Bundesstrasse 279

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Bundesstrasse 279 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 279
Course of the B 279
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Oak cell
End of street: Breitengüßbach
Overall length: approx. 125 km

State :

Course of the road
District of Fulda
node (53)  Fulda south A66B27
Expressway end
Locality Rothemann
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Döllbach
Confluence L 2790
Village end End of town Döllbach
Junction Gersfeld / Döllbach A7
bridge Thalaubach Valley Bridge
Bypass Thalau bypass 
crossing L 3258
Bypass Schmalnau bypass 
bridge Railway line Fulda-Bronnzell-Gersfeld
flow Fulda
Confluence L 3458
Bypass Hettenhausen bypass 
Locality Altenfeld
Confluence L 3330
Locality beginning Entrance to  Gersfeld
flow Fulda
Confluence B284
Village end End of Gersfeld
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Schwedenschanze - national border and highest point ( 715  m above sea level )
District of Rhön-Grabfeld
Confluence St 2289
Bypass Oberweißbrunn bypass 
flow Brend
Confluence Frankenheim
The start of the expressway
Bypass Bischofsheim an der Rhön bypass 
Confluence Bischofsheim on the Rhön-West B278
Confluence Bischofsheim in the middle of the Rhön; Hochrhönstrasse St 2288
Confluence Bischofsheim an der Rhön-Ost St 2289
Expressway end
Confluence Unterweissenbrunn
Bypass Wegfurt bypass 
Bypass Schönau an der Brend bypass 
Bypass Bad Neustadt bypass  adS
Confluence Brendlorenzen
Confluence Bad Neustadt adS-Nord St 2292
Confluence Bad Neustadt adS St 2445
Confluence St 2445
flow Franconian Saale
Junction Rödelmaier
Junction (25)  Bad Neustadt adS A71
Confluence ex B279
Bypass Wülfershausen an der Saale bypass 
Confluence St 2429
Locality beginning Entrance  hall to the Saale
Confluence St 2280
flow Franconian Saale
Village end End of the hall on the Saale
Confluence St 2280
Bypass Großeibstadt bypass 
Confluence St 2282
flow Franconian Saale
Locality beginning Beginning of  Bad Königshofen in Grabfeld
Confluence St 2282
Village end End of Bad Königshofen in Grabfeld
Confluence St 2275
Locality Untereßfeld
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Obereßfeld
Confluence St 2283
Village end End of town  Obereßfeld
Bypass Sulzdorf an der Lederhecke bypass 
Haßberge district
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Ermershausen
Confluence St 2284
Village end End of the village  Ermershausen
Locality beginning Start of the village  Maroldsweisach
Confluence St 2284
Village end End of Maroldsweisach
Locality Voccawind
Locality Todtenweisach
Confluence B303
Locality Pfaffendorf
Locality Junkersdorf adWeisach
Locality Pfarrweisach
Bypass Fischbach bypass 
flow Baunach
Bypass Eyrichshof bypass 
Bypass Ebern bypass 
Confluence St 2278
Locality beginning Entrance to  Rentweinsdorf
Confluence St 2274
Village end End of the village  Rentweinsdorf
Bypass Sendelbach bypass 
Bamberg district
Bypass Laimbach bypass 
Locality Reckendorf
Locality New to the bar
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Baunach
Confluence St 2277
Village end End of  Baunach
flow Baunach
flow Main
Junction (19)  Breitengüßbach- MitteA73
Locality beginning Beginning of the village of Breitengüßbach
crossing B4
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • Mileage stone near Maroldsweisach , late 19th century

    The federal road 279 (abbreviation: B 279 ) leads from the Fulda- Süd junction on the A 66 via Gersfeld , Bischofsheim an der Rhön , first to Bad Neustadt , where it crosses the A 71 shortly afterwards . It then continues via Bad Königshofen im Grabfeld , Ebern and Baunach to Breitengüßbach near Bamberg , where it meets and ends on the A 73 and shortly thereafter on the B 4 . The main road crosses the Rhön and the Haßberge .

    It also crosses the watershed between the Weser and the Rhine at the state border between Hesse and Bavaria . The pass height (Schwedenschanze) is 715  m above sea level. NN also the highest point of the route.



    Until the secularization in 1803, northern Lower Franconia belonged to the Würzburg Monastery , whose road network was oriented towards the residential city of Würzburg. When the Kingdom of Bavaria took over the Würzburg territory, today's federal highways 8 , 19 , 22 and 27 were already built as highways , but the remaining routes were impassable. That is why the Bavarian state government announced the construction of new roads in the Schweinfurt area in 1823, including today's B 279. Due to the tight budget situation in the kingdom, the road from Baunach via Trappstadt to Meiningen on the Bavarian side could not be completed until 1839. A year later (1840) the Thuringian connection line via Römhild to Meiningen was also completed. The western section from Neustadt via Bischofsheim to Tann was built as early as 1834.

    Previous routes and names

    Reichsstraße 279 , introduced in 1937 , also ran from Breitengüßbach to Döllbach. After 1945 this line was completely in the territory of the American occupation zone and was designated as Bundesstrasse 279 after the establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany .

    The B 279 originally ended at the B 27 in Döllbach , which has since been downgraded to a state road. In the course of this, the B 279 was extended by a few kilometers to the federal motorway 66 near Fulda.

    Traffic significance

    The western section between the highways 66 and 71 is part of a short connection from the eastern Rhine-Main area to Thuringia , which is partly used by long-distance trucking. On the Bavarian side, after the expansion, there are still through-roads (in Saal an der Saale and Ermershausen in the eastern section of the route), for which the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 provides for bypasses. The start of construction for a new junction to the A 7 near Döllbach between Fulda and Gersfeld is scheduled to start by 2023, which is to be realized together with the construction of the ailing Thalaubachtal bridge . After that, the federal road will begin here and the western section running parallel to the A 7 to Fulda-Süd will be graded into a state road.

    Another connection on the Fulda – Meiningen route was the planned 87n federal highway , the construction of which, however, is no longer being pursued by the states of Hesse and Thuringia.

    At the southern end of the B 279, the road still crosses several town centers without bypassing. These include from south to north Breitengüßbach , Baunach , Reckenneusig, Reckendorf , Laimbach, Sendelbach, Rentweinsdorf , Fischbach, Pfarrweisach and Maroldsweisach .

    Individual evidence

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