Bundesstrasse 32

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Bundesstrasse 32 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 32
Course of the B 32
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Horb am Neckar
( 48 ° 27 ′  N , 8 ° 42 ′  E )
End of street: Röthenbach
( 47 ° 36 ′  N , 9 ° 56 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 160 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane
Scheer entrance to the town of Mengen (B 32) coming 6.11.2010.jpg
Bundesstrasse 32 near Scheer
Course of the road
State of Baden-Württemberg
Freudenstadt district
crossing Horb-Hohenberg B28
Locality Horb am Neckar
flow Neckar
Bypass Nordstetten bypass 
Junction (30)  Horb am Neckar A81 E41
replaced by A81 B463 B27
Zollernalb district
Bypass Hechingen bypass  B27
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Castle Hohenzollern
Locality Hechingen - Schlatt
flow 2 × starlings
Locality Jungingen
Locality Burladingen- Hausen in the Killertal
Locality Burladingen
Locality Burladingen- Gauselfingen
District of Sigmaringen
Locality Neufra
flow Lauchert
Locality Gammertingen B313
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B313direction Sigmaringen
Railroad Crossing Kleinengstingen – Sigmaringen railway line
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right parking spot
Locality Hettingen
Locality Veringenstadt - Hermentingen
flow Lauchert
Locality Veringenstadt
tunnel Veringer tunnel
flow 2 × Lauchert
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Upper Danube Nature Park
Locality Veringenstadt - Veringendorf
Locality Sigmaringen - Jungnau
crossing B463
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B313direction Gammertingen
Locality Sigmaringen B313
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Sigmaringen Castle
tunnel (130 m)  Mühlbergstrasse tunnel
Locality Sigmaringendorf
flow Lauchert
flow Danube
Locality Scheer
Locality amounts B311
Locality Herbertingen B311
Locality Herbertingen - Mieterkingen
Locality Bad Saulgau
Railroad Crossing Zollernalbbahn
Ravensburg district
Locality Boms
Bypass Altshausen bypass 
Locality Fronreute - Blitzenreute
flow Shot
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Weingarten / Baienfurt B30
flow Shot
Junction Ravensburg- NorthB30
Expressway end End of the highway
flow Shot
Locality Ravensburg
Street than Ulmer Straße
Street as Schussenstrasse
Street as Wilhelmstrasse
Street as Leonhardstrasse
Street than Wangener Strasse
Locality Ravensburg- Knollengraben
Locality Grünkraut -Staig
Locality Grünkraut -Gullen
Locality Grünkraut -Hotterloch
Locality Grünkraut -Rößlerhalde
Locality Grünkraut -Bechenried
Locality Grünkraut -Kronhalden
Locality Bodnegg - Rotheidlen
Locality Bodnegg -Dürrnast
Locality Amtzell basket
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Waldburg Castle
Bypass Amtzell bypass 
Junction (5)  Cheeks West A96/E43 E54
Locality Wangen in the Allgäu -Herfatz
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Allgäu
flow Lower evil
Locality Wangen in the Allgäu
flow Upper evil
Free State of Bavaria
District of Lindau (Lake Constance)
Motorway junction Hergatz B12
crossing Opfenbach - Wigratzbad B12
Locality Opfenbach
Locality Heimenkirch
Roundabout Röthenbach in the Allgäu B308

The federal road 32 (abbreviation: B 32 ) begins at Lindenberg im Allgäu on the B 308 in Bavarian territory, but then runs mainly in Baden-Württemberg via Wangen im Allgäu , Ravensburg , Altshausen , Bad Saulgau , Herbertingen , Scheer and Sigmaringen , Gammertingen to Hechingen . A further construction via Rangendingen to Horb am Neckar was still included in the 1972 requirement plan, but was discarded. Only the section from the A 81 to Horb was built.

Previous routes and names

country State road length course
Hohenzollern k. A. ? Hechingen - Gammertingen - Sigmaringen - state border (- Mengen)
Württemberg No. 75 03.6 km (Sigmaringen -) national border - quantities
Württemberg No. 76 08.0 km (Meßkirch -) Mengen - Herbertingen (- Riedlingen)
Württemberg No. 68 31.9 km Herbertingen - Weingarten
Württemberg No. 60 40.6 km Ravensburg - Wangen - Oberstaufen

Between Hechingen and Weingarten, the B 32 follows the route of the trunk road 32 (FVS 32) introduced in 1932, which was renamed Reichsstrasse 32 (R 32) in 1934.

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