait from 1540 - Luther was an altar boy here )
  • Luther School (today city information)
  • Luther's parental home, museum of the Luther Memorials Foundation in Saxony-Anhalt
  • Luther Museum
  • Luther Fountain (1913)
  • Young chicken exhibition in the rectorate of the town hall
  • Mansfeld Castle
  • Rammelburg Castle
  • Infirmary / Johanniterhaus
  • Mansfeldbahn
  • historical restaurant "Zur gute Quelle" since 1430 - one of the oldest inns in Germany (closed for a long time as of 2017)
  • Oak near Rammelburg with a chest height circumference of 7.85 m (2015).


Bridge of the Wipperliese in Mansfeld

Rail connection

Mansfeld is on the branch line from Klostermansfeld to Wippra. The Wipperliese runs through the scenic Wippertal . There were daily train connections to Klostermansfeld and Wippra until April 13, 2015 . After that, the traffic times were reduced to weekends and public holidays from Easter to October 31 of the year. During this period, the Mansfeld stop is approached on weekends from 9:30 a.m. as part of route 6850 Klostermansfeld - Wippra with the Wipperliese .

Federal road connection

Mansfeld lies at the intersection of the federal highways B 242 , B 180 and B 86 .

Bus connection

Since December 13th, 2009 the PlusBus 420 of the state network Saxony-Anhalt has been running from the Südharz transport company between Eisleben and Hettstedt via Mansfeld.



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  • Local customer of Mansfeld and the surrounding area. A learning and reading book for schools. Edited by Gustav Walther. Second edition redesigned in terms of spelling and content. Printed and published by Fr. Hohenstein, Mansfeld 1881 OCLC 247726146 [reprint 2012].
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Web links

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