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Bundesstrasse 247 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 247
Course of the B 247
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Katlenburg
( 51 ° 41 ′  N , 10 ° 6 ′  E )
End of street: Ohrdruf
( 50 ° 50 ′  N , 10 ° 43 ′  E )
Overall length: 124 km + 3.3 km OU Westerode
  of which under construction: 5.5 km
  of which in planning: 47.1 km

State :

Development condition: 2-lane partially 3-lane
Course of the road
Lower Saxony
Northeim district
Locality Katlenburg B241
flow Rhume
Locality Lindau
District of Göttingen
crossing Bilshausen L 523
flow Rhume
Locality Gieboldehausen B27
flow Hollow
flow Hollow
Bypass Obernfeld / Mingerode bypass
Locality Obernfeld
Locality Mingerode
Locality Duderstadt L 530B446
Bypass Duderstadt – Ferna bypass
Locality Gerblingerode
Eichsfeld district
Locality Services L 1009
Locality Ferna L 2017
Bypass Wintzingerode bypass 
Junction Worbis -Mitte L 1012
crossing Worbis -South L 3080
Junction (6)  Leinefelde-Worbis A38
Junction Leinefelde -East L 1014
bridge via the Halle – Hann. Münden
bridge under the Gotha – Leinefelde railway line
flow Without
Junction Leinefelde -Süd L 1032
Bypass Kallmerode bypass
Locality Beinrode
Locality Kallmerode
crossing Dingelstädt-Nord L 1005
Bypass Dingelstädt bypass 
flow Unstrut
crossing Dingelstädt-Süd L 2041
Unstrut-Hainich district
crossing Horsmar / Lengefeld L 2038
Bypass Mühlhausen – Schönstedt bypass
crossing Junction Dachrieden L 1015
flow Unstrut
Locality Bunting
flow Unstrut
Locality Muhlhausen L 1016B249
Locality Höngeda L 2099
Railroad Crossing Gotha – Leinefelde railway line
flow Seebach
Locality Großengottern L 2100
Locality Schönstedt L 2103
crossing Bad Langensalza -Nord L 1031
The start of the expressway Motorway
bridge via the Gotha – Leinefelde railway line
bridge (320 m)  Salzatal bridge over Salza
Junction Ufhoven L 1042B84
Junction Bad Langensalza-Süd B84
The start of the expressway End of the highway
Locality Henningsleben L 2125
Roundabout Aschara / Wiegleben L 2125
District of Gotha
Locality Westhausen L 2124
flow Nesse
Locality Warza L 2123
Railroad Crossing Gotha tram (Reuterstraße)
Locality Gotha L 1027 L 3007B7
bridge Gotha Viaduct under the
Halle – Bebra and Gotha – Leinefelde railway lines
crossing Pot life L 1027 L 1045
Junction (42)  Gotha A4 E40
Bypass Schwabhausen bypass
Locality Schwabhausen L 1026
crossing Hohenkirchen L 1028
flow Apple Town
Junction Clasp Nauendorf B88
Locality Ohrdruf B88
The B 247 in Beinrode near Leinefelde
The federal road in Warza near Gotha
Winter road 3247 in the Thuringian Forest (until 2007 as B 247)

The federal highway 247 (abbreviation: B 247 ) is a German federal highway in Lower Saxony and Thuringia . It begins in Katlenburg-Lindau and leads via Duderstadt , the A 38 near Leinefelde-Worbis , Mühlhausen , Bad Langensalza and Gotha (with a connection to the A 4 ) to Ohrdruf , where it ends after 124 kilometers. Until the commissioning of the A 71 , it continued over the Thuringian Forest and Suhl to Schleusingen , whereby this 45-kilometer section was downgraded to a state road in 2007.

The federal highway 247 has a high traffic density in the southern section from the A 38, as it also serves long-distance traffic on the Göttingen - Erfurt route as well as the main development of the city of Mühlhausen and the entire Unstrut-Hainich district , which has no motorway connection . For this reason, the B 247 is currently being expanded between the A 38 and Bad Langensalza so that there is no through-town traffic and is largely being re-routed, for which purpose several projects are included in the urgent needs of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 .


Katlenburg - Leinefelde

The B 247 begins in Katlenburg (Lower Saxony), where it branches off to the south from the B 241 ( Northeim - Osterode am Harz ). It leads via Gieboldehausen , where it crosses the B 27 , on to Duderstadt , where it meets the B 446 . The former German-German road border crossing Teistungen was directly behind Duderstadt . A bypass in three construction phases is planned for Duderstadt, the northern one bypasses the towns of Obernfeld and Mingerode , the second (western) the district of Westerode and the southern mainly the district of Gerblingerode to the state border. The western section around Westerode was opened to traffic on October 16, 2015, the southern section is in the planning stage.

Subsequently in Thuringia, the federal road leads through the places Teistungen and Ferna, for which a bypass is also planned before reaching the twin town of Leinefelde-Worbis , where the B 247 crosses the A 38 .

Leinefelde - Bad Langensalza

Between Leinefelde-Worbis and Gotha , the expansion of the main road into an expressway is planned, above all to improve the accessibility of the city of Mühlhausen . For this purpose, bypasses were built around Leinefelde , Dingelstädt and Bad Langensalza . Other bypass roads for Großengottern , Mühlhausen and Kallmerode have already been approved and are waiting to be implemented. This should take place as a PPP project . A tender is planned for the beginning of 2018 [obsolete] , the construction of the Kallmerode bypass will start in 2019 with completion in 2022, for the remaining bypasses the start of construction is planned for 2020 with completion in early 2023.

Bad Langensalza - Ohrdruf

Between Bad Langensalza and Gotha , the route was once a death trap for numerous motorists, as its linear layout encouraged driving at excessive speed. In order to counteract this, the federal government, as the building contractor, under the supervision of the TU Dresden, installed five static speed measurement systems for both directions over a distance of 15 km.

The B 247 leads through the Gothaer Oststadt, a district that was built between 1870 and 1910. The A 4 connection point Gotha follows south of Gotha . After crossing the town of Schwabhausen , Ohrdruf is reached. The city already received a bypass during the GDR era. At that time, the B 247 between Suhl and Gotha was greatly expanded, as the district town of Suhl should be easily accessible and tourism in Oberhof was also of certain importance. Due to the development of traffic, a four-lane expansion between Gotha and Ohrdruf is planned, bypassing Schwabhausen.

Ohrdruf - Schleusingen (downgraded)

Until December 31, 2006, the B 247 continued from Ohrdruf via Suhl to Schleusingen . Since 2007, this section has been stepped down to state road 3247, with the long-distance traffic function being transferred to the new A 71 and A 73 motorways . The former B 247 continues south of Ohrdruf through the valley of the Ohra and the town of Luisenthal on the ridge of the Thuringian Forest , where it crosses the Rennsteig at 830 meters above sea level near the famous winter sports resort Oberhof at the Rondell . From here to Zella-Mehlis there is a winding, steep, three-lane stretch that is particularly popular with motorcyclists. In the Oberhof / Zella-Mehlis / Suhl area, today's L 3247 with the Oberhof and Suhl / Zella-Mehlis junctions has two links with the A 71 and the newly established B 62 (Zella-Mehlis– Benshausen / formerly B 280 ). In the directly adjacent city of Suhl, the L 3247 has been developed as a three- to four-lane ring road. It rises again sharply in the south of the city to cross the Friedberg . The last 15 kilometers run in the Alder Valley before it ends in Schleusingen on the L 3004, the former B 4 ( Ilmenau - Coburg ).

Expansion planning

The Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 provides for the following projects. The cost-benefit assessment for the expansion from Leinefelde to Bad Langensalza was carried out for the entire project and not split between the individual projects.

Project classification Length (km) Costs (million €) NKV
Obernfeld / Mingerode bypass urgent need 5.8 20.3 1.1
Gerblingerode bypass urgent need 3.3 33.8 2.0
Teistungen / Ferna bypass urgent need 7.6 27.4 2.0
Kallmerode bypass urgent need 4.5 18.2 (2.2)
Mühlhausen bypass urgent need 9.8 49.2 (2.2)
Höngeda bypass urgent need 4.7 40.1 (2.2)
Großegottern / Schönstedt bypass urgent need 7.3 49.5 (2.2)
Four-lane expansion Gotha – A 4 further need 2.1 9.7 1.9
Schwabhausen bypass urgent need 4.1 19.5 9.2
Four-lane expansion Schwabhausen – Hohenkirchen (B 88n) further need 3.4 11.0 1.6


At the original Reichsstraße 247 between Teistungen and Gerblingerode, a barrier was built between the British and Soviet occupation zones in 1945 . The traffic was restricted more and more over the following years until it was finally stopped completely in 1952. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the Reichsstrasse was renamed Bundesstrasse 247, in the GDR into Fernverkehrsstrasse 247. After the Basic Treaty came into force, the Duderstadt / Worbis border crossing was opened on June 21, 1973 , and could be used by travelers near the border. By 1989, the road link was used by around 6 million travelers despite restrictions. In 1990 the border crossing was closed and the road, which was free again, became a federal road for its entire section.

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