Bundesstrasse 52

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Bundesstrasse 52 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 52
 European Road 44 number DE.svg
Course of the B 52
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Trier
( 49 ° 47 ′  N , 6 ° 38 ′  E )
End of street: Hermeskeil
( 49 ° 39 ′  N , 6 ° 55 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 8 km

State :

Development condition: North: four lanes
South: two lanes
B 52-europastrasse 44.jpg
Bundesstrasse 52 near Trier-Ehrang
Course of the road
State of Rhineland-Palatinate
Independent city of Trier
Autobahn end Start of expressway Transition off A64 E44
Junction Trier-Ehrang / Quint / Trier Harbor B53
flow Moselle ( Ehrang bridge 600 m)
District of Trier-Saarburg
node (2)  Trier honor A602 E44
Expressway end replaced by L 151
Locality Reinsfeld B407 (to A1)
Locality Hermeskeil L 147 (for A1)B327
Alte Poststrasse near Thomm

The federal highway 52 (abbreviation: B 52 ) is made since the cancellation 1 January 2015 gradation of a 20 km section piece between characteristics and Höfchen for the Rhineland-Palatinate state road 151 only from a good 4 km section of Hermeskeil-Höfchen to Hermeskeil -Stadtmitte as well as a nearly 4 km long section from the Moselle bridge Trier-Ehrang to the parking lot Dicke Buche , where it merges into the federal motorway 64 towards Luxembourg . Landesstrasse 151 continues from Hermeskeil-Stadtmitte to the Saarland community of Nonnweiler .

At Ehrang there are further connections to the A 602 and B 53 , at Höfchen / Reinsfeld to the B 407 ( Hunsrückhöhenstraße ) and at Hermeskeil to the B 327 (Hunsrückhöhenstraße) and the A 1 .

Between the motorways 64 and 602, the B 52 is part of the European route 44 .


The street names "Alte Poststraße" in the Kenner Ley residential area between Ruwer and Kenn as well as in the center of Hermeskeil are still reminiscent of the former postal route from Trier to Hermeskeil, in the immediate vicinity of which the new construction of the B 52 from the Ehranger bridge at Trier harbor to the exit Thomm took place in the 1970s. This had become necessary in order to cope with the ever-increasing volume of traffic, which the old B 52, which up until then ran in the lower Ruwertal , could no longer cope with due to the narrow through-streets. It led from Ruwer , past Eitelsbach and Mertesdorf , through Kasel and Waldrach , up to Hinkelhaus , where the old B 52 met today's L 151 at the level of Thomm. After the re-routing, the section through the Ruwertal was downgraded to the L 149.

The route from the junction of the A 64 to Luxembourg to the Trier-Ehrang exit on the Ehrang Moselle bridge , with a connection to the A 602, was completed in 1983. The route to Hermeskeil has also been expanded. The towns of Nonnweiler and Nohfelden / Bundesstrasse 41 followed , which are now connected by motorways 1 and 62 . Therefore this section was also downgraded to state roads.

Traffic volume

The average daily traffic volume in 2010 ranged from around 5,400 vehicles between Osburg and Reinsfeld to 27,100 vehicles between the Trier-Ehrang (B 53) and Trier-Ehrang (A 602) junctions.

In 2015 there were 5,900 vehicles between Reinsfeld and Hermeskeil up to 29,900 vehicles between B 53 and AS Trier-Ehrang (A 602).

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  2. Manual traffic census BAB 2015