Bundesstrasse 3

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Bundesstrasse 3 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 3
 European Road 531 number DE.svg
Course of the B 3
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Buxtehude
( 53 ° 27 ′  N , 9 ° 45 ′  E )
End of street: Weil am Rhein
( 47 ° 35 ′  N , 7 ° 36 ′  E )
Overall length: 755 km

State :

Babenhäuser Landstrasse in Frankfurt.jpg
Bundesstrasse 3 in Frankfurt (Babenhäuser Landstrasse)
Course of the road
State of Lower Saxony
District of Stade
Start of expressway Project B3nwith connectionA26
Locality Buxtehude - Ovelgönne B73
Harburg district
Locality New Wulmstorf - Elstorf
Locality New Wulmstorf-Rade
Locality New Wulmstorf-Mienenbüttel
Junction (44)  Wheel A1 E22
Locality Buchholz in the north heath B75
Locality Buchholz– Sprötze
Locality Handeloh OT Höckel
Locality wave
Heidekreis district
Locality Winter moor on the Chaussee
Locality Schneverdingen
Locality Schneverdingen OT Heber (as B3n)
Junction (43a)  Schneverdingen E 43aA7 
Autobahn beginning replaced by A7
Junction (45)  Soltau SouthA7 E45
Motorway junction Wietzendorf
District of Celle
Locality Bergen- Ward Bohemia
Locality Bergen- Bleckmar
Locality Bergen (center)
Locality Bergen open
Locality Winsen OT Wolthausen
Locality beginning Entrance to  Celle
Locality Celle OT Groß Hehlen
Bypass Celle bypass as B3n
crossing Georg-Wilhelm-Strasse, Celle B191
flow All
Locality Celle center
Village end End of the town of Celle
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Bypass Celle bypass as B3n
Motorway junction Celle- Altencelle B214
Motorway junction Celle- Westercelle
Motorway junction Nienhagen
Hanover region
Truck toll Start of the truck toll
Junction Symbol: Down Nienhagen-Nienhorst
crossing Burgdorf- Ehlershausen
Junction Burgdorf- Otze
Junction Burgdorf- Schillerslage B443
node Burgdorf B188
Junction (2)  Leg horn
Expressway end Autobahn beginning Transition in A37
Autobahn beginning replaced by A37
Junction (5)  Misburg A37
Autobahn end Start of expressway Transition off A37
Street as a trade fair expressway
flow Mittelland Canal (bridge 110 m)
Junction Hannover pasture gate
Junction Hanover horse tower / center
Junction Hanover- Bult
node Seelhorster Cross B6 B65
Street as a south expressway
Junction Hanover- Döhren / city center
flow rope
Expressway end End of the highway
Roundabout Hanover-Ricklingen Landwehr roundabout B6 B65
Truck toll End of the truck toll
Locality Hemmingen- Westerfeld
Locality Hemmingen- Arnum
Bypass Pattensen bypass  B443
Locality Pattensen -Thiedenwiese
Hildesheim district
Motorway junction Adensen
Locality Wülfingen
Bypass Elze bypass  B1
Motorway junction Gronau (Leine) B240
Locality Stretching
Locality Godenau
Locality Alfeld-Limmer
Junction Alfeld (Leine) (center)
Holzminden district
Locality Delligsen
Locality Varrigsen
Locality Wet nurses
Northeim district
Railroad Crossing Altenbeken – Kreiensen railway line
crossing west of Brunsen B64
Bypass Einbeck bypass 
flow rope
Locality Salzder heroes
Locality Hohnstedt
Junction (69)  Northeim-North A7 E45
Locality Northeim B241 toB248
Bypass Nörten-Hardenberg bypass
Motorway junction Norten-Hardenberg B446
District of Göttingen
Motorway junction Bovenden North
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Truck toll Start of the truck toll
Junction Bovenden -South
Junction Göttingen-Rinschenrott B27forA7 E45
Truck toll End of the truck toll
Junction Göttingen freight center
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality beginning Beginning of the town  Göttingen
crossing Bürgerstrasse B27
Junction (73)  Goettingen A7 E45
Locality Goettingen- Groß Ellershausen
Village end End of town Göttingen
Locality Dransfeld
Locality Scheden -Niederscheden
Locality beginning Beginning of town  Hann. Münden
Locality Volkmarshausen B80
flow Weser
crossing center B80 B496
Village end End of town Hann. Münden
State of Hesse
District of Kassel
Locality Fulda Valley - Wilhelmshausen
Locality Fuldatal- Wahnhausen
Bypass Fuldatal- Ihringshausen bypass
Independent city of Kassel
Locality beginning Entrance to  Kassel
crossing Kurt-Wolters-Strasse toB7 B83B251
Truck toll Start of the truck toll
Village end End of town Kassel
Junction (5)  Kassel Auestadion A49
Autobahn beginning replaced by A49
Schwalm-Eder district
Junction (16)  Borken (Hesse) A49
Locality Borken OT Kerstenhausen
Locality Bad Zwesten B485
Locality Jesberg
Bypass Gilserberg OT Sebbeterode bypass
Locality Gilserberg
Locality Gilserberg OT Lischeid
Marburg-Biedenkopf district
Locality Rauschenberg OT Josbach
flow Wohra
Bypass Rauschenberg OT Albshausen bypass
Locality Rauschenberg OT Nice view
Bypass Cölbe OT Schwarzenborn bypass 
Locality Cölbe OT Schönstadt
Junction Bürgeln B62
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
node Triangle Cölbe B62
Truck toll Start of the truck toll
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right parking spot
Junction Cölbe / Wehrda
Junction Marburg -Nord / Messe
Junction Marburg main station
bridge (800 m)  Elevated road
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist University town of Marburg
Junction Marburg -Mitte
Gas station Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Marburg-Mitte gas station
Junction Marburg SouthB255
flow Lahn
Junction Niederweimar
flow Lahn (Lahn bridge 300 m)
Junction Wolfshausen / Roth
Junction Fronhausen / Ebsdorfer Grund
District of Giessen
bridge (250 m)  Tiefenbach viaduct
Junction Staufenberg -North
Junction Staufenberg-South / Lollar
flow Lumda (valley bridge 400 m)
node (4/1)  Giessener Nordkreuz A480 A485 E40
Expressway end Autobahn beginning Transition in A485
Autobahn beginning replaced by A485
Junction (10)  Langgöns A485
Autobahn end Start of expressway Transition off A485
Motorway junction Kirch-Göns -Nord
Motorway junction Pohl-Göns -Nord
Motorway junction Pohl-Göns-Süd (no driveway to the north)
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Butzbach
Junction (13)  Bad Nauheim A5 E451
Bypass Bad Nauheim bypass  B275
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Bypass Friedberg bypass  (Hessen) B275 B455
Bypass Nieder- and Ober- Wöllstadt bypass B45
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Karben OT Okarben
Locality Karben OT Kloppenheim
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Motorway junction Bad Vilbel OT Dortelweil
Junction Bad Vilbel / Nieder-Erlenbach
Junction Bad Vilbel
Independent city of Frankfurt am Main
node (8th)  Preungesheim triangle A661
Expressway end Autobahn beginning Transition in A661
Autobahn beginning replaced by A661
Junction (9)  Frankfurt-Friedberger Landstrasse A661 B521
Locality beginning Beginning of  Frankfurt am Main
Locality Northrend-East B8
crossing Wittelsbacherallee B8
flow Main ( Ignatz Bubis Bridge 184 m / Flößer Bridge 221 m)
Locality Darmstädter Landstrasse ( Sachsenhausen-Süd )B43
Village end End of Frankfurt am Main
District-free city of Offenbach am Main
node (52/17)  Offenbach Cross
A3 A661 E42 B459
Autobahn beginning replaced by A661
Offenbach district
Junction (21)  Egelsbach (center)A661
Locality Egelsbach OT Bayerseich
Independent city of Darmstadt
Locality Darmstadt-Wixhausen
Bypass Darmstadt-Arheilgen bypass 
Locality beginning Beginning of  Darmstadt
Locality Darmstadt-North B42
Locality Darmstadt center B26
Locality Darmstadt Bessungen
Bypass Darmstadt-Eberstadt bypass 
Junction (27)  Pfungstadt A5 E35 B426
Village end End of Darmstadt B426
Darmstadt-Dieburg district
Locality Bickenbach
Bergstrasse district
Locality Zwingenberg
Locality Bensheim B47
Locality Heppenheim (Bergstrasse) B460
Rhein-Neckar district
Locality Laudenbach
Locality Hemsbach
Locality Weinheim- Sulzbach
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Weinheim
Bypass Center bypass B38
Motorway junction Lützelsachsen
Village end End of the village Weinheim
Locality Hirschberg OT Greater Saxony
Locality Hirschberg OT Leutershausen
Locality Schriesheim
Locality Dossenheim
City district of Heidelberg
Locality beginning Entrance to Heidelberg
Locality Glove home
Locality Neuenheim
flow Neckar ( Theodor Heuss Bridge 200 m)
Locality Old town / Bergheim B37
Locality West town
Locality Südstadt
Locality Rohrbach B535
Village end End of Heidelberg
Rhein-Neckar district
Junction Glue -North
Junction Glue Northwest B535
Junction Glue center
Junction Leimen-Sankt Ilgen
Junction Nut hole
Junction Symbol: Up Wiesloch- North
Junction Wiesloch-West
node Wiesloch- Walldorf to B39and as wellA5 E52A6 E50
bridge under A6 E50
Junction St. Leon-Rot
Junction Wiesloch- Frauenweiler
Junction Rauenberg OT Malschenberg to B39andA6 E50
Junction Malsch
District of Karlsruhe
Locality Bad Schönborn OT Mingolsheim
Locality Bad Schönborn (center)B292
Locality Bad Schönborn-Langenbrücken
Locality Ubstadt-Weiher OT Stettfeld
Locality Ubstadt pond
Locality Bruchsal B35
Locality Bruchsal OT Untergrombach
Locality Weingarten (Baden)
City district of Karlsruhe
Bypass Karlsruhe OT Grötzingen bypass
node Durlach-Nord B10toA5
Locality Durlach
Bypass Wolfartsweier bypass 
bridge under A8 E52
District of Karlsruhe
Junction (47)  Ettlingen A5 E52
Bypass Ettlingen bypass 
Truck toll Start of the truck toll
Junction (48)  Karlsruhe-South A5 E52
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Runder Plom industrial park
Junction Ettlingen-West
Expressway end End of the highway
Truck toll End of the truck toll
Junction Bruchhausen
Locality Malsch -Neumalsch
Rastatt district
crossing Bietigheim
Bypass Bypass new building as
B3ndirection Baden-Baden
crossing at Rastatt B462
Locality Rastatt B36
City district Baden-Baden
Junction (50)  Rastatt-South A5 E52
Junction Baden-Baden OT Haueneberstein
Junction Baden-Baden- Sandweier
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
node Baden-Baden- Oos B500
Expressway end End of the highway
Rastatt district
Locality Sinzheim
Baden-Baden district
Locality Baden-Baden OT Mührich
Locality Baden-Baden OT Steinbach
Rastatt district
Locality Buhl
crossing Hatzenweier
crossing Ottersweier
Ortenau district
Junction Sasbach
Junction Achern
Bypass Bypass new building as
B3ndirection Rastatt
Locality Achern OT Fautenbach
Locality Achern OT Önsbach
Locality Renchen
crossing Appenweier OT Urloffen
Railroad Crossing Renchtalbahn
Locality Appenweier B28
Locality beginning Beginning of  Offenburg
crossing Englerstrasse B33
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
flow Tiny
Junction Motorway feeder B33a E531
Motorway junction Südring
Motorway junction B33a E531
Expressway end End of the highway
Village end End of Offenburg
Bypass Hohberg OT Hofweier bypass 
Locality Hohberg OT Niederschopfheim
Locality Friesenheim
Locality Lahr / Black Forest B36 B415
Motorway junction Lahr- Mietersheim
Locality Kippenheim
Locality Mahlberg
Locality Ettenheim -Altdorf
Junction Kappel-Grafenhausen
Locality Ringsheim
District of Emmendingen
Locality Herbolzheim
Locality Kenzingen
flow Elz
Locality Teningen- Kondringen
flow Elz
Locality Emmendingen (center)
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction March / Reute
Junction Denzlingen- North
Junction Symbol: Down Denzlingen-South B294
District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald
Junction Gundelfingen B294
Junction Symbol: rightSymbol: right Gundelfingen-South
City district of Freiburg im Breisgau
Junction Symbol: leftSymbol: left Freiburg-Lembergallee
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality beginning Beginning of  Freiburg
Locality Herdern
Locality Downtown B31 B31a
Village end End of Freiburg
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Freiburg-Basler Landstrasse
Junction Freiburg-Besanconallee
Junction Freiburg-Tiengener Strasse B31
District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald
Junction Leutersberg
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Schallstadt
Locality Ehrenkirchen -Norsingen
Bypass Bad Krozingen bypass 
Locality Staufen im Breisgau
Locality Heitersheim
Locality Buggingen OT Seefelden
Locality Buggingen
Locality Müllheim OT Hügelheim
Locality Muellheim B378
Locality Eyes
District of Loerrach
Locality Schliengen
Locality Kaltenherberg
Locality Efringen churches OT Welmlingen
Motorway junction Schallbach - Egringen
Junction (2)  Eimeldingen A98 E54
Locality Because on the Rhine OT Haltingen B532
Locality Because on the Rhine B317
Border crossing Weil-Otterbach border crossing
Switzerland Continue  towards BaselH3 H7
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The federal highway 3 (abbreviation: B 3 ) begins in the Buxtehude district of Ovelgönne , leads via Celle , Hanover , Göttingen , Kassel , Marburg , Gießen , Frankfurt am Main , Darmstadt , Heidelberg , Karlsruhe , Ettlingen , Baden-Baden , Offenburg and Freiburg into the Southwest of the Federal Republic and ends at Weil -Otterbach on the federal border with Switzerland , where it continues as main road 3 or 7 to Basel.

    Due to the new construction of bypass roads , it is sometimes called Bundesstraße 3n . In Hesse, the bypasses and new buildings are called Bundesstrasse 3a . In the section from Darmstadt to Wiesloch it bears the (additional) name Ferienstrasse Bergstrasse .



    Bundesstraße 3 runs along the route of very old trade and transport routes , some of which were important even before the Middle Ages : A Roman road , partly along the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes , connected from Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (CCAA, Cologne ), including Mogontiacum ( Mainz ) with Basilia ( Basel , CH).

    The " Geleitstrasse " between Frankfurt am Main and Heidelberg belonged to the Archdiocese of Mainz until 1461 , then from 1461 to 1651 to the Electoral Palatinate . In 1661, the Archdiocese of Mainz and the Landgraviate of Hessen-Darmstadt agreed on the distribution of the revenue from road tolls : The Archdiocese of Mainz organized the convoys on the Frankfurt am Main – Heppenheim section during the Frankfurt Fair , the Landgraviate of Hessen-Darmstadt organized the Convoys at other times.

    Expansion to Chaussee in the 18th century

    Due to its importance, the Bergstrasse north and south of Heidelberg was expanded into a permanent road ( Chaussee ) as early as 1759 . Since the compulsory labor of the surrounding communities did not bring the quality required for road construction, road construction workers from the Allgäu were recruited from 1763 . From 1771, the sections in Breisgau were also expanded to become an art route.

    In northern Germany, too, the Leinetalstrasse between Hanover and Göttingen was expanded into a Chaussee from 1768 onwards. After Hamelner Chaussee (today B 217 ), this street is the oldest art street in Northern Germany. A decade later (1777), the section between Göttingen and Kassel was also expanded into a road.

    This was followed by the Hanover-Celle section, which was to be passed through the middle of the Große or Müggenburger Moor. In detail, the following picture emerges: In order to guide the increased movement of goods and people from south to north on safe paths, the government in Hanover gave the planning order for a new route and a paved road from Hanover to Celle in 1776. At that time, the freight transporters, postmen and travelers still had to be content with a poorly developed post road that led via Ramlingen, Engensen and Bothfeld to Hanover.

    In 1779 construction began on the Heerstrasse leading from Hanover via Altwarmbüchen, Kirchhorst and Schillerslage to Celle. The residents of all villages that were up to three miles away from her had to do manual and tensioning services free of charge. Up to the point one could fall back on the already existing route of the army and post road Hanover-Burgdorf-Peine-Braunschweig.

    In the years 1779 to 1783, Burgdorf had four two-in-hand carriages for the cocking and ten men for the manual service. All 17 employees from Ramlingen were involved in road construction; they performed a total of 443 tensioning and 371 manual services in a nine-hour working day. At the end of 1781 the road to Altwarmbüchen was completed, so that as early as 1782 the postal traffic could be routed via this "new postal route". In 1783 the completion of the route from the Hanoverian Posthof to the Lister Tower was reported. In a lease of May 19, 1784, the completion of the entire road is finally mentioned.

    Wilhelm von Hassell speaks of initial difficulties in the further construction: “So it happened that not even the highway from Hanover to Celle, the beginning of which is still denoted by the 'old Celler Heerstraße', could be completed and that it could be continued in three directions : to Braunschweig, to Lüneburg and to Harburg hardly got beyond the first beginnings. "

    Section of what was then Reichsstrasse 3 at the Bergen military training area

    In the course of the construction of the Bergen military training area, the part of the road that ran across the training area had to be relocated. Between Wardböhmen and the junction Soltau-Süd of the A 7 a new route was built in 1936/37 parallel outside the square. The military uses the old route today for training purposes.

    In the 1950s, federal highway 3 in the section between Dibbersen and Nörten-Hardenberg was considered one of the most dangerous and accident-prone highways in what was then Germany. Not only the steadily increasing traffic on this route contributed to this, but also the lack of any bypasses and especially the very inadequate road conditions.


    On May 7, 2010, a true-to-original replica of a historical milestone was inaugurated on the traffic island in front of the Ehlershausen train station.

    Previous routes and names

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    Reichsstrasse 3 in the German Empire
    Basic data
    Operator: Nazi stateNazi state German Empire

    Reichsgaue :

    Today's federal highway 3 crosses numerous formerly independent countries in which the street names were very different.

    In the Electorate of Hesse , the street north of Kassel, which was classified as first-class main street in 1831, was called Göttinger Strasse and south of Kassel to the border with the Grand Duchy of Hesse near Fronhausen was called Frankfurter Strasse .

    The road from Frankfurt am Main to Basel was designated as Grand Ducal Badische Staatsstrasse No. 1 in 1901 , but in 1907 as Landstrasse No. 1 Frankfurt – Basel .

    With the original numbering in 1932, the then Fernverkehrsstraße 3 (FVS 3), renamed Reichsstraße 3 (R 3) in 1934, went beyond the current route via Hamburg to Lübeck . This northernmost section of the route became part of the extended Reichsstraße 75 in 1937 .


    In the north, the B 3 is mostly straight. Between Celle and Schillerslage (northeast of Hanover) it is built like a motorway. Here it connects with the A 37 and turns into the Messeschnellweg at the Hannover-Buchholz motorway junction . At the Seelhorster Kreuz , it branches off to the right and connects to the B 6 and the B 65 on the Südschnellweg to the Landwehrkreisel in Oberricklingen . There it branches off to the left in a southerly direction. South of Hanover, it becomes narrower and more curvy, but most of the places up to Göttingen have bypasses.

    The B 3 is very curvy from Göttingen to Kassel . The course is very scenic, especially along the Fulda between Hann. Münden and Kassel.

    The B 3 as the "yellow motorway" in Marburg (Lahn)

    It is also winding between Borken and Marburg. This route is also used by many trucks, for which the B 3 is a shortcut between Kassel and Gießen or Frankfurt am Main, which has become a heavy burden for the residents of the towns on the B 3. In October 2006, a driving ban for trucks over twelve tons was enforced. At the same time, up until 2007, no expansion was carried out according to the generally accepted standard. A new route was not in the planning approval in 2008 either. The driving ban was in effect on the B 3 from the Borken junction of the A 49 to the intersection with the federal road 62 near Cölbe . With a ruling by the Administrative Court of Kassel in November 2009, this truck driving ban was lifted again. In April 2010, a nocturnal driving ban for trucks over 3.5 tons was ordered on the same route, initially for a limited period. In the following winter, this ban was extended indefinitely and night speed restrictions to 30 km / h in the vicinity of the B 3 were imposed.

    From the 1970s to the end of the 1990s, the section from there via Marburg to the connection to the A 485 near Gießen was expanded in sections as a four-lane motorway-like road . In the urban area of ​​Marburg, the line runs in the area of ​​the train station over a length of about 800 m elevated as an elevated road . Due to disputes about environmental sustainability, there were repeated interruptions in the expansion and a two-lane expansion gap of 4.6 km near Weimar (Lahn) between the districts of Niederweimar and Roth , which was closed on May 11, 2011.

    In parts, the B 3 will be relocated south of Karlsruhe (see section Bundesstraße 3n). Since July 20, 2009, the B 3 has bypassed Bad Krozingen on a new bypass road to the south-east around the health resort.


    Replacements in the past

    From the B 3 from the north near Schneverdingen, the B 3n leads to the Schneverdingen junction of the federal motorway 7, which connects the B 3 to the south via its Soltau-Süd junction.

    In the Hanover region , the federal highway 3 has been partially replaced by the federal highway 37 , between the Burgdorf -Beinhorn and Hanover-Misburg junctions .

    From Kassel to shortly after Borken it was replaced for about 40 km by the federal motorway 49 , which was built between Kassel and Gudensberg on the old route of the federal highway 3 and between Gudensberg and Borken largely parallel to it.

    In the area of ​​the city of Giessen , the federal highway 3 was expanded to the federal highway 485 .

    Between Egelsbach and the Offenbacher Kreuz and, since 1995, in the Frankfurt am Main urban area between Friedberger Landstrasse and the Preungesheimer Dreieck, federal highway 3 runs over federal highway 661 . The last-mentioned section was designated as federal highway 3a between 1995 and 2001.

    Bundesstrasse 3n

    Template: Infobox high-ranking street / Maintenance / DE-B
    Bundesstrasse 3n in Germany
    Bundesstrasse 3
    Basic data
    Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
    Overall length: approx. 5 + 7.5 + 45 + 30 km

    State :

    Development condition: partially executed
    Course of the road
    State of Lower Saxony
    Harburg district
    Locality New Wulmstorf - Rübke
    Junction (8th)  New Wulmstorf / Rübke A26
    Bypass Neu Wulmstorf bypass  B73
    District of Stade
    Junction Ketzendorf B3
    Harburg district
    Bypass Elstorf bypass 
    Junction Bachheide B3
    Heidekreis district
    Bypass Heber bypass  B3
    Junction (43a)  Schneverdingen A7
    Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Groß Hehlen - Celle - Adelheidsdorf bypass
    Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
    Junction Celle-Gross Hehlen B3
    Junction Celle- Klein Hehlen L 180
    Junction Celle- Hehlentor B3
    Junction Celle- Altenhagen B191
    Junction Celle- Lachtehausen
    Junction Celle- Altencelle B214
    Junction Celle- Westercelle B3
    Junction Adelheidsdorf / Nienhagen
    Junction Nienhagen- Nienhorst B3
    State of Baden-Württemberg
    Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Route Rastatt - Baden-Baden - Buhl - Achern
    Junction (50)  Rastatt SouthA5 E52
    Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Kuppenheim bypass
    Junction Bischweier / Kuppenheim -NorthB462
    Junction Kuppenheim -West
    Junction Baden-Baden -Haueneberstein
    Junction Baden-Baden -Sandweier
    Junction Baden-Baden- OosB3 B500
    Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Dedicated as Landesstraße 80, gap closure planned
    Junction Mapping
    Junction Sinzheim
    Junction Sinzheim-Müllhofen
    Junction Baden-Baden-Steinbach B3
    Junction Buhl
    Junction Sasbach
    Junction Achern (center)
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • Road sections are officially designated as federal road 3n , which replace the old B 3 as bypass roads . However, they are usually signposted as the B 3.

    Lower Saxony

    Currently (2016) four road sections in Lower Saxony are designated as B 3n:

    • In Neu Wulmstorf , one construction phase is under traffic and two are being planned.
    • To the east of Schneverdingen , the new B 3 is completely under traffic.
    • At Celle , the two southernmost construction sections are under traffic, for the other three there is still no construction permit.
    • In Hemmingen it is under construction.
    Neu Wulmstorf bypass

    The Neu Wulmstorf bypass was opened to traffic on July 11, 2011 as the first construction phase to relocate the B 3 and connect it to the A 26 , which is currently under construction. It runs under the designation B 3neu as a feeder to the future motorway junction Neu Wulmstorf from the L 235 south of Rübke over the Hamburg-Cuxhaven railway line to the B 73 between Buxtehude-Ovelgönne and Neu Wulmstorf where the B3n is now about 3 km east of the previous start of the B 3 ends.

    Ketzendorf and Elstorf bypasses

    The merger with the route of the B 3 near Elstorf is in planning. For this purpose, the B 3 should serve as a connecting axis between A 1 and A 26 and should be completed by 2028. In the approval process for the second 2.8 km long construction section, a preferred variant for the route should be worked out by spring 2016, on the basis of which the zoning plans should be changed. However, it turned out that it is not possible to determine the eastern or western bypass of the closed Ketzendorf II municipal waste disposal site without making preliminary decisions for the third construction phase. Therefore, both sections must be planned together.

    This third construction phase, a continuation as the western Elstorf bypass and reconnection to the B 3 at the level of the K 31 / K 52 (Rosengartenstrasse), was classified in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003 as a further requirement without planning rights. The Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 from August 2016 now categorizes the third construction phase as an urgent need . The preliminary planning has been taking place since 2018 (application conference on August 16, 2018, planning workshop with citizens' delegates on March 22, 2019). On December 11, 2019, the preferred variant was presented as a "2 + 1 cross-section" west of Elstorf with the underpass of the B 73 and overpass of the previous B 3 near Ardestorf. Further planning envisages initiating the planning approval procedure in 2024 and carrying out construction from 2026 to 2028.

    East of Schneverdingen

    From October 21, 2013 to August 2014, the construction work for the new bypass at Heber and the new "Schneverdingen" motorway exit on the A 7 were carried out. At Heber, a 900 m new line and two 4-armed roundabouts were built in Heber and at the motorway exit. 4000 m of the former K 35 and 2600 m of the former L 170 were rededicated to the new B 3. The section of the former L 170 was upgraded to around 700 m. These new connections were created to relieve the cities of Heber, Bispingen and Soltau as well as the Soltau-Ost motorway exit and to better connect the entire heath region to the A 7.

    Celle bypass

    The third construction project is the bypass east and north of Celle , with a length of 23.9 km. As a result, through traffic is diverted to Celle, there are no traffic lights in the city center and the constant traffic jams in rush hour traffic are prevented. The construction work began at the beginning of 2007 and is divided into five construction phases (1–5, from south to north).

    The first construction phase "south of Celle to north of Ehlershausen " with the Adelheidsdorf bypass , the connection to Nienhagen and Celle- Westercelle (length 7.4 km) was completed in June 2009.

    The second section is the "southern part of Celle local bypass Celle" with a length of 3.2 km. It begins in the district of Westercelle, on the old B 3, crosses the Fuhse and meets the federal road 214 east of Celle in the district of Altencelle . This section was completed and opened on June 20, 2013.

    Construction phase three is the "middle section of Celle OU Celle" (5.2 km). This runs between Celle and Celle- Altencelle , crosses the Aller north of Altencelle , passes Celle- Lachtehausen to the northeast of Celle and Celle- Altenhagen to the west and ends here at the B 191 . On October 2, 2012, the Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court of Lüneburg decided, in response to a complaint by the BUND, in its judgment with suspensive effect that this construction section with the Aller crossing may not be started for the time being. After examining the plan approval documents, there were doubts as to whether the provisions of European nature conservation law for the protection of animals, plants and habitats have been adequately taken into account. After the settlement in the lawsuit between the Lower Saxony state authority for road construction and the BUND, the building permit was granted. On November 16, 2019, further construction of the middle section began.

    Section four with a length of 2.4 km is the "northern part of OU Celle". It begins on the B 191 and ends on the B 3 between Celle and Celle- Groß Hehlen . The plan approval procedure was initiated on October 26, 2016. [obsolete] On January 16, 2019, a discussion meeting took place.

    The fifth and last part "local bypass Groß Hehlen" with a length of about 5.5 km, runs between Celle- Klein Hehlen and Celle-Groß Hehlen, then leads west past Groß Hehlen and meets the B 3 to the north of the place In autumn 2016, a plan approval decision was not expected before 2018 [out of date] .


    The western bypass of Hemmingen in Lower Saxony, immediately south of Hanover, has been in preparation since the 1960s. Since a ruling by the Federal Administrative Court on June 9, 2010, building rights have existed for this section of the route. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development released the required 50 million euros in July 2014. The official start of construction of the 7.5 km long bypass was in December 2014, and it should be completed in September 2019. After delays, the route is planned to be released this year (2020).


    Federal road on the Bergstrasse between Heppenheim (Hesse) and Laudenbach (Baden-Württemberg). The main road is also marketed as a tourist route here due to its scenic location on the western slope of the Odenwald.

    In some sections, the B 3 will be relocated between Rastatt and Achern and largely bundled with the upgraded and new Karlsruhe – Basel line .

    Completed sections are, for example, between Rastatt and Baden-Baden-Oos (including junction A 5 Rastatt-Süd), between Sinzheim- Kartung and the Sinzheim train station and between Steinbach via Bühl to Achern . The Sinzheim section is dedicated as Landesstraße 80 until the completion of the gap closure, which is planned and partly under construction until November 2017.

    Although the "new" B 3 between Rastatt-Münchfeld and Haueneberstein has already been completed, a new Kuppenheim bypass is planned in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan for 2030 as a "further requirement". This is to branch direction Kuppenheim, parallel to the A 5 to Förch over and along the already before the connection point Rastatt-south Daimler - press plant to the 462 B connect -Anschlussstelle Bischweier.

    Further expansion


    Expansion from 2006 to 2011

    In spring 2007, the four-lane expansion of the last two-lane section of 4.6 km between the Weimar districts of Niederweimar and Roth began between Marburg and Gießen . In November 2009 a section of the new carriageway in the direction of Giessen was completed. According to the original plans, the B 3 should be passable in four lanes from Marburg to Gießen from December 2010, which could not be realized due to the early onset of winter. The new line was approved on May 11, 2011.

    After the western relocation between Frankfurt am Main, Bad Vilbel and Karben , the construction work will now be continued as far as Friedberg. There, the B 3 connects as a bypass to the Bad Nauheim bypass, which has also been around for a while. Like the section from Frankfurt am Main to Karben, it is initially referred to as B 3a. Construction began at Friedberg in 2006, at the beginning of 2009 several bridges had already been built and the roadway was concreted, in summer 2009 the Friedberg bypass was completed.

    Expansion from 2012 to 2017

    The Wöllstadt bypass to the south of the Friedberg bypass has been under construction since November 13, 2012. In 2016, the opening of traffic was postponed to summer 2017. This took place on August 14, 2017, and construction will continue until spring 2018 [obsolete] . In addition to connections to the new road, a cycle path will also be set up on the old B 3 between Friedberg and Ober-Wöllstadt.

    Further planning projects

    From the end of the expansion near Karben to Wöllstadt, the plans in 2016 were still open. Here, the B 3 already runs predominantly on the edge of the settlement area, only the Okarben district is cut through in the settlement area. At Karben, the upgraded route is to remain largely on the existing route in accordance with the preferred variant reported by the Gelnhausen Office for Road Construction and Transport at the latest in 2008 and only to be relocated to the edge of a residential area of ​​Okarben, which is on the slope (Straßberg). As an alternative, a partial enclosure on the existing route was reported. Citizens' initiatives try to influence the planning. A more distant route is required on the one hand, and a route in the route corridor of the existing federal road on the other (as of 2016).

    Truck toll

    Since August 1, 2012, a truck toll has been levied on the Cölbe - Gießener Nordkreuz section (A480). Also on the Bad Vilbel - Preungesheimer Dreieck route and on two sections between Ehlershausen and Hanover.

    Since October 1, 2015, the truck toll has also been in effect between Karlsruhe-Süd (A 5) and Ettlingen-West.

    The truck toll has been due on all German federal highways since July 2018.

    See also


    • “The construction of the Chaussee and Heerstraße”, in: Heinrich Heinecke; Günter Witzel; Matthias Blazek (arrangement): Schillerslage - Chronicle of a Lüneburg village . Burgdorf 2005.
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    • Wolfgang Groeger-Meier: Call of the South - On the way on the federal highway 3 | About people and home, wanderlust and engines , Corso-Verlag 2019, ISBN 978-3737407519 .

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