Federal Highway 180

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Bundesstrasse 180 in Germany
Federal Highway 180
Course of the B 180
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Egeln
( 51 ° 56 ′  N , 11 ° 24 ′  E )
End of street: Frankenberg / Sa.
( 50 ° 55 ′  N , 13 ° 2 ′  E )
Overall length: 262 km

State :

Development condition: see below
Flöha - Augustusburg street (aka) .jpg
Bundesstrasse 180 in Flöha (Augustusburger Strasse)
Course of the road
State of Saxony-Anhalt
crossing Leeches B81
Bypass Egeln bypass 
Locality Hecklingen OT Schneidlingen
Bypass Bypass Schneidlingen
Locality Symbol: flight Magdeburg-Cochstedt
Junction (28)  Aschersleben center A36
Bypass Aschersleben bypass
not applicable after approval of the Aschersleben bypass
Locality AscherslebenB185
flow A
Mansfeld-Südharz district
Locality Arnstein OT Quenstedt
Locality Arnstein OT Pfersdorf
Bypass Hettstedt bypass 
Bypass Leimbach bypass  B86 B242
flow Rocker
bridge Mansfeld mine railway
Bypass Lutherstadt Eisleben bypass  B80
bridge Railway line Halle – Hann. Münden
Bypass Rothenschirmbach bypass 
Junction (19)  Eisleben A38
Locality Farnstädt
Bypass Querfurt bypass  B250
Locality Barnstädt
flow Weida
Locality Steigra
Burgenland district
Locality Gleina
Bypass Freyburg bypass  (Unstrut) B176
flow Unstrut
Locality Freyburg OT Nißmitz
Locality Naumburg OT Kleinjena
Railroad Crossing Unstrutbahn
Locality Naumburg OT Rossbach
flow Saale
Locality Naumburg (Saale) B87 B88
Railroad Crossing Naumburg – Teuchern railway line
Locality Wethau B87
flow Wethau
Locality Meineweh OT Pretzsch
Junction Naumburg A9 E49 E51
Locality Meineweh OT Unterkaka
Locality My pain
Locality Kretzschau
Locality Kretzschau OT Grana B2
Locality Time
flow White magpie
Free State of Thuringia
Altenburger Land district
Locality Meuselwitz
flow Schnnauder
Locality Kriebitzsch
Locality Rositz
Locality Altenburg
Bypass Altenburg bypass B7 B93
Locality Nobitz OT Münsa
flow Pleiße
Locality Nobitz
Free State of Saxony
Zwickau district
Locality Oberwiera OT Niederwiera S 251
flow Wiera
Locality Waldenburg B175
flow Zwickauer Mulde
Locality Callenberg S 248
Junction (65)  Hohenstein-Ernstthal A4 E40
Locality Hohenstein-Ernstthal S 245
Locality Bernsdorf
Locality Gersdorf S 252B173 
Locality Lugau S 246
Locality Niederwürschnitz S 256
flow Würschnitz
Railroad Crossing Stollberg – St. Egidien
bridge over A72 E441
Locality Stollberg / Erzgeb. S 258
Bypass Stollberg bypass S 258B169 
Locality Stollberg OT Hoheneck
Bypass Bypass  Thalheim / Erzgeb.
Locality Thalheim / Erzgeb. S 257
Locality Meinersdorf OT Burkhardtsdorf S 259
Locality Burkhardtsdorf B95
Locality Burkhardtsdorf OT Neu-Eibenberg
Railroad Crossing Chemnitz – Adorf railway line
flow Zwönitz
Locality Burkhardtsdorf OT Kemtau
Locality Amtsberg OT Dittersdorf S 232
Locality Amtsberg OT Weißbach
Locality Gornau / Erzgeb. P. 235B174 
Central Saxony district
Locality Augustusburg OT Kunnersdorf
Locality Augustusburg OT Erdmannsdorf S 236
flow Zschopau
Locality Flöha S 223B173 
flow Flea
Locality Frankenberg / Sa. P. 203B169 
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The national highway 180 (abbreviation: B 180 ) is a German national road in the country Saxony-Anhalt and the Free States of Thuringia and Saxony . Between Freyburg and Zeitz , the B 180 is part of the Romanesque Road .




    Road construction between Altenburg and Naumburg (Saale) began in 1815 and was completed before 1845. The subsequent section between Naumburg and Freyburg (Unstrut) was expanded into a Chaussee in 1847 . Two years later (1849) road construction from Freyburg (Unstrut) to Querfurt was continued.

    Previous routes and names

    The Prussian State Office No. 90 led from Egeln via Naumburg to Jena . From Naumburg the Prussian State Board No. 73 ran via Zeitz to Altenburg .

    The 213 km long Reichsstraße 180 between Egeln and Stollberg was introduced around 1937. This road was completely on the territory of the GDR from 1949 to 1990 and was designated as Fernverkehrsstrasse 180 (abbreviation F 180 ).

    Until the end of 2019, the B 180 continued north from Egeln via Etgersleben , Klein Germersleben and Bottmersdorf to the Rittertor roundabout in Wanzleben. The B 246 was crossed. After the expansion of the B 81, this road was downgraded because the traffic shifted to the B 81 and the local B 180 has lost its importance.



    The federal road 180 runs in the Saxony-Anhalt part through the Magdeburg Börde , the agricultural eastern Harz and the wine-growing areas of Saale and Unstrut in the Saale-Unstrut-Triasland nature park .

    The Salzlandkreis is crossed by the B 180 from north to south. Starting west of Egeln on the B 81, the B 180 runs in two lanes in a southerly direction. After 5.8 km the village of Schneidlingen is reached. The Magdeburg-Cochstedt airport is then affected 3.2 km south . After another 4 km you will pass the Aschersleben district of Winningen , another 4 km behind it is the junction "Aschersleben-Mitte" of the North Harz motorway A 36 . This is followed by the previously mentioned former district town of Aschersleben . Here the road crosses the Halle – Vienenburg railway line and the B 185 . The federal highway 180 runs for about 5.4 km in the urban area of ​​Aschersleben. The Aschersleben-Quenstedt bypass is currently being planned. The northern, 1st construction section which connects the junction "Aschersleben-West" of the A 36 (until 2019: B 6n ) with the B 185 has already been opened to traffic and is already signposted as the B 180. The district boundary is one kilometer behind the southern exit of the town.

    Bridge over the Wipper near Mansfeld
    Start of the Eisleben bypass (in the north)

    Quenstedt , which is crossed on Eislebener Strasse, is 2.5 kilometers behind the district boundary . In the further course the district Pfersdorf is crossed. After a further kilometer, the Hettstedt bypass , completed in 2009, begins , which not only frees the town of Hettstedt but also the towns of Walbeck and Siersleben from through traffic. At Mansfeld , 9 km behind the start of the bypass road, the Wipper river is crossed on the 200 m long Wipper bridge. The road then leads past Klostermansfeld . This is where the tracks of the will Mansfeld Mining Railway , the railway Klostermansfeld-Wippra and the Berlin-Blankenheim Railway bridges or underpasses.

    Between Mansfield and Klostermansfeld the local bypass is after completion Annarode - Siebigerode -Mansfeld of B 86 , a new node to be built. The route between the Sangerhausen- South junction on the A 38 , the junction of the B 86 and B 180 at Mansfeld-Klostermansfeld and the " Aschersleben- West" junction on the A 36 will replace the A 71 north extension between the southern Harz motorway triangle ( A 38 and A 71) near Sangerhausen and the Plötzkau junction on the A 14 for traffic on the Erfurt-Magdeburg-Schwerin route completely free of local traffic. The state of Saxony-Anhalt is keeping the route free for a possible later construction of the A 71 north extension.

    The section between Klostermansfeld and the Eisleben bypass has been expanded to three lanes due to the inclines (4th construction phase of the OU Hettstedt). To the east of Volkstedt is the 16 km long bypass of Lutherstadt Eisleben . The river Böse Sieben is crossed on it, then the B 80 is crossed east of the city . To the south of this, the small mountain range Hornburger Sattel is crossed. Here the bypass crosses the original route, then the Rothenschirmbach district of Eisleben is bypassed. The bypass ends at motorway junction 19 of the A 38 , "Lutherstadt Eisleben". The district boundary follows 500 m behind.

    The street briefly crosses the district to the west and runs mostly in the Querfurt city area. The first village is Farnstädt, which is just behind the district boundary (1.1 km). Shortly before leaving the town, the road climbs up serpentines to the Querfurter Platte. After 3.5 km to the south, the Querfurt bypass branches off , after 6.3 km the B 180 leaves the bypass, which continues from there as the B 250 to Nebra (Unstrut) . The federal highway 180 now runs on the street "Vor dem Nebraer Tor" again in a southerly direction, after 3.6 km the community Barnstedt is passed. The route now runs in a south-west direction, after another 4 km Steigra is crossed. Behind it is the district boundary.

    Bridge of the federal road over the Unstrut near Nißmitz

    In the Burgenland district, first the Gleina , two kilometers behind the district border, is crossed. Behind it, the road leaves the Querfurter Platte and slopes down to the Unstruttal . Here, the city of Freyburg is bypassed on the new bypass and the Unstrut is crossed together with the B 176 . In the Freyburg district of Nißmitz , it meets the original route again. The road now runs downstream through the Unstruttal, where the Naumburg districts of Kleinjena (after 2.3 km) and Roßbach (after 1.3 km) come into contact. The Saale is crossed just after Roßbach , the main road now runs 500 m through Saalewiesen until the city of Naumburg is reached. The street first crosses the platforms of the Thuringian Railway , runs past the Naumburg Higher Regional Court in a southerly direction to the city center, where it meets the federal highways 88 and 87 . The latter follows her around the Naumburg Cathedral , then leaves the city with her and separates with her behind the village of Wethau, 4 km away . The B 180 meanders through the fields, after 2.6 km a wood is touched , after another 2.3 km the village of Stoß is tangent. Here the path turns to the southeast, after 2 km the village of Pretzsch is reached. Behind it the junction Naumburg of the A 9 is crossed, then (600 m) the district Oberkaka of the municipality of Meineweh , after 1.7 km again Meineweh , after another 3.7 km the district of Hollsteiz of Döschwitz and after 2.6 km the same . Kretzschau is passed one kilometer further . From here the route runs east. After the Grana has been crossed, the Zeitz bypass and thus also the B 91 are crossed. However, it does not use Bundesstraße 180, but runs through the city ​​of Zeitz . Here the street first runs through the northern parts of the city, then turns south, crosses under the railway tracks at the main station together with the B 2 and then bridges the White Elster . Then it leads through the city center, past the Zeitzer market square and runs almost dead straight for 2.7 km along Geussnitzer Strasse until you leave the city area. From there the route runs again relatively uneventfully towards the east, the neighboring small villages are connected to it by country roads. Six kilometers after the Zeitz exit is the district and state border.


    The Thuringian part of the federal road 180 is the shortest of the 3 parts, and like the Saxony-Anhalt part, it runs almost continuously through fields. Only one district will be driven through:

    After crossing the border, the Meuselwitz district of Brossen is touched first after 1.3 km . This is followed by the entrance to the town of Meuselwitz itself after 900 m , which is driven through over a length of 3.5 km. From the exit of the village, the road runs in a straight line to the southeast, after 1.8 km you will pass through Kriebitzsch , after another 2.4 km you will reach Rositz . Here the path is slightly winding. After leaving Rositz, the road leads past the Wilhelm-Pieck-Siedlung and the industrial area, which also belongs to Lödla , to the district town of Altenburg . Here the road first runs in a south-easterly direction, then turns to the northeast, crosses under the railroad tracks at Altenburg station , then turns again to the north, then leaves the city and leads to the bypass road at the Windischleuba industrial estate . The route just described is five kilometers long. The Altenburg bypass leads past the city to the east, the federal highway 180 runs along it together with the federal highways 7 and 93 . The route branches off to the south-east of the city and leads back to the south-east. After 500 m the Nobitz district of Münsa is crossed, immediately crossed the Pleiße and then Nobitz crossed. Then the Leipzig-Altenburg Airport will be affected. Immediately behind it the Nobitz district of Niederleupten is passed, here the path turns to the southeast. In the Nobitz district of Klausa 1.6 km further, the route then turns south, then the district of Garbus is crossed after 800 m. After another 900 m you will pass the Nobitz district of Ehrenhain . Here the B 180 runs briefly in a south-westerly direction, then back to the south. The Nobitz district of Oberarnsdorf is touched and the district of Gösdorf is passed, then the district and state borders follow.


    In Saxony, the federal highway 180 runs through the forerunners of the Ore Mountains . This also makes the landscape more varied, forest areas and floodplains are crossed. The road mainly runs around Chemnitz , it comes from the northwest, borders the city in the south and ends northeast of the city.

    After the border with Thuringia has been crossed, the road runs south-east, the two Oberwiera districts Niederwiera and Wickersdorf are crossed, then the road descends after two kilometers near Waldenburg into the valley of the Zwickauer Mulde , which is crossed here. The B 175 also branches off there. After leaving Waldenburg the Waldenburger Forst is passed, then after one kilometer Callenberg is passed. Here, the road turns to the south and then runs four kilometers through fields until the exit 65 of the A 4 hits. Here it turns to the east, passes the Pfaffenberg and then turns to the south. A forest is crossed over a length of three kilometers, the road leads past Hohenstein-Ernstthal and the Sachsenring race track in the west . In the west of the long town of Oberlungwitz , the federal road 180 meets the B 173 , then it runs south again. The place Gersdorf is bypassed in the east, then the district boundary follows.

    After one kilometer in the direction of travel east, the road turns south at the entrance to Lugau , and in the center it turns back to the south-west. The path now leads through a housing estate that connects Lugau with Niederwürschnitz . In the latter location, the Stollberg – St. Egidien crossed, after leaving the village the road climbs to the edge of the Ore Mountains. First, however, the A 72 is crossed, at the roundabout at the entrance to Stollberg , about 200 m afterwards the route branches off to the south to bypass the city. After one and a half kilometers to the south, the main road meets the B 169 . Here the road turns east again, bridges the little river Gablenz and runs on a new line to Zwönitzer Strasse east of Stollberg. On this the road runs back to Stollberg, in order to turn east in the district of Hoheneck onto Thalheimer Straße and thus onto the old route. After one kilometer the road enters a forest, here the path climbs up a small serpentine to a height of 540 meters (Stollberg-Hoheneck is at a height of 482 meters). The tobacco fir is there . After the height has been overcome, the road falls again to the 440 meter high valley of the Zwönitz . Here is Thalheim , in the city center, the road branches off again to the northeast. Two kilometers after Thalheim, the main road follows the Zwönitz, it crosses the municipality of Burkhardtsdorf : first the district Meinersdorf , then after three kilometers the main town Burkhardtsdorf, where the B 95 crosses the path, then the districts Neu Eibenberg (after two kilometers) and Kemtau (after one kilometer). The community will now be abandoned and the Zwönitz valley will be followed to Dittersdorf . The river now runs north, but the route of the B 180 turns east. At Weißbach , the road turns north again and after 2.5 kilometers it crosses the B 174, which has been developed like a motorway . 500 meters behind it, the B 180 turns east, crosses half of Gornau and then turns north again. After two kilometers you will pass the elongated Dittmannsdorf , it is located in the valley of a stream, which the main road follows up to the district boundary three kilometers to the north.

    Immediately after the border of the district, the path leads into the valley of the Zschopau by following a stream to its mouth at Kunnersdorf . Now the road follows the valley, behind a bend in the river you will pass Erdmannsdorf . Then the federal road 180 leads between a forest and the Zschopau in a northerly direction to Plaue , three kilometers away , where the river is crossed. Plaue merges seamlessly into the city of Flöha . The federal road follows the river for about one kilometer before it swings right at the "Old Cotton" onto the new section of the future federal road B 173n, which was opened in December 2012. The B 180 follows this course of the road for about four kilometers to the B 173 just outside of Niederwiesa. It turns to the northeast, crosses under the tracks of the Dresden – Werdau railway line and crosses the Zschopau river on the so-called “Landbrücke”. Then the two federal highways separate again, the B 173 continues east and the B 180 turns north to leave the Zschopau valley. Now the road runs over a small ridge and past the village of Altenhain until, after three kilometers, you reach the town of Frankenberg / Sa. reached. Here the path drops back into the Zschopautal, then the B 180 meets the B 169 , where it ends.

    Parts of the road between Kunnersdorf and Erdmannsdorf slipped in 2006. An approx. 400 m long section is only passable with one lane, oncoming traffic is secured with a set of traffic lights. The section is also closed to vehicles over 3.5 t as well as pedestrians and cyclists. No repairs were carried out until November 2018.

    State of development

    Two-lane expansion with additional lanes in the background on the Wipperbrücke near Mansfeld

    The development of the B 180 is structured as follows:

    section Stripes Dividing strip comment
    B81Egeln - B86Leimbach 2 No  
    B86Leimbach - L 160 Volkstedt 3 No
    L 160 Egeln -B80Lutherstadt Eisleben 2 No
    B80Lutherstadt Eisleben - L 223 Rothenschirmbach 3 No  
    L 223 Rothenschirmbach -B176Freyburg (Unstrut) 2 No  
    B176 Freyburg bypass (Unstrut) B176 3 No  
    B176Freyburg (Unstrut) bypass - K 7705 Kunnersdorf 2 No  
    K 7705 Kunnersdorf - Erdmannsdorf 1 No  
    Erdmannsdorf - B169Frankenberg / Sa. 2 No  

    Route approvals

    • On August 16, 2006, the 8.1 km long Querfurt bypass was opened to traffic by the Parliamentary State Secretary Ulrich Kasparick . The total costs amounted to approx. 18 million euros.
    • On September 13, 2006, the first 8.5-kilometer section of the Hettstedt bypass was opened to traffic by the Parliamentary State Secretary Ulrich Kasparick . The costs for this section of the federal highway amounted to around 31 million euros.
    • On July 31, 2009, the subsequent 3.8 kilometer section of the OU Hettstedt was opened to traffic. The construction time was around 21 months, and 24 million euros were invested.
    • On December 17, 2012, part of the Flöha bypass was released.
    • The expansion of the section between the Klostermansfeld bypass and Eisleben (4th construction phase of the OU Hettstedt) was started in autumn 2017 and opened to traffic at the end of 2019. This cost 13 million euros
    • According to the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Transport, the planning approval procedure for the southern part of the OU Aschersleben is to be initiated in the second half of 2010. The cost is given as 14 million euros. Building permission for the bypass has existed since May 2019.

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