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Bundesstrasse 90 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 90
Course of the B 90
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: A 71 ( Stadtilm OT Traßdorf )
( 50 ° 45 ′  N , 11 ° 0 ′  E )
End of street: Gefell
( 50 ° 27 ′  N , 11 ° 52 ′  E )
Overall length: 75 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane

The federal highway 90 (abbreviation: B 90 ) is a federal highway in Germany . In Thuringia, it connects the A 71 in the west via the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district with the A 9 in the east. The approximately 30 km long western section between the A 71 and Rudolstadt is more important for the connection of the Saalfeld / Rudolstadt region to Erfurt . This section was upgraded to a federal highway in 2017 after an approximately 14-kilometer-long new line to bypass Stadtilms was put into operation. In the Saalfeld / Rudolstadt area itself, the B 90 is interrupted for around 22 kilometers by the B 85 . The approximately 45-kilometer eastern section is mainly used for local traffic and begins in Hockeroda , then runs through the Thuringian Slate Mountains via Leutenberg , Wurzbach and Bad Lobenstein and ends in Gefell , where the B 90 merges into the B 2 after the A 9 junction .


New construction and expansion section A 71 - Rudolstadt

In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003 , an urgent requirement was to extend the B 90 to the A 71 via Saalfeld - Rudolstadt - Griesheim . As a result, the connection of the area around Saalfeld and Rudolstadt in the direction of Erfurt on the one hand and in the direction of Suhl / Würzburg on the other hand was improved. The previous L 1048 between Rudolstadt and Nahe winds was expanded for this purpose (with the Schaala bypass with the Pörzberg tunnel and further bypasses for Eichfeld and Lichstedt ). Before local winds, the new road branches off to the left of the L 1048 and then leads south to Kleinliehaben and Geilsdorf , where there is a connection to the L 1114 towards Singen and Rottenbach . Then the route of the old L 1114 is used up to the federal road 87 near Oberilm , crosses the Ilm and the road leads north to Griesheim and Traßdorf (there connection to the L 1047 direction Arnstadt and Gehren ) past the A 71, where it leads to the Sandberg received a new motorway junction.

After the completion of the entire route in 2017, it was upgraded to the B 90. The new construction relieved in particular the through-town through Stadtilm with a steep ramp at the southern exit, which is to be dismantled after the opening of the new line, as well as through the through-town of Marlishausen and local winds in the course of the L 1048. In addition, some traffic also shifted from the parallel south-facing one Bundesstraße 88, so that the through traffic of Bad Blankenburg , Königsee , Gehren and some smaller villages along the B 88 were also relieved. The travel time from Ilmenau to Rudolstadt via the B 90 has also been shortened somewhat compared to the old connection via the B 88 with its numerous through-roads. Last but not least, the B 87 between Oberilm and Ilmenau will also be relieved, which will benefit the through-roads in Griesheim and Bücheloh.

Construction of the B 90n began on August 8, 2013. The investment volume was 52.5 million euros; the largest single structure is the 600 meter long Ilm valley bridge Griesheim . The length of the new line is 14 kilometers, that of the existing line to be upgraded is 13 kilometers, so that the B 90 from Rudolstadt to the A 71 has a total length of 27 kilometers. The new line was released on December 20, 2017.

Stooloda - Gefell

The second section of the B 90 branches off in Hockeroda south of Saalfeld from the federal road 85 running in the Loquitztal . The road then follows the narrow Sormitztal via Leutenberg to Wurzbach . Then a ridge is crossed before reaching Bad Lobenstein , located in the Lemnitz valley, in an easterly direction . In the course of the eastern bypass of Bad Lobenstein, the state of Thuringia expanded the state roads 1095 and 1099, so that this parallel route between Leutenberg and Bad Lobenstein is not only faster than the old route of the B 90, but also four kilometers or 20% shorter. Therefore, a large part of the traffic now runs on the new state road on the plateau instead of the B 90 in the narrow Sormitztal, which in 2010 was only used by 700 vehicles per day in the area between Wurzbach and Zschachenmühle and thus represented one of the least used sections of the federal road in Germany. It is not known whether the federal government will relocate the dedication as B 90 from the old to the new route.

East of Bad Lobenstein, the B 90 leads down into the Saale valley , which is crossed by a longer bridge at Saaldorf in the form of the Bleilochtalsperre dam . There follows a steep ascent up to the Vogtland plateau to Frössen . An expansion of the steep ramp is planned in the future in order to improve the accessibility of the nearby federal motorway 9 for truck traffic. In the area of ​​the following junction Bad Lobenstein of the A 9 between Frössen and Blintendorf, the B 90 was already re- routed after reunification and received bypasses and a 344 meter long viaduct over the Lehestenbach . The last place to be reached is Gefell , where the B 90 turns into Bundesstraße 2 to Hof . A bypass to replace the winding city through road was planned in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003 , but was deleted in the following Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 due to the comparatively low volume of traffic in the area.


Until the 1950s, the road (then still Reichsstraße 90, later called Fernverkehrsstraße 90) led from Gefell together with the current B 2 to Hof (Saale) . In Hof it swung to the east and reached the Bohemian border at Asch (Aš) as the B 90 via Rehau . On Czech territory, the road led Eger (Cheb).

In 2017, the former L 1048 between Nahzüge and Rudolstadt was upgraded to the B 90, and at the same time a new section to the west between the A 71 and Nahzüge went into operation.

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