Bundesstrasse 508

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Bundesstrasse 508 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 508
Course of the B 508
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 17.1 km

State :

Development condition: completely two-lined
Course of the road
Junction Kreuztal- MitteB54
Locality Kreuztal-Ferndorf
Locality Kreuztal-Kredenbach
Locality Hilchenbach-Dahlbruch
Locality Hilchenbach-Allenbach
Locality Hilchenbach
Locality Hilchenbach-Vormwald
Locality Hilchenbach-Lützel B62

The national highway 508 (abbreviation: B 508 ) is a German national road in North Rhine-Westphalia in Siegerland .


  • Length: 17.1 km
  • Starting point: Kreuztal
  • End point: junction with the B 62 at the Kronprinzeneiche



The federal highway 508 was established in the mid- 1970s . When the Reichsstrasse was first established in 1932, Reichsstrasse 62 ran along its route.

Planning status

A completely new construction of the B 508 in several sections is currently being planned. As part of the Ferndorf-Eder-Lahn-Straße from Kreuztal to Bad Laasphe, two- to three-lane bypasses between Kreuztal-Buschhütten and Hilchenbach-Lützel up to the B 62 are planned for a B 508 .

  • The first section is to lead out of the previous Hüttentalstraße at a new HTS junction " Dreieck Buschhütten" without crossing and to the current B 508 (near Aherhammer) over the height to Ferndorf . This first section is also known as the Kreuztaler Südumgehung. Around 400 written objections are currently being processed by Straßen.NRW as part of the planning approval procedure.
  • Another subsection should, roughly halfway through the 1st subsection, again lead out without intersections in the direction of Hilchenbach and lead to Allenbacher Höhe / L 728. A driving relationship between Ferndorf and Hilchenbach via the B 508n is not possible.
  • The planned Hilchenbach section should lead from the Allenbacher Höhe to Hilchenbach-Lützel on the B 62 according to the route plans presented so far .

The plans presented by the State Office for Road Construction NRW, regional branch South Westphalia in Siegen on behalf of the federal government provide that the B 508 from Kreuztal is to be completely re-routed through the Ferndorftal and Vormwald .

At the end of the B 508n in Lützel with the confluence with the B 62 at the Kronprinzeneiche is the continuation of the Ferndorf-Eder-Lahn-Straße to Bad Laasphe-Niederlaasphe as is the section of the B 508 from the junction from the Hüttentalstraße in Kreuztal-Buschhütten to Hilchenbach-Lützel, part of the urgent planning in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan / Federal Trunk Road Requirements Plan since 1985/86.

The plan for a new construction of federal highways 508 and 62 with partial re-routing from Kreuztal via Hilchenbach and Erndtebrück to Bad Laasphe as the so-called Ferndorf-Eder-Lahn-Straße (FELS) was in the eighties as a replacement for the further construction of the motorway, which was downgraded in planning at the time 4 has been developed.

In the current federal trunk road requirement plan, which was passed by the Bundestag and Bundesrat in 2004, the B 508n is entered in sections as a new project with a special nature conservation planning mandate. In addition, nature conservation studies were carried out for the planning sections with the Hilchenbach bypass (B 508) and the subsequent Erndtebrücker south bypass (B 62). These special nature conservation studies are currently in progress.

The B 508 near Vormwald

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