Bundesstrasse 266

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Bundesstrasse 266 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 266
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 96 km

State :

Course of the road
Locality Lammersdorf B399
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Eifel National Park
Locality Rollesbroich
Locality shrub
Junction Kesternich-North
Locality Kesternich
Junction Kesternich-South
flow Rur
Locality Einruhr
Locality Morsbach
Locality Herhahn
Locality Gemünd B265
flow Urft
Locality Mechernich - Kommern B477
Junction (111)  Euskirchen- Wißkirchen A1
Locality Euskirchen B51 B56
flow Erft
Locality Rheinbach
Junction (28)  Rheinbach A61
Autobahn beginning replaced by A61 A573
node Bad Neuenahr-West A573 B267
bridge (108 m)  In the Dellmich
tunnel (115 m)  In the Muckental
tunnel (120 m)  Mountain road
Junction Bad Neuenahr-Ost
Junction Heimersheim / Lohrsdorf
node Ehlingen A571 ( B266-new road)
Junction Ehlingen A571
flow Ahr near Lohrsdorf
Locality Lohrsdorf
bridge new Ahr crossing (incl. OU Bad Bodendorf)
Locality Bad Bodendorf
Junction Bad Bodendorf-Ost
Junction Kölner Str. Sinzig
node (Cross) Sinzig B9
Junction Crib
Locality Crib
flow Rhine (ferry connection)
bridge new Rhine bridge
crossing Linz B42

The federal highway 266 (abbreviation: B 266 ) leads from the B 399 in Simmerath - Lammersdorf not far from the Belgian border through the Eifel and via Euskirchen and Rheinbach into the lower Ahr valley near Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and finally to Linz am Rhein .

Between Rheinbach and Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, the B 266 was replaced by the A 61 and A 573 federal motorways . The section between the Remagen district of Kripp and Linz am Rhein is a ferry connection across the Rhine .

Expansion / planning

In the western section, a bypass for Simmerath- Kesternich is currently planned.

A bypass was built in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Heerstraße). It will be continued at the beginning of Heerstraße from the Heimersheim district of the already existing bypass and then integrated into the A 573 at the existing triangle. This results in a connection between the A 571 and A 573. Construction began in March 2009, completion and traffic opening was on October 12, 2018 after several delays.

Furthermore, the further construction from the triangle near Ehlingen, which has already been completed in the earthworks, with a new Ahr crossing as a single-lane connection to the old federal road west of Bad Bodendorf is classified as an urgent requirement of the federal traffic route plan. The extension of this planned Ahr crossing to four lanes, the subsequent four-lane Bad Bodendorf bypass and a new one-lane, southern bypass of Kripp, including the Rhine crossing by means of a bridge, are classified as further requirements (in some cases with planning rights).

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