Bundesstrasse 20

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Bundesstrasse 20 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 20
Course of the B 20
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Schönau -OT Königssee
( 47 ° 36 '  N , 12 ° 59'  O )
End of street: Furth im Wald
( 49 ° 20 ′  N , 12 ° 51 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 260 km

State :

Development condition: mostly two-pronged
B20 (exit Fridolfing-Kaltenbrunn) - geo-en.hlipp.de - 11914.jpg
Bundesstrasse 20 near Fridolfing
Course of the road
Free State of Bavaria
District of Berchtesgadener Land
Locality Schönau -OT Königssee
Roundabout near Berchtesgaden B305
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with the B305direction Schneizlreuth
flow Königsseer Ache
flow Berchtesgadener Ache
flow Bischofswiesener Ache
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B305direction Salzburg
Roundabout at Bischofswiesen-OT Strub B305
Locality Bischofswiesen-OT Strub
bridge via the Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
flow Bischofswiesener Ache
Locality Bischofswiesen
Locality Bischofswiesen-OT Winkl
Railroad Crossing Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
passport (693 m)  Hallthurm
Railroad Crossing Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
Locality Bayerisch Gmain
Locality Bad Reichenhall
bridge under the Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
Motorway junction Bad Reichenhall-Süd St 2101B21 E641
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with direction SalzburgB21 E641
Bypass Bad Reichenhall bypass
bridge via the Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
Motorway junction Bad Reichenhall-North
Motorway junction north of Bad Reichenhall
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with the direction SchneizlreuthB21 E641
Motorway junction southwest of Bad Reichenhall-OT Weißbach ("Gablerkussy") B21 E641
flow Saalach
bridge via the Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
Bypass Bypass Piding-OT Pidingerau / Mauthausen St 2103
Junction (115)  Bad Reichenhall A8 E52 E60
Bypass Piding bypass 
bridge via the Freilassing – Berchtesgaden railway line
Locality Ainring -OT Hammerau
Bypass Ainring-OT Feldkirchen bypass
Locality Ainring-OT Hausmoning
bridge under the Rosenheim – Salzburg line
Bypass Freilassing St 2104 bypass B304
Bypass Surheim bypass 
flow Sur
Bypass Surheim bypass 
Locality Laufen-OT Mayerhofen
Locality Running st 2103
Bypass Bypass running
District of Traunstein
Locality Fridolfing-OT Berg
Bypass Fridolfing-OT Untergeisenfelden bypass
Bypass Fridolfing bypass 
Bypass Fridolfing-OT Pietling bypass
Bypass Tittmoning-OT Kirchheim bypass
Locality Tittmoning st 2106
crossing northwest of Tittmoning St 2105
Locality Tittmoning-OT Ranharting
Locality Tittmoning-OT Nonnreit
Altötting district
crossing at Burgkirchen -OT Wechselberg St 2107
Locality Burghausen-OT Marienberg [outdated]
Locality Burghausen St 2357 St 2108
bridge via the Mühldorf – Burghausen railway line
Motorway junction Burghausen-North
Motorway junction north of Burghausen St 2108
flow Alz Canal
bridge over the railway track freight center Burghausen
Motorway junction Burghausen industrial area
Motorway junction Burghausen industrial area
Junction (25)  Burghausen A94 B12 E552
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with the direction of PassauB12 E552
flow Inn
Rottal-Inn district
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with direction MunichB12 E552
Motorway junction Stammham B12 E552
bridge via the Mühldorf – Simbach railway line
crossing at Julbach -OT Untertürken St 2090
Locality Zeilarn-OT Mannersdorf
Locality Zeilarn-OT Gumpersdorf
Bypass Zeilarn-OT Kellndorf bypass
Bypass Zeilarn St 2590 bypass 
Bypass Wurmannsquick bypass 
Roundabout at Eggenfelden-OT Tiefstadt B588
Motorway junction Eggenfelden-Süd B388
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with the B388direction of Passau
Bypass Eggenfelden bypass 
flow Red
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B388direction Munich
Motorway junction Eggenfelden-Ost B388
bridge under the Passau – Neumarkt-Sankt Veit railway line
Motorway junction Eggenfelden-Nord St 2108
Bypass Falkenberg bypass 
crossing east of Falkenberg-OT Diepoltskirchen St 2327
Bypass Falkenberg-OT Altgmain bypass
Bypass Malgersdorf St 2115 bypass 
flow ( Kollbach ) 
Dingolfing-Landau district
Bypass Bypass  Simbach (near Landau) St 2112
Bypass Bypass Simbach-OT Haunersdorf St 2083
flow Vils
crossing Landau-OT Mettenhausen
crossing Landau-OT Fichtheim
Motorway junction Landau-Süd St 2113
flow Isar
Bypass Landau St 2114 bypass 
bridge via the Landshut – Plattling railway line
crossing Landau north
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction (19)  Landau on the Isar A92 E53
Motorway junction Pilsting St 2074
Motorway junction Pilsting-OT Trieching
District of Straubing-Bogen
Motorway junction Oberschneiding-OT Reissing
Motorway junction Oberschneiding -South
Motorway junction Oberschneiding-Nord
Motorway junction Aiterhofen-OT Niederharthausen
node southeast of Aiterhofen B8
Motorway junction Aiterhofen St 2142
District-free city of Straubing
bridge via the Regensburg – Passau railway line
Motorway junction Straubing -East
bridge via the Straubing – Bogen railway line
Motorway junction Straubing-North
flow Danube ( Straubing Bridge )
District of Straubing-Bogen
Motorway junction Parkstetten St 2125
node (106)  Straubing A3 E56
Motorway junction Steinach St. 2140
crossing Steinach-OT Wolferszell
Motorway junction Ascha St 2147
Expressway end End of the highway
Bypass Rattiszell St 2326 bypass 
Bypass Stallwang bypass 
Bypass Loitzendorf bypass  -OT Rißmannsdorf
Cham district
Locality Traitsching-OT Trebersdorf
Bypass Traitsching bypass 
Bypass Traitsching-OT Wilting bypass
Locality Cham-OT yards
Motorway junction Cham -South St 2146B85
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with the B85direction Viechtach
Motorway junction Cham-OT Chammünster
node Cham East B22
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B85direction Roding
Motorway junction Cham-OT Chameregg B85
flow rain
Motorway junction Cham-OT Kothmaissling
flow Chamb
bridge via the Schwandorf – Furth im Wald railway line
Motorway junction Weiding
Motorway junction Arnschwang / Rimbach
Motorway junction Furth in the forest south
bridge over the Schwandorf-Furth railway line in the forest
flow Chamb
tunnel Deschlberg tunnel (745 m)
Motorway junction Furth im Wald-Mitte St 2161 St 2154
bridge under the Schwandorf-Furth railway line in the forest
Motorway junction Furth im Wald-Nord
Expressway end End of the highway
EU border crossing Furth border crossing in the forest
Czech Republic Continue  S26towards Domažlice

The federal highway 20 (abbreviation: B 20 ) is a German national road . It leads from the community of Schönau am Königssee in southeast Bavaria , partially running near the Austrian border, in a northerly direction to the Czech border near Furth im Wald .

Previous routes and names

The Bavarian state roads were numbered according to their starting point:


B 20 at Piding shortly before the connection to the A 8

Beginning in the extreme south-east of Germany in the Königssee district of the municipality of Schönau am Königssee , in the immediate vicinity of the lake of the same name , the B 20 initially runs for about 50 km through the Berchtesgadener Land district . After about five kilometers it reaches Berchtesgaden , from here the main road runs for a few kilometers together with the B 305 , before it branches off again to the north and via Bischofswiesen , the Hallthurm pass and, after a winding downhill section, reaches Bayerisch Gmain and then Bad Reichenhall . Shortly after the B 20 and the B 21 run together for a few kilometers, the junction with the A 8 follows in Piding , from there it leads via Ainring to Freilassing .

From here it follows the course of the Salzach to the north on the left, which forms the border with Austria here. The B 20 then runs through the towns of Laufen , Tittmoning and Burghausen until it meets the A 94 in Marktl , which currently ends here. From here, the B 20 forms the continuation of the motorway towards Passau, together with the B 12 towards Passau, which will soon be expanded to the A 94. After crossing the Inn, it leaves Upper Bavaria for the first time and now also leads, leaving the shared route with the B 12, across Lower Bavaria . Via Eggenfelden , where it runs on a section together with the B 388 and crosses the Rott , it leads through the Lower Bavarian hill country and the Vilstal to Landau an der Isar .

Shortly after crossing the Isar and shortly before the junction with the A 92 , the first section begins, in which the B 20 is designated as a motor road. To the north of the A 92 it is mainly three lanes, after about 20 kilometers it crosses the B 8 south-east of Straubing at a junction built as a clover leaf , then passes the Danube bridge Straubing and crosses the A 3 again - again in the form of a clover Kilometers the motor road ends and the B 20 leads through the Kinsach valley into the Upper Palatinate. Finally, she meets the town of Cham in the Regental , which she touches on the B 85 . From here on, the B 20 is again designated as a motor road. After the B 22 and finally the B 85 have left the B 20, it runs through the Cham-Further Senke past Weiding and Arnschwang and has bypassed the town of Furth im Wald in a wide arc since 2013 as a bypass road, including the 745 Meter-long Deschlberg tunnel . A few kilometers after Furth im Wald, the B 20 ends near the Schafberg district at the border crossing to the Czech Republic . Across the border, the Silnice I / 26 trunk road continues to Pilsen .

"Blue Route"

Road sign on the B 20 in Tittmoning ( Bavaria , Germany ) with reference to the "Blue Route"

As part of an alternative route of the eastern transalpine long-distance traffic with an extensive bypass of Munich on the occasion of the 1972 Summer Olympics , the signs between the motorway junctions Straubing ( A 3 ) and Piding ( A 8 ) were clearly marked south with a blue point and north with a blue ring, which the route has earned the nickname "Blue Route".

Compare also: “Red Route” to bypass the Pfaffenstein tunnel near Regensburg.

Traffic load

The B 20 is often used by goods traffic from Salzburg as an alternative route to the A 8 / A 9 and is therefore often overloaded by trucks. At km 122.1, 10,928 vehicles / 24 h were recorded at the counting point on the southern outskirts of Laufen in 2010, the share of freight traffic was around 11%.

At peak times, this fact leads to a maximum drivable speed of only 60 km / h, although the traffic routing of the B 20 would allow higher speeds due to the many bypasses.


A bypass of the city of Laufen, which could include a connection to the Austrian B 156 over a new Salzach bridge, is being planned. On March 19, 2011, the first construction phase of the Furth im Wald bypass with the 745 meter long Deschlberg tunnel was opened. After the opening of the second construction phase from AS Furth-Mitte to Furth-Nord on September 5, 2013, the B 20 was completely relocated to the bypass.


According to the Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG), there was no truck toll obligation for trucks on the B 20 for a long time . Since July 1, 2018, federal highways for trucks over 7.5 tons have generally been subject to tolls.

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