Bundesstrasse 15

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Bundesstrasse 15 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 15
Course of the B 15
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Leupoldsgrün
( 50 ° 18 ′  N , 11 ° 49 ′  E )
End of street: Raubling
( 47 ° 48 ′  N , 12 ° 7 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 380 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane
B015 History.png
red: federal highway
blue: replaced by motorway
Course of the road
Free State of Bavaria
Hof district
Junction (34)  Courtyard west A9 E51
District-free city of Hof
Junction Konradsreuth -OT Föhrenreuth
Junction Hof-Wölbattendorf
Locality beginning Entrance to the  courtyard
crossing Hof-Fuhrmannstrasse / Dr.-Arnheim-Strasse
crossing Hof-Hohe Strasse
crossing Hof-Ossecker Strasse / Meiselfelder Strasse
crossing Hof-Meiselfelder Strasse
crossing Hof-Jahnstrasse
crossing Hof-Berliner Platz B2 B173
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B2direction Nuremberg
crossing Hof-Wölbattendorfer Weg
crossing Hof-Ossecker Strasse
crossing Hof-Äußere Bayreuther Strasse
crossing Hof-Stephanstrasse
crossing Hof-Richard-Wagner-Strasse / Wunsiedler Strasse St 2177
Village end End of the yard
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B15direction Regensburg
Junction Hof-OT Krötenbruck B2
Junction Hof-OT Moschendorf St 2177
flow Saale (bridge 80 m)
Hof district
bridge via the Bamberg – Hof railway line
Junction Döhlau
Junction Döhlau-OT Kautendorf
Junction Rehau
Junction (4)  South courtyard A93
Expressway end Autobahn beginning replaced by andA93 B299
Tirschenreuth district
Junction south of Mitterteich B299
Locality Leonberg -OT Themenreuth St 2167
Locality Tirschenreuth St 2167
crossing south of Tirschenreuth St 2173
Locality Tirschenreuth-OT Pilmersreuth on the street
Locality Tirschenreuth-OT Haid
Bypass Plößberg bypass  -OT Schönficht St 2170
crossing southwest of Plößberg-OT Schönficht St 2181
Neustadt an der Waldnaab district
Locality Püchersreuth -OT Baumgarten
Locality Püchersreuth-OT Eppenreuth
crossing west of Störnstein -OT Oberndorf St 2172
Bypass Neustadt an der Waldnaab bypass  St 2172 St 2395
bridge via the Weiden – Oberkotzau railway line
flow Waldnaab
tunnel Mühlberg tunnel (375 m)
Junction (21a)  Neustadt an der Waldnaab A93
Autobahn beginning replaced by A93
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty replaced by B85
Schwandorf district
Junction south of Schwandorf-Krondorf
flow Naab
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Schwandorf
crossing Schwandorf-Fronberger Strasse / Naabuferstrasse
crossing Schwandorf-Wackersdorfer Straße ( B85towards Cham )
Junction Schwandorf-Steinberger Strasse / Pesserlstrasse St 2145
bridge via the Regensburg-Hof railway line and the Schwandorf – Furth im Wald railway line
crossing Schwandorf-Egelseerstraße / Lindenstraße
crossing Schwandorf-Aussiger Strasse / Max-Reger-Strasse
crossing Schwandorf-Fraunhoferstraße / Daimlerstraße
crossing Schwandorf-Industriestrasse / Libourne-Allee
Village end End of Schwandorf
Roundabout Schwandorf bypass south / east
Roundabout north of Schwandorf-OT Zielheim (to A93)
Locality Schwandorf-OT Zielheim
Locality Schwandorf-OT Klardorf
Locality Teublitz-OT Katzdorf
Roundabout northeast of Teublitz (to A93)
Locality Teublitz
Railroad Crossing Haidhof – Burglengenfeld railway line
Locality Teublitz-OT Saltendorf
Locality Burglengenfeld St 2235
Junction Burglengenfeld bypass road
Locality Maxhütte-Haidhof -OT Roding
Locality Maxhütte-Haidhof-OT Roßbergeröd
Bypass Maxhütte-Haidhof-OT Birkenhöhe bypass
bridge under the Regensburg-Hof railway line
Locality Maxhütte-Haidhof-OT Ponholz
Regensburg district
Junction (36)  Ponholz A93
Locality Regenstauf-OT Hagenau
Locality Regenstauf-OT Thisbach St 2149
flow rain
Locality Regenstauf St 2149
Junction south of Regenstauf (to A93)
Locality Zeitlarn-OT Neuhof
Locality Zeitlarn-OT Mühlhof
bridge under the Regensburg-Hof railway line
Locality Time warning
Independent city of Regensburg
Junction at Regensburg-OT Sallermühle B16
Locality beginning Beginning of  Regensburg
crossing Regensburg-Chamer Strasse
crossing Regensburg-Amberger Strasse / Nordgaustrasse
crossing Regensburg-Sonnenstrasse / Illerstrasse
crossing Regensburg-Brennesstrasse / Isarstrasse
crossing Regensburg-Donaustaufer Strasse St 2125
crossing Regensburg-Frankenstrasse / Walhalla-Allee B8
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with the B8direction of Passau
flow Danube ( Nibelungen Bridge )
crossing Regensburg-Adolf-Schmetzer-Strasse
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B15direction Nuremberg
crossing Regensburg-Greiflingerstrasse B8
bridge under the Munich – Regensburg railway line and the Regensburg – Passau railway line
crossing Regensburg-Weißenburgstrasse / Landshuter Strasse
crossing Regensburg-Hermann-Geib-Strasse
crossing Regensburg-Furtmayrstrasse
crossing Regensburg-Prinz-Rupprecht-Strasse / Hildegard-von-Bingen-Strasse
crossing Regensburg-Zeissstrasse
crossing Regensburg-Alemannenstrasse
crossing Regensburg-Osttangente / Bajuwarenstraße
crossing Regensburg-Benzstrasse
Junction (100b)  Regensburg- Burgweinting A3 E56
Autobahn beginning replaced by A3 E56
Junction (101)  Regensburg East A3 E56
crossing Regensburg-Leibnizstrasse
crossing Regensburg-Burgweintinger Strasse
Village end End of Regensburg
crossing Regensburg-Obertraublinger Strasse
crossing Regensburg-Herbert-Quandt-Allee
Regensburg district
crossing Obertraubling-Walhallastraße St 2145
Bypass Obertraubling bypass 
bridge via the Munich-Regensburg railway line
crossing Obertraubling-Landshuter Strasse / Niedertraublinger Strasse St 2111
Locality Obertraubling-OT Embach
Locality Köfering St 2329
Bypass Alteglofsheim bypass 
Locality Hail city
bridge via the Munich-Regensburg railway line
crossing at Hagelstadt-OT Grünthal St 2146
bridge via the Munich-Regensburg railway line
flow Big talk
Bypass Schierling bypass  -OT Eggmühl / Unterdeggenbach St 2144
bridge under the Munich-Regensburg railway line
Locality Schierling-OT Oberdeggenbach
crossing southeast of Schierling (to B15n)
Locality Hemlock-OT Buchhausen
District of Straubing-Bogen
bridge under the Munich-Regensburg railway line
Locality Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg -OT Ascholtshausen
Bypass Bypass  Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg --OT Oberlindhart St 2142
flow Small talk
Landshut district
Locality Neufahrn St 2142
Locality Ergoldsbach-OT Iffelkofen
Locality Ergoldsbach-OT Jellenkofen
Locality Ergoldsbach-OT Prinkofen
bridge under the Munich-Regensburg railway line
Locality Ergoldsbach
Roundabout at Ergoldsbach-OT Siegensdorf (to B15n)
Locality Ergoldsbach-OT Martinshaun
Locality Essenbach-OT Oberunsbach
Locality Essenbach-OT Unterunsbach
bridge over B15n
Locality Essenbach
Locality Essenbach-OT Altheim
Junction (15)  Landshut-Essenbach A92 E53 B11
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B11direction Munich
bridge via the Landshut – Plattling railway line
Junction Essenbach-OT Gaden St 2074
Junction Ergolding
Junction Ergolding-OT Piflas B299
Independent city of Landshut
Locality beginning Landshut town start 
crossing Landshut-Stethaimerstraße
crossing Landshut-Altdorfer Strasse
flow Pfettrach ("flood basin")
crossing Landshut-Rupprechtstrasse
crossing Landshut-Rennweg St 2045
crossing Landshut-Robert-Koch-Strasse
crossing Landshut-Dammstrasse
crossing Landshut-Schwimmschulstrasse
flow Isar
crossing Landshut-Graetzberg
crossing at the west portal of the Josef Deimer tunnel
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B11directionA92 E53
crossing near Landshut-OT Achdorf ("Kupfereck")B11
crossing Landshut-Innere Münchener Strasse / Neue Bergstrasse
crossing Landshut-Neue Bergstrasse / Veldener Strasse
crossing Landshut-Felix-Meindl-Weg / Hagengasse
Landshut district
bridge under the Neumarkt-Sankt Veit-Landshut railway line
Locality Kumhausen
Roundabout south of Kumhausen
Locality Kumhausen-OT Niederkam
Locality Kumhausen-OT Rammelkam
Locality Kumhausen-OT Grammel came
crossing at Kumhausen-OT Hachelstuhl St 2087
Bypass Vilsheim-OT Münchsdorf bypass
Locality Vilsheim-OT Kaltenbrunn
District of Erding
Locality Hohenpolding-OT Loiting
Bypass Hohenpolding bypass 
crossing at Hohenpolding-OT Großstockach St 2330
Locality Taufkirchen B388
Locality Taufkirchen-OT Flaring
Locality Taufkirchen-OT Solching
Locality Taufkirchen-OT Babing
flow Great vils
Locality Dorfen-OT Jaibing
crossing at Dorfen-OT Scheideck St 2084
Locality Dorfen St 2086
flow Isen
Railroad Crossing Munich – Mühldorf railway line
Locality Dorfen-OT Hausmehring
crossing south of Dorfen-OT Hausmehring St 2084
Junction (15)  Villages A94
Locality Sankt Wolfgang-OT Armstorf
Locality Sankt Wolfgang-OT Kleinschwindau
flow Goldach
Bypass Sankt Wolfgang-OT Großschwindau bypass
Locality Saint Wolfgang
District of Mühldorf am Inn
Junction west of Hague B12
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B12direction Mühldorf
Bypass Haag bypass 
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B12direction Munich
Junction east of Hague B12
Bypass Haag-OT bypass Altdorf
Locality Hague-OT Neuberg
Locality Rechtmehring -OT Ferchensee
Rosenheim district
Locality Soyen -OT Fischbach
Locality Soyen-OT Seeburg
Locality Soyen-OT Wendling
bridge via the Mühldorf-Rosenheim railway line
crossing at Wasserburg St 2359B304
Locality Wasserburg-OT Kornberg
Junction Wasserburg-OT Attel
Junction Wasserburg-OT misery
flow Attel
Locality Ramerberg -OT Sendling
crossing at Ramerberg-OT Unterkatzbach St 2079
Bypass Rott am Inn St 2079 bypass 
Locality Rott am Inn-OT Lengdorf
Railroad Crossing Mühldorf-Rosenheim railway line
bridge under the Mühldorf-Rosenheim railway line
Bypass Schechen-OT Hochstätt bypass
Bypass Schechen bypass 
Bypass Schechen-OT Mühlstätt bypass
Junction West bypass Rosenheim 15a
Locality Schechen-OT Pfaffenhofen am Inn
District-free city of Rosenheim
crossing west of Rosenheim-OT Langenpfunzen St 2080
Locality Rosenheim-OT Westerndorf-St. Peter
Locality beginning Entrance to  Rosenheim
crossing Rosenheim-Ebersberger Strasse
crossing Rosenheim-Hochschulstrasse / Burgfriedstrasse
crossing Rosenheim-Prinzregentenstrasse
crossing Rosenheim-Küpferlingstrasse
crossing Rosenheim-Wittelsbacherstraße / Pichlmayrstraße
crossing Rosenheim-Hubertusstrasse / Münchener Strasse St 2362
bridge via the Munich – Rosenheim railway line and the Rosenheim-Holzkirchen railway line
crossing Rosenheim-Münchener Strasse / Enzenspergerstrasse St 2362
crossing Rosenheim-Klepperstrasse / Kufsteiner Strasse
flow Mangfall
crossing Rosenheim Alpine Trail
crossing Rosenheim-Miesbacher Strasse St 2095
Village end End of Rosenheim
Truck toll Truck toll
crossing west of Rosenheim-OT Happing
crossing southeast of Rosenheim-OT Aising St 2078
Rosenheim district
Junction Raubling-OT Breiteich
Junction only driveway towards Munich A8 E52 E60
bridge under the Rosenheim-Kufstein railway line
Junction (102)  Rosenheim A8 E52 E60
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The federal highway 15 (abbreviation: B 15 ) is a federal highway in Germany . It lies entirely in Bavaria , runs almost perfectly in a north-south direction and leads from the A 9 north of Hof into the Inn Valley .

    Local authorities

    The local authorities are all in Bavaria and are:

    Previous routes and names

    The Bundesstraße 15 emerged in 1949 partly from the Reichsstraße  15 (R 15). The Reichsstraßen were defined uniformly for the German Reich in 1934 . The R 15 began in Gera and led via Schleiz , Hof , Wunsiedel and Marktredwitz to Mitterteich . From Mitterteich, it followed today's route to the connection to the Inntal motorway near Rosenheim. From there the R 15 led via Brannenburg and Oberaudorf to the border at Kiefersfelden . After Austria was annexed in 1938 , the R 15 was extended via Kufstein to Wörgl . The R 15a branched off in Kufstein and led to the R 31 near Ellmau .

    In 1941 the route was changed north of Mitterteich. The R 15 now started in the Bohemian Karlsbad and led via Falkenau ( Sokolov ), Eger ( Cheb ) and Waldsassen to Mitterteich and then on as before. The Gera – Hof section was added to the R 2 , and the route from Hof ​​to Mitterteich was designated the R 303 .

    After the Second World War , the road layout was changed again. Now the B 15 began in Hof and led via Selb and Marktredwitz to Mitterteich and, as before, further south to the Austrian border. The section of the old route between Eger and Mitterteich that remained with Germany became part of the federal highway 299 .

    (Sources below)

    Traffic volume

    2004 to 2016 *):
    Average truck traffic volume on the B 15 along the four permanent counting stations
    Source: BAYSIS database
    2004 to 2016 *):
    Average vehicle traffic volume on the B 15 along the four permanent counting stations
    Source: BAYSIS database

    There are four permanent measuring points along the B 15:

    • Number 9113 yard
    • Number 9281 Maxhütte-Haidhof
    • Number 9300 Ergoldsbach and
    • Number 9301 Soyen.
    Change in traffic volume on the B 15 determined during the recurring traffic censuses from 2010 and 2015

    The highest volume of traffic can be found at the counting point at Hof with up to 22,500 vehicles (including around 1,750 trucks) per day. The counting stations at Maxhütte-Haidhof and Soyen record a similar volume of traffic of around 8,000 to 9,000 vehicles per day, with the proportion of trucks in Soyen being around 2.3 times as high as in Maxhütte-Haidhof. While the traffic volume at the Ergoldsbach counting station was 10,000 vehicles per day from 2004 to 2011, this increased from 2011 to 2016 (1st quarter) to an average of 14,142 vehicles, while at Hof this decreased slightly from 2004 to 2016, or at Soyen and Maxhütte-Haidhof remained almost constant. From 2004 to 2011, the proportion of trucks at Soyen and Ergoldsbach was around 1,250 per day. From 2011 to 2014 this increased significantly at Ergoldsbach. In the three years from 2014 to 2016 (1st quarter), however, the values ​​remained almost constant at an average of 2,115 trucks per day.

    Currently, around 10,000 and in individual areas up to 18,000 vehicles per day are running on the B 15. The heavy load share is up to 27 percent. According to the following diagram, the traffic load in some places between Regensburg and Rosenheim is 5,000 vehicles per day. In the Landshut and Rosenheim areas, these values ​​are significantly higher due to the source and destination traffic. The greatest increase in traffic along the B 15 took place between 1970 and 1990, then weakened in the following decade. There was no significant increase in traffic between 2000 and 2010; The source and destination traffic in the Landshut area and above all in the Rosenheim area has increased significantly.

    Traffic volume on the B 15 between Regensburg and Rosenheim from 1970 to 2015

    In 2010, the traffic load in Landshut in the Hofmark-Aich-Straße / Luitpoldstraße area was 24,500 to 26,500 vehicles per day. In the direction of Ergolding it decreased to almost 21,000 vehicles and in the direction of Kumhausen to 13,500 vehicles per day.

    Construction progress / planning status

    Northern section: A 9 near Hof to A 93 near Rehau

    The B 15 begins west of Hof at the Hof-West junction of the A 9 and initially leads almost in an east-west direction to Hof and the A 93 .

    From its start on the A 9 at the Hof-West junction near Leupoldsgrün to about one kilometer into the Hof urban area, the B 15 has four lanes and no central barrier. After an approximately 500 m long two-lane section, it joins the four-lane Ernst-Reuter-Strasse.

    In the south of the city of Hof there is a two-kilometer-long motorway-like, four-lane section in which there are two level-free junctions. This section is located entirely within the urban area of ​​Hof, but is signposted as outside the urban area, and at times had no speed limit below 100 km / h.

    After the second level junction in the Hof district of Moschendorf , the area of ​​the city of Hof will be left. At the junction, the carriageway narrows from a four-lane motorway standard to a two-lane standard. Then the Saale bridge follows . The remaining section up to the A 93 has two lanes, but all bridges over the B 15 are already designed for a four-lane, motorway-like road, so that an expansion would be possible without any problems. The two-lane section has a length of seven kilometers, leads initially through the municipality of Döhlau and then, after crossing the northern Rehau urban area, joins the A93 at the Hof-Süd junction.

    Section from Rehau via Schönwald to Selb

    Between the junctions Hof-Süd and Mitterteich-Nord , the B 15 has been partially replaced by the A 93 .

    In the southern part of Rehau , near the Rehau- Süd junction , the B 15 branches off from the B 289 and initially leads via Heinersberg towards Neuhausen / German-Czech border. In the future, this section is to be continuously expanded to Neuhausen as a section of the B 289. Behind the Heinersberg autobahn underpass, the B 15 branches off from the St 2192 and runs over an old section along the A 93 past Eulenhammer . From Owls hammer the highway also includes to the junction Schoenwald the railway line Cheb-Oberkotzau , which is partly visible and crosses the main road between the highway bridge and the motorway towards Hof. From Eulenhammer, the B 15 meets the flowing stream of the Perlenbach , which accompanies the main road to Sophienreuth . Before that, the B 15 crosses the border to the Wunsiedel district at Perlenhaus . After the Schönwald junction, the B 15 reaches Schönwald, which it runs through as Rehauer Strasse and finally Selber Strasse in a wide construction. Here it leads along the porcelain factory through the village. The only traffic light in Schönwald, a pedestrian light, is located on the B 15 at the level of Selber Straße. After the church and the junction of the WUN 15 via Brunn and Steinselb onto the St 2179 Selb-Marktleuthen, the B 15 continues past the Vielitz junction and Green Fleck, where it crosses the A 93 again. After the bridge over the motorway and the junction to Vielitz-Siedlung, the main road continues between the Oberkotzau – Franzensbad railway line, which is now on the left for a short time, and the noise protection wall of the A93, past the Vielitz-Siedlung district of Selber. After the railway has left the B 15 again in the direction of Selb-Plößberg station , the federal road meets the roundabout where the federal road is located after entering the Selb-Plößberg industrial museum and continuing along the left side of the A 93 in the direction of Regensburg northern part of Selbs ends.

    This roundabout connects the B 15 with the Selb -Nord junction , the entrance to the Selber district of Kappel, the St 2179 Hofer Straße in the direction of Selber city center and the St 2179 Christian-Höfer-Ring in the direction of Schirnding and the bypass road St 2179 past Selb-Plößberg, Erkersreuth and Wildenau to Asch in the Czech Republic.

    Section from Selb to Höchstädt / Thierstein

    Shortly before the Selb-West junction, the B 15 starts again from St 2179 Selb-Marktleuthen. After a short, newly built section, after the underpass of the A 93, it turns into a short old section, which runs enclosed between the Selber district of Unterweißbach on the right and the noise barrier and the housing of the A 93 on the left. Immediately after Unterweißbach, the federal road crosses the A 93 again over the housing and leaves the motorway on the right.

    The following section consists mostly of the old B 15, which did not have to give way to the motorway in this course. Here the B 15 lies consistently on the A 93 and crosses the Eger at Schwarzenhammer, into which the Selbbach, which flows from Unterweißbach to Schwarzenhammer on the left side of the main road, also flows. Furthermore, the B 15 leaves Hendelhammer behind on the left before it leaves the predominantly wooded area shortly before Thierstein and offers a view of Thierstein Castle. After the junction to Kaiserhammer on the right and the junction to Thierstein on the left, it runs below Thierstein Castle and the town that it borders along with the A 93. Ultimately, it ends at the intersection of the Höchstädt junction and continues straight on to Thierstein.

    Middle section: A 93 near Mitterteich to A 93 near Altenstadt an der Waldnaab

    At the Mitterteich -Nord junction , the B 15 branches off from the A 93 again to reach Tirschenreuth and further south in Altenstadt an der Waldnaab, at the motorway junction of the same name, it joins the A 93. The section through Neustadt an der Waldnaab and Altenstadt an der Waldnaab was relieved by a bypass road that connects the B 15 north of Neustadt with the A 93 (junction Neustadt an der Waldnaab) through a nearly 400 meter long tunnel. The bypass was opened to traffic in autumn 2005.

    Between the junctions Altenstadt an der Waldnaab and Schwandorf-Nord , the B 15 was replaced by the A 93.

    Southern section: B 85 to A 93 in the Inn Valley

    Only north of Schwandorf does the B 15 begin again about four kilometers west of the Schwandorf-Nord junction of the A 93 on the B 85 and initially crosses the urban area of ​​Schwandorf. As a result, the B 15 runs largely parallel to the A 93 via Teublitz, Burglengenfeld and the municipality of Maxhütte-Haidhof to the Ponholz junction with the A 93. Shortly afterwards, Regenstauf is reached, from here the B 15 always runs parallel to the Regen on its east bank via Zeitlarn to Regensburg . Shortly before the city, the B 16 is crossed - here, too, there is a connection to the A 93. The B 15 then leads largely in a north-south direction through the eastern districts of Regensburg. It crosses the B 8 - a connection between Nuremberg and Passau parallel to the A 3 - and crosses the Danube on the Nibelungen Bridge, which was reopened in 2004. Between the Regensburg-Burgweinting and Regensburg-Ost junctions, the B 15 is briefly offset by the A 3.

    Then it goes via Obertraubling , Köfering , Alteglofsheim and Hagelstadt to Schierling , where for the first time there is a connection to the B 15 , which will once lead from Saalhaupt south of Regensburg (on the A 93) to Rosenheim . Via Neufahrn and Ergoldsbach , where there are also new junctions with the B 15, and Essenbach you can reach the Landshut / Essenbach junction with the A 92 . Between the Landshut / Essenbach exit of the A 92 to the city limits of Landshut, it runs in four lanes and, together with the B 11, past Ergolding . In Landshut it crosses the B 299 and crosses the Isar before the B 15 branches off again from the B 11. After the city limits you cross Kumhausen , shortly afterwards the B 15 is expanded to three lanes with an overtaking lane in a southerly direction. It continues through the communities of Vilsheim and Altfraunhofen in the district of Erding . Here Hohenpolding is affected, Taufkirchen is crossed with the B 388 and finally Dorfen is reached, where the A 94 is to cross from 2018 . As a result, you soon reach the B 12 north of Haag , follow it a little eastwards (bypass of Haag), before the B 15 turns south again and leads via Soyen to Wasserburg , where the B 304 is crossed under . Shortly after Wasserburg, the federal road is again briefly expanded to three lanes - but with additional lanes to the north. Behind Wasserburg, the communities of Rechtmehring , Rott am Inn and Schechen follow before Rosenheim is reached. In the area of ​​Schechen, the west bypass Rosenheim is to branch off in the near future , which will relieve the city of the heavy through traffic in the course of the B 15. The four-lane west bypass could later serve as the last section of the B 15. After passing through Rosenheim and crossing the Mangfall , the B 15 initially runs in four lanes to the A 8 east of the Inntal triangle , where the B 15 has ended since December 31, 2015. The rest of the route to Reischenhart (connection to the A 93) was graded to the St 2363.

    Further expansion

    • four-lane expansion south of Rosenheim to the A 8 (AS Rosenheim ), (finished)
    • Straightening south of Hagelstadt (new building planned, further needs)
    • Bypass south-west of Hof (new building planned, further needs)
    • Clasp to the B 12 south-east of Haag , network extension and preliminary work for the B 15n (new construction planned, further needs)

    West bypass Rosenheim

    In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003, this 11.3 km long section is an urgent requirement. The construction costs were then estimated at 61.3 million euros. The section is currently under construction. In the project registration for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan dated March 12, 2013, the western bypass Rosenheim is mentioned as a sub-project of project 2 “B 15, B 304 (Wasserburg) - A 8 (Rosenheim)”. According to the cabinet decision of January 19, 2015, the extension of the Rosenheim western bypass was retained and in July 2015 construction approval for construction sections two to four was granted with a financial volume of 85 million euros. In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030, it was classified as an ongoing and permanently scheduled project. The southern section from the A 8 exit Rosenheim West to Äußere Münchner Straße (St 2078) has been in operation as B 15a since October 12, 2015.

    B 15 new

    alternative route of the B 15 new (December 2014)

    The A 93 was originally planned to be largely parallel to the B 15 . After the route was changed towards the Holledau triangle ( A 9 ), the original route definition was transferred to the B 15n .

    Since 2006, the B 15 has been under construction between Saalhaupt near Regensburg and Rosenheim. The two construction sections Neufahrn in Niederbayern and Ergoldsbach have already been completed and opened to traffic since 2011 and 2013 respectively.

    The section from Ergoldsbach to Essenbach has been provisionally approved since the end of 2019. For this purpose, bridge work on the B 15 over the route of the B 15 was required, which was carried out from the end of July to the beginning of November 2014. The connection to the A 92 near Essenbach is to be established by 2018/19 . The further construction to the A 94 or the A 8 near Rosenheim is extremely controversial. It is unclear whether it will be built beyond the A 92 at all. On December 6, 2014, Interior Minister Hermann put an alternative route proposal up for discussion at a traffic conference in Hinterberg near Dorfen, which in the Kumhausen - Dorfen area is based on the previous route of the B 15.

    The proposal provides for the following route sections:

    • Landshut / Kumhausen bypass (approx. 6 km)
    • Section Kumhausen / Taufkirchen (approx. 17 km)
    • Taufkirchen bypass (approx. 8 km)
    • Dorfen bypass (approx. 5 km)
    • St. Wolfgang bypass (approx. 8 km)
    • Haag bypass (approx. 8 km)

    On January 14th, Florian Oßner, a member of the Bundestag, discussed an additional route variant. Since none of the route proposals were able to reach a consensus and the necessary financial means for further construction will not be available in the foreseeable future, the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Herrmann, announced in the cabinet on Monday, January 19, 2015, that the construction of the new B 15 was stopped and that it would be withdrawn the previous registration route. For this purpose, the existing B 15 between Landshut and Rosenheim is to be expanded to three lanes in parts and with bypasses. Likewise, the plans for a continuation of the B ∞15 from the A 92 in an east-south bypass around Landshut to the old B 15 are to be continued and the western bypass of Rosenheim to be further built. On January 30th, the Bavarian State Chancellery announced that the east-south bypass and the expansion of the B 15 as well as the regional planning road of the B 15 were to be re-registered for the federal traffic route plan from 1977/78.

    According to the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 decided by the Federal Cabinet and the draft of a sixth law to amend the trunk road expansion law, the east-south bypass Landshut was included in the urgent need and the construction of a B 15n from Landshut to Rosenheim in the further needs with planning rights.

    Landshut east-south bypass

    Cost estimates for the Landshut east-south bypass
    Route section Costs
    according to MdL
    Erwin Huber
    Costs according to the Landshut
    State Building
    according to MdB
    Florian Oßner
    Costs as
    in the dialogue forum
    Costs according to the
    first draft
    bill for the BVWP 2030
    Essenbach / A 92
    via the B 299 to
    Kumhausen / B 15

    € 250 to 300 million
    € 260 million € 310 million € 400 million € 260 million

    This is to connect the B 15 from the A 92 to the LA 14, the B 299 and the B 15. The plans for this as an east-south bypass of Landshut will be continued after the cabinet decision of January 19, 2015. It was initially unclear whose construction load it should be in and who would take over the planning and financing, but the Bavarian State Chancellery announced on January 30th that it should be registered with the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 for urgent needs. The costs for an initially four-lane route up to the B 299 and then a two-lane route up to the B 15 are estimated at up to 400 million euros, since coming from the B 15 new / A 92 first cross the Isar with a bridge and enter at Eisgrub Tunnel is to be realized. Erwin Huber , member of the Bavarian State Parliament, spoke of completion not before 2025. The registration for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 took place in March 2015 as a placeholder route (without a final route) with justification of the supraregional importance of the road construction project and a cost estimate. Likewise, the beginning of a public forum for the development of concrete route proposals by the state building authority with the involvement of the affected communities was planned for April. The so-called dialogue forum east-south bypass Landshut as part of the B15new was set up on April 7, 2015. The east-south bypass Landshut itself is an urgent requirement of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 and is managed there as a project of the B 15.

    "Dialogue forum"

    The so-called dialogue forum was set up on April 7, 2015 and is to last for two years. Days it should for the first time in the second half of April. It is managed by Landshut's Lord Mayor Hans Rampf, District Administrator Peter Dreier and Karl Wiebel, the head of the Bavarian Road Administration. In addition, the following will be represented:

    • the deputies of the region
    • the mayors of the affected communities
    • the IHK Niederbayern
    • the farmers' association
    • the Bund Naturschutz
    • the citizens' initiative "Stop B15neu"
    • the citizens' initiative “Pro B15neu”.

    Employees from the Southern Bavaria Autobahn Directorate, the Landshut State Building Authority and the building administrations of the city and district of Landshut form a supporting project group.

    Substitutions and downgrades

    The following sections of the B 15 were replaced by the Federal Motorway 93 :

    • 1965: Brannenburg - Kiefersfelden
    • 1968: Kiefersfelden - Kiefersfelden border crossing
    • 1971: Nabburg - Schwandorf
    • 1996: Rehau bypass
    • 1997: Schönwald - Selb
    • 1998: Rehau - Schönwald
    • 1999: Marktredwitz bypass
    • 2000: Marktredwitz - Mitterteich

    In 2016, the section in the Schwandorf district up to the Ponholz motorway junction was downgraded to State Road 2397. On January 1, 2019, the continuation followed south to the city limits of Regensburg.

    Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030

    BVWP 2015 Registration proposal
    Project B015-G070-BY (March 2015)
    B 15 new / B 15: Proposal of two alternative routes by Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (January 30, 2015) for registration for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030.

    With regard to the B 15, the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, Building and Transport announced two projects on March 12, 2013 for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 currently being drawn up (as of March 2016) (referred to as the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2015 until March 2016 ). These are in turn divided into three sub-projects.

    • Project 1) B 15, Landshut - A 92 (AS Landshut / Essenbach)
    • Subproject 1) B 15 St. 2074 - A 92 near Landshut
    • Subproject 1) B 15 OU Lengdorf
    • Subproject 2) B 15 West bypass Rosenheim

    After Interior Minister Herrmann announced the end of the construction of the B 15 on January 19, 2015, the existing B 15 between Landshut and Rosenheim is to be expanded to three lanes in some areas and supplemented by bypasses. Accordingly, a registration of the B 15 between Landshut and Rosenheim for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 is planned.

    On January 30th, Prime Minister Seehofer announced that he wanted to register the B 15 in the area from Kumhausen to Haag only as an alternative to the regional planning road of the B 15 from 1977/78. South of Haag, it is to follow the existing road of the B 15 including the Rosenheim western bypass to the A 8, which is to be expanded to three lanes in parts. A corresponding cabinet decision was made on February 3, 2015. In February 2015, the proposal was concretized to the effect that local bypasses along the B 15 should also be built at Taufkirchen, Dorfen and St. Wolfgang in addition to Lengdorf. A partially three-lane expansion of the B 15 was refrained from.

    Registration took place at the end of March in the form of a corridor. Based on an east-south bypass around Landshut, two alternative route suggestions were submitted for evaluation, whereby registration variant 2 concerns the B 15 with bypasses for Taufkirchen, Dorfen and Sankt Wolfgang (project B015-G070-BY).

    In the first ministerial draft for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030, a total of four B 15 projects are named. These are listed in two categories:

    • Ongoing and fixed projects (FD)
    • New Projects - Urgent Needs (VB)

    A project is classified in the category of ongoing and fixed projects (FD). Three projects are assigned to the urgent need. Two projects are actually the continuation of the B 15new beyond the A 92 (here declared with the road number B015). Specifically, these are the following projects:

    category project number Street
    section Expansion target Length
    in km
    in million euros
    Environmental and
    nature conservation
    Planning situation
    FD without specification B 015 West bypass Rosenheim New building with
    two lanes
    7.7 78.9 under construction
    VB B015-G040-BY B 015 AS Landshut / Essenbach to
    St 2074 / A 92 near Landshut
    Extension to
    four lanes
    1.3 6.1 4.4 low Pre-planning is in progress
    VB B015-G070-BY-T01-BY B 015 eastern bypass Landshut
    (A 92 to B 299)
    New building with
    four lanes
    10.9 213.9 4.0 high Preliminary draft approved
    VB B015-G070-BY-T02-BY B 015 southern Landshut bypass
    (B 299 to B 15)
    New building with
    two lanes
    6.5 45.8 > 10 medium without starting planning
    total 26.4 344.7
    1. If an endorsement (preliminary draft approved) has been issued, a further route plausibility check can be omitted with regard to the depth of examination (environmental report on BVWP 2030, pages 31ff.).
    2. In February 2012, a preliminary draft of the B 15 with a route from Essenbach A 92 to Geisenhausen B 299 was approved, the cost of which was estimated at € 312.7 million in 2012 by the Southern Bavaria Motorway Directorate.

    For the three projects categorized with VB, the land take is given as follows:

    1. Section from AS Landshut / Essenbach to St 2074 / A 92 near Landshut: 1.6 hectares,
    2. Section from the A 92 to the B 299: 56.1 hectares,
    3. Section from the B 299 to the A 15: 25 hectares.

    Since the main project B015n Landshut (A 92) - Rosenheim (A 8) (B015-G999-BY) could only be evaluated on the basis of a fictitious route in the absence of a concrete route proposal, the sub-projects OU Lengdorf (B015-G060-BY-T04- BY, B015-G061-BY-T04-BY, B015-G062-BY-T04-BY, B015-G070-BY-T06-BY, B015-G071-BY-T06V-BY and B015-G072-BY-T06- BY), OU Taufkirchen (B015-G070-BY-T03-BY, B015-G071-BY-T03V-BY and B015-G072-BY-T03-BY), OU Dorfen (B015-G070-BY-T04-BY, B015-G071-BY-T04V-BY and B015-G072-BY-T04-BY) and OU St. Wolfgang (B015-G070-BY-T05-BY, B015-G071-BY-T05V-BY and B015-G072- BY-T05-BY) were not assessed, were classified as without urgency or were eliminated as a variant.

    Changes from the cabinet draft compared to the first ministerial draft
    category project number Street
    section Expansion target Length
    in km
    in million euros
    Environmental and
    nature conservation
    Planning situation
    WB * B015-G070-BY-T06-BY B 015n Lengdorf bypass New building with 3 lanes 4.8 33.1 7.0 without starting planning

    The publication of the draft bill was followed by a six-week public participation. In the course of the revision, the project B015-G070-BY-T06-BY - Lengdorf bypass was included in the additional requirements with planning rights and assigned to the road construction project B 15 new. Together with the two projects, the eastern and southern Landshut bypass, the Lengdorf bypass has been classified in connection function level (VFS) 1 (regional centers). After the departmental coordination at the end of July 2016, the federal cabinet approved the plan on August 3, 2016.

    Conservation measures

    In 2016, the B 15 in the throughways of Ergoldsbach and Neufahrn in Lower Bavaria was renovated.


    According to the Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG), there was generally no toll for trucks on the B 15 until June 30, 2015. Since July 1, 2015, tolls have applied to two sections of the route:

    • Connection Ergolding industrial area to connection Landshut Äußere Regensburger Straße (total length 4.1 km) and
    • Rosenheim Heilig Blut to the Rosenheim junction (total length 3.3 km).

    Since July 1, 2018, the B 15, like all federal highways, has generally been subject to tolls for trucks over 7.5 tons.

    With the downgrading of sections to the state road, tolls no longer apply on the sections concerned.

    See also

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    Commons : Bundesstrasse 15  - Collection of pictures, videos and audio files

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