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Bundesstrasse 289 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 289
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 97 km

State :

Course of the road
node Coburg - SouthB4
Junction (11)  Untersiemau A73
Autobahn beginning replaced by A73
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
node (13)  Lichtenfels A73
Locality Lichtenfels B173
Junction Zettlitz B173
Bypass Burgkunstadt bypass 
Bypass Mainleus bypass 
Bypass Kulmbach bypass  B85
Bypass Untersteinach bypass  B303
Locality Untereinach B303
Junction Ludwigschorgast B303
Locality Marktleugast
Junction (35)  Münchberg-North A9
Locality Münchberg B2
Locality Weissdorf
Bypass Schwarzenbach bypass 
Bypass Rehau bypass 
Junction (6)  Rehau-Süd A93

The German federal highway 289 (abbreviation: B 289 ) leads from Coburg east to Rehau .

The B 289 branches off from the B 4 in an easterly direction south of Coburg near Untersiemau . In the new construction section, it leads with two lanes, on three inclined sections, as the southern motorway junction of Coburg to the Untersiemau junction of the A 73 (Suhl - Coburg - Nuremberg). The total construction costs for this six kilometer long section with the project name Bundesstraße 289n amounted to 26.8 million euros, of which 3.3 million euros were incurred for the purchase of the land. The line was opened to traffic on September 5, 2008. At the Lichtenfels junction, the continuation of the main road to the north begins. It runs to shortly after Hochstadt , where it branches off eastwards to Kulmbach , together with the B 173 .

Until the completion of the A 73, the federal road 289 led through Untersiemau, Obersiemau , Buch am Forst and Lichtenfels to the Lichtenfels-Ost junction of the B 173.

Shortly after Hochstadt, at Zettlitz, the main road turns to the southeast, crosses along the upper mains villages Horb am Main, Neuses am Main and the district Burgkunstädter Weidnitz. As a result, it is used as a bypass of the old town of Burgkunstadt . After crossing the towns of Theisau and Mainroth, it leads into the district of Kulmbach , crosses the towns of Rothwind and Fassoldshof and bypasses the towns of Schwarzach and Mainleus. Up to there, the development status is consistently two-lane.

In the Kulmbach urban area it first touches Neuseidenhof and the Oberaufhof and then becomes the four-lane and crossing-free northern bypass of Kulmbach. At the Kulmbach-West junction, it joins the B 85 coming from the south, but which branches off again to the north at Kulmbach-Mitte. From there, the federal road is still free of intersections, but only has two lanes.

The through-roads of Kauerndorf and Untersteinach have developed into a bottleneck that with around 14,000 vehicles a day has to cope with an above-average traffic load. The building permit for a bypassing of both places has existed since 2009, but this is extremely cost-intensive because of the necessary tunnel and a viaduct. For this reason, the project was divided into two parts, on May 4, 2016 the groundbreaking took place for the 3 km long bypass of Untersteinach. The road is curved south of the village and connected to the B 303 without crossing , and the Schorgast valley and the Bamberg-Hof railway line have to be crossed twice.

At the end of June 2017, the funds were approved in order to bypass Kauerndorf. Here the road is led in a tunnel northwest of the place.

Southeast of Untersteinach the federal road joins the B 303, at Ludwigschorgast the B 289 branches off to the northeast, bypasses Ludwigschorgast and leads through Kupferberg .

Up to Ludwigschorgast, the B 289 is of great importance, because on the one hand, together with the B 303, it represents one of two motorway junctions for Kulmbach and, on the other hand, connects the eastern district to Kulmbach as a political and economic center.

As a result, it is of little importance, as it runs parallel to the A 9 as far as Münchberg . In addition to the Marktleugast thoroughfare , the federal road leads through sparsely populated areas to Münchberg. Shortly before Münchberg there is an obstacle in the form of a train bridge that only allows less than 4 meters of clearance. However, this obstacle would be bypassed in the planned southern bypass of Münchberg.

The federal road currently meets the B 2 in Münchberg city center , with which it runs a few meters together. The B 289 is also connected to the A 9 motorway via state road 2194. After passing through Weißdorf and Seulbitz, it bypasses Schwarzenbach an der Saale in the north. A few kilometers to the east is the end point of the federal road. After the southern urban area of Rehau , it ends at the Rehau-Süd junction of the A 93 . There it also meets the B 15 coming from the south .


  • Shortly after Kupferberg (in the direction of Kulmbach), the main road leads through the Schicker quarry.

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