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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Freyburg (Unstrut)
Freyburg (Unstrut)
Map of Germany, position of the city of Freyburg (Unstrut) highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 13 '  N , 11 ° 46'  E

Basic data
State : Saxony-Anhalt
County : Burgenland district
Association municipality : Unstruttal
Height : 110 m above sea level NHN
Area : 46.55 km 2
Residents: 4571 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 98 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 06632
Primaries : 034464, 034462
License plate : BLK, HHM, NEB, NMB, WSF, ZZ
Community key : 15 0 84 135
City structure: City and 7 districts

City administration address :
Markt 1
06632 Freyburg (Unstrut)
Website :
Mayor : Udo Mänicke (independent)
Location of the city of Freyburg (Unstrut) in the Burgenland district
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Freyburg, aerial photo (2018)
Freyburg Town Hall

Freyburg (Unstrut) is a town on the Unstrut in the Burgenland district in Saxony-Anhalt and the center of the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region . The Rotkäppchen sparkling wine comes from Freyburg . The city belongs to the Unstruttal community , whose administrative seat it is at the same time.


Geographical location

Freyburg lies on a bend in the Unstrut , which forms a deeply cut valley at this point. Since the Unstrut runs essentially from west to east, the resulting protected southern slopes in connection with the calcareous soils offer ideal wine-growing conditions.

City structure

The town of Freyburg includes the districts Dobichau, Nißmitz , Pödelist , Schleberoda , Weischütz , Zeuchfeld and Zscheiplitz .


The story begins with the Frey Petersburg, built in 1090 on a hill east of the present town of Neuchâtel , a spacious Romanesque plant with castle tower . The place Freyburg belonged to the territory of the Landgraves in Thuringia, was first mentioned in 1203 and received city rights in 1261. As a result of the division of Leipzig, Freyburg came in 1485 with the Freyburg office to the Albertine Duchy (1547 Electorate, 1806 Kingdom) of Saxony, where it was part of the Thuringian District . Affiliation lasted until 1815.

Through the resolutions of the Congress of Vienna , the city and the Freyburg office with the majority of the Thuringian district came to the Kingdom of Prussia. There they were in 1816 the county Querfurt in the administrative district of Merseburg of the Province of Saxony allocated to which they belonged to the 1944th

Freyburg has a more than 1000-year history of viticulture , has been a state-recognized resort since December 1989 and can also call itself Jahn- und Weinstadt , as Friedrich Ludwig Jahn , Jahn's father of gymnastics , died in Freyburg.

From 1993 Freyburg was the center of the administrative community Freyburger Land , which in 2005 merged into the administrative community Unstruttal , which in turn has its seat in Freyburg. On January 1, 2010, this administrative community was again transferred to the Unstruttal community , whose administrative seat is Freyburg.

On July 1, 2009, the previously independent communities of Pödelist, Schleberoda, Weischütz and Zeuchfeld were incorporated into Freyburg.


Municipal council

The local elections on June 7, 2009, with a turnout of 41.4%, led to the following result for the composition of the city council:

Party / list Share of votes Seats
CDU 18.3% 4th
FDP 3.1% 1
Groups of voters 78.6% 15th

coat of arms

Blazon : “In blue a two-towered silver castle with golden roofs; in the middle part an open arched doorway; the pointed and golden kneaded towers with a ledge each in the lower and upper part, above the lower ledge a zigzag-shaped profile, above the upper ledge padded golden gables. "

Until 1994 the roofs in the coat of arms were still red.


The flag of the city of Freyburg (Unstrut) is striped blue and white with the coat of arms of the city. The city's colors - derived from the coat of arms - are blue and white.

Culture and sights

  • City Church of St. Marien : The west towers, the crossing tower and the transept date from the first half of the 13th century, the Gothic choir from around 1400.
  • City wall and city gates
  • Neuchâtel Castle
  • Wine-growing town
  • Historic cellars of the Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei
  • Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Museum
  • Zeddenbachmühle: active water mill between Freyburg and Zscheiplitz with a restaurant
  • Memorial stone in Schomburgk Park for the murdered Nazi opponents Friedrich Rocke and Oskar Hagemann, who were murdered in Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Zöschen prison camp . Their graves are in the cemetery.
  • Every year in June, the International Days of Medieval Music "montalbâne" take place in the town church of St. Marien and at Neuchâtel Castle .
  • Monastery church of the Benedictine convent St. Bonifacius in Zscheiplitz from the 12th century

Economy and Infrastructure

The city's economy has been shaped by the production of sparkling wine since 1856. Today Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH has its headquarters in Freyburg and is the market leader in sparkling wine sales in Germany with over 100 million bottles sold annually (65 million of which are Rotkäppchen ). Rotkäppchen only employs around 100 people in Freyburg, but the brand's popularity makes it a major tourist attraction. The earlier production facilities, including one of the largest oak barrels in the world with a capacity of 120,000 liters , are shown during guided tours and both the roofed atrium of the old production facilities and the cabaret cellar represent the cultural center of Freyburg. Freyburg (Unstrut) has been the Seat of the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Society, which also runs the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Museum .


Lock on the Unstrut

Freyburg is on federal highway 180 and on federal highway 176 . The nearest motorway exits are Merseburg Süd on the A 38 , 19 km away and Naumburg, on the A 9 , 22 km away. The Weißenfels motorway exit on the A 9 is 23 km away.

The Freyburg Station is located on the Unstrut train , by the Burgenlandbahn is operated. Direct trains are currently running to Nebra and Naumburg .

The Romanesque Road and the Saale-Unstrut Wine Road, both of which are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018, as well as the 176-kilometer Unstrut Cycle Path and the Ecumenical Pilgrimage from Görlitz to Vacha run through the city .

A lock enables water hikers to bypass the Unstrut weir in Freyburg.

Sport, leisure and club life

In Freyburg there are more than 30 clubs that have dedicated themselves to sport, culture and maintaining tradition, among other things. With two gyms and the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark (with bowling alley) as well as an open-air pool run by an association, the city offers numerous opportunities for sporting activities. In 2017, a skater facility was inaugurated in the industrial park in the north of the city.

The clubs with the largest number of members include FC RSK Freyburg e. V. (football), TSG Freyburg e. V. (multi-party sports club) and the Weinfreunde Saale-Unstrut e. V. Professional boxer Dominic Bösel comes from the amateur boxing club (ABC) Freyburg . In terms of culture, the Freyburg Carnival Club (FKK), the Freyburg City Men's Choir and the Heimatverein are worthy of mention. There are six allotment gardens or associations in and around Freyburg.

Every year in August, the Jahn Gymnastics Festival is held, at which more than 1,000 gymnasts from all over Germany compete in the open air in honor of Jahn. The gymnastics festival will take place for the 100th time in 2022. The soccer boys' tournament for D youth teams, which FC RSK Freyburg organizes annually, has a long tradition. Later national players like Matthias Sammer , Bernd Schneider (soccer player) or Michael Ballack took part in this tournament in their youth .


Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

Sons of the city

Personalities who have worked on site


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