Bundesstrasse 8

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Bundesstrasse 8 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 8
Course of the B 8
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Emmerich
( 51 ° 54 ′  N , 6 ° 8 ′  E )
End of street: Passau
( 48 ° 35 ′  N , 13 ° 27 ′  E )
Overall length: 689 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane
Bundesstraße 8 near Passau
(with Löwenwand and the Regensburg – Passau railway line )
Course of the road
Netherlands Continue  N336towards Zevenaar
State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Kleve district
EU border crossing Elten border crossing
Railroad Crossing Oberhausen – Arnhem railway line
Locality Emmerich OT Elten
Railroad Crossing Railway line Oberhausen – Arnhem (2 ×)
Locality Emmerich OT Hüthum
Railroad Crossing Oberhausen – Arnhem railway line
Locality Emmerich on the Rhine B220
graduated to the state road (L 7)
Wesel district
Locality Wesel B58 B473
crossing Wesel North B58
flow lip
bridge via the Oberhausen – Arnhem railway line
Bypass Friedrichsfeld bypass 
flow Wesel-Datteln Canal
Bypass Voerde bypass 
Bypass Dinslaken bypass 
Locality Dinslaken
bridge Railway bridge railway line Oberhausen – Arnhem
flow Emscher
District-free city of Duisburg
Junction (1)  Dinslaken-West A59
Autobahn beginning replaced by A59
Autobahn end Start of expressway replaced by B288
node Duisburg-South A59A524 B288
Independent city of Düsseldorf
Autobahn end Start of expressway Transition off A59. Beginning of the motor road
Junction Düsseldorf-Wittlaer / Düsseldorf-Angermund
Junction Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth / Düsseldorf-Kalkum
Junction Düsseldorf-Lohausen
flow Kittelbach
Junction (30)  Düsseldorf-Stockum A44
Expressway end End of the highway
node Düsseldorf-Kennedydamm B1 B7
Locality beginning Beginning of  Düsseldorf
bridge Cologne – Duisburg railway line
flow Kittelbach
node Mörsenbroicher egg B1 B7
Street as Brehmstrasse
flow Northern Düssel
Locality Oberbilk
Oberbilker Market
bridge Railway bridge ( Cologne – Duisburg line )
flow Southern Düssel
node To Hennekamp B326
Village end End of Düsseldorf
Junction (24)  Düsseldorf-Wersten A46
Autobahn beginning replaced by A46 A3
Junction (22)  Opladen A3 E35
Junction Leverkusen- Wiesdorf
bridge over A3
bridge Cologne – Duisburg railway line
bridge under A1 E37
Locality Leverkusen
flow Dhünn
Independent city of Cologne
Locality beginning Beginning of  Cologne
Locality Mülheim B51 B55 B506
Locality lime B55a
bridge Railway bridge ( Cologne airport loop )
Junction (31)  Gremberghoven A559
Locality Porz
bridge Airport loop Cologne
Junction (36)  Cologne-Lind A59
Village end End of Cologne
Rhein-Sieg district
Locality Troisdorf
Locality Siegburg
flow Agger
crossing Siegburg B56
Start of expressway replaced by B56
Expressway end Autobahn beginning replaced by A560
Autobahn end Transition off A560
Locality Hennef OT Dahlhausen
Locality Hennef OT Uckerath
State of Rhineland-Palatinate
Neuwied district
Motorway junction L 255
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald)
Locality Churchib
Locality Rescuers
flow Retterserbach
Locality Hasselbach
flow Mehrbach
Locality Weyerbusch
Locality Helmets
Locality Altenkirchen (Westerwald) B256 (for B414)
Railroad Crossing Limburg – Altenkirchen railway line
Railroad Crossing Holzbachtalbahn
Locality Michelbach (Westerwald)
flow Wied
Locality Gieleroth
Locality Voting rod
Locality Höchstenbach B413
Locality Stones
Locality Freilingen
flow Saynbach
Locality Arnshöfen
Locality Hahn am See B255
Locality Herschbach
Locality Wallmerod
Railroad Crossing Herborn – Montabaur railway line
Locality Dog chants
State of Hesse
Limburg-Weilburg district
Locality Elz (Westerwald)
Railroad Crossing Limburg-Staffel – Siershahn railway line
bridge under A3 E35 E44
bridge Railway bridge ( high-speed line Cologne – Rhine / Main )
Locality Limburg on the Lahn
Railroad Crossing Limburg – Altenkirchen
railway line Limburg-Staffel – Siershahn railway line
flow Elbbach
crossing B54 B49
flow Lahn
crossing Schiedestrasse B54 B417
tunnel (240 m)  Schiedetunnel (under Lahn Valley Railway )
crossing Wiesbadener Strasse B417
Junction (43)  Limburg South A3 E35 E44
bridge High-speed route Cologne – Rhine / Main
Locality Limburg OT Lindenholzhausen
Locality Breaking OT Breaking Down
Railroad Crossing Main-Lahn Railway
flow Emsbach
Locality Breaking OT Upper Breaking
flow Laubusbach
Locality Selters OT Niederselters
flow Eisenbach
Locality Bad Camberg OT Oberselters
Locality Bad Camberg OT Erbach
Locality Bad Camberg
Locality Bad Camberg OT Würges
Rheingau-Taunus district
flow Fischbach
flow Emsbach
Locality Waldems -EschB275
Locality Glassworks
flow Rombach
passport Eselseck ( 556  m )
Locality Koenigstein
flow Farnbach
Roundabout Roundabout B455 B519
Junction Kelkheim B519
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction bad Soden
Junction Sulzbach
Expressway end End of the highway
Junction (16)  Frankfurt-Höchst A66
Autobahn beginning replaced by A66 A648
Independent city of Frankfurt am Main
Junction Frankfurt-Katharinenkreisel A648 B44
Autobahn end Transition off A648
Locality beginning Beginning of  Frankfurt am Main
bridge Railway bridge ( Main-Weser Railway )
Roundabout Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage B44
Street as Zeppelin avenue
Junction (21)  Frankfurt- Miquelallee A66
Street as Adickesallee
crossing Friedberger Landstrasse B3
Street as a high road
crossing Habsburgerallee B3
Junction (14)  Frankfurt-East A661
bridge Frankfurt – Hanau railway line
Street as Hanauer Landstrasse
port Frankfurt East Harbor
Village end End of Frankfurt am Main
Main-Kinzig district
Bypass Maintal bypass 
bridge Frankfurt – Hanau railway line
Junction (33)  Maintal- Bischofsheim A66
Autobahn beginning replaced by A66A45
Free State of Bavaria
Aschaffenburg district
Junction (45b)  Kleinostheim A45 E41
Locality Kleinostheim
Junction (58)  Aschaffenburg-West A3 E41
Junction Mainaschaff
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
bridge Connecting curve Rhein-Main-Bahn / Main-Spessart-Bahn
bridge Rhine-Main Railway
Junction Mainaschaff-Ost / Aschaffenburg- Strietwald
Independent city of Aschaffenburg
flow Aschaff
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Aschaffenburg B26
replaced by B26
Autobahn beginning replaced by A3 E41
Main-Spessart district
Junction (65)  Marktheidenfeld A3 E41
flow Altfelder Graben
flow Oak Prince Bach
flow Main
Locality Marktheidenfeld
flow Erlenbach
Würzburg district
Locality Remlingen
Locality Uettingen
node Helmstadt B468 (to ) A3 E41
replaced by St 2312
Locality Hoechberg B27
Independent city of Würzburg
Locality beginning Entrance to  Würzburg
Locality Zellerau
flow Main
Locality Old town
Roundabout Berlin Square
bridge Railway bridge ( Treuchtlingen – Würzburg line
and Fürth – Würzburg line )
Locality Grombühl B19 B27
Village end End of Würzburg
Kitzingen district
bridge Railway bridge ( Fürth – Würzburg line )
Junction at Rottendorf St 2450
node (72)  Rottendorf A3 E43
Bypass Biebelried bypass 
Junction (103)  Kitzingen A7 E43
Locality Kitzingen
bridge Railway bridge ( Fürth – Würzburg line )
flow Main ( Konrad Adenauer Bridge )
Locality Mainbernheim
flow Sickersbach
Locality Iphofen
Locality Einersheim market
flow Moorseebach
Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim district
flow Bibart
crossing Enzlar B286
Locality Altmannshausen
flow Bibart
Locality Bibart market
flow Bibart (2 ×)
Truck lock Symbol: Down Closed to truck traffic
Locality Scheinfeld OT Oberlaimbach
Locality Langenfeld
flow Ehebach
Locality The stream
Truck lock Symbol: Up Closed to truck traffic
Locality Neustadt an der Aisch
flow Aisch
crossing Rothenburger Strasse B470
Roundabout Franconian fountain B470
Bypass Emskirchen bypass 
flow Middle Aurach
bridge Railway bridge ( Fürth – Würzburg line )
Fürth district
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
bridge Zenngrundbahn
flow Zenn
Junction Langenzenn / Wilhermsdorf
Junction Langenzenn- Burggrafenhof
Junction Symbol: DownLangenzenn- Horbach
Junction Seukendorf
Independent city of Fürth
node Symbol: Up Southwest bypass
Junction Fürth West
Expressway end End of the highway
Street as Würzburger Strasse
bridge Fürth – Würzburg railway line
flow Main-Danube Canal
Locality beginning Start of town  Fürth
bridge Nuremberg – Bamberg railway line
flow Rednitz
Village end End of Fürth
District-free city of Nuremberg
Locality beginning Beginning of  Nuremberg
Street than Fürther Straße
Junction (38)  Nuremberg / Fürth A73
bridge Railway bridge ( Ringbahn Nürnberg )
crossing Maximilianstrasse B4 R
Roundabout replaced by there connection toB4 R
B2 B4 B14
crossing Munchener Strasse B4 R
Village end End of Nuremberg
Junction (45)  Nuremberg Customs House A73
Autobahn beginning replaced by A73
District of Roth
Junction (48)  Wet A73
District of Nürnberger Land
Bypass Bypass  Feucht
Locality Schwarzenbruck
flow Schwarzach
Locality Pfeifferhütte
flow Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal
Bypass Oberferrieden bypass 
District of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate
Locality Postbauer-Heng
bridge Railway bridge ( Nuremberg – Regensburg line )
Bypass Neumarkt-Pölling bypass 
Bypass Neumarkt bypass  in the Upper Palatinate B299
stepped to the state road (St 2660)
Regensburg district
Junction (103)  Rosenhof A3 E56
Locality Mintraching OT Wolfskofen
Locality Roith
flow Geislinger Mühlbach
Bypass Geisling bypass
Bypass Pfatter bypass 
flow Big talk
District of Straubing-Bogen
Bypass Rain bypass 
flow Small talk
District-free city of Straubing
Bypass Straubing bypass 
bridge Railway line Passau – Obertraubling
District of Straubing-Bogen
Bypass Aiterhofen bypass  B20
Locality Straßkirchen
Deggendorf district
Junction (22)  Plattling-West A92 E53
bridge Railway line Passau – Obertraubling
Truck lock Symbol: Down Closed to truck traffic
Locality Plattling
bridge Railway bridge ( Plattling – Bayerisch Eisenstein line )
bridge Railway bridge ( railway line Passau – Obertraubling )
Truck lock Symbol: Up Closed to truck traffic
flow Isar
bridge Railway line Passau – Obertraubling
Locality Moos OT Langenisarhofen
Locality Osterhofen
Locality Künzing
District of Passau
Locality Vilshofen OT Pleinting
Locality Vilshofen on the Danube
flow Vils
flow Wolfach
Locality Vilshofen OT Sandbach
Locality Vilshofen OT Seestetten
bridge under ( Danube Bridge Schalding )A3 E56
bridge Railway bridge ( Passau – Freyung line )
Locality Passau B12 B388
flow Danube ( Schanzlbrücke ) (continue to B85)
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The German federal highway 8 (abbreviation: B 8 ) begins at the Dutch border in Elten near Emmerich am Rhein , crosses the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia , Rhineland-Palatinate , Hesse and Bavaria from northwest to southeast and ends in Passau . It runs essentially parallel to the A3 . In Austria , the route will continue as Nibelungen Straße (B 130) to Hartkirchen (near Linz ). The federal highway 8 has a length of 689 kilometers.



    The federal road 8 runs largely along the historic Via Publica . A section used to be called Cölnische Hohe Heerstrasse and Geleitstrasse not only an important trade route between Cologne and Frankfurt am Main , but also a pilgrimage route between Cologne and Marburg , which was designated as the Way of St. James in 2007 . The "Cölnische Strasse" was first mentioned in 812 as "Werisdorfer Strasse".

    Expansion to Chaussee in the 18th century

    Kurmainzer Stundenstein from 1789

    In 1750, the expansion of the road to Chaussee began on the section between Kitzingen and Markt Bibart . A few years later, the subsequent route from Kitzingen to Würzburg was expanded into an art route. This section, built between 1764 and 1766, led between Gerbrunn and Biebelried on a large dam with several bridges through marshy terrain. Due to static problems on the stone bridges, the route was abandoned in 1770 and a new road was built via Rottendorf . The remains of the former road over Gerbrunn can still be admired today as a technical monument ( Römerbrücke ). The Würzburg – Bischbrunn-Oberndorf section, at that time still via Lengfurt, was expanded by 1775.

    The road from Frankfurt to Limburg an der Lahn was also expanded into a Chaussee between 1768 and 1780. The section between Aschaffenburg and Bischbrunn-Oberndorf (Spessarter Chaussee) was redesigned and expanded between 1777 and 1885. The section between Frankfurt and Königstein was not expanded due to political differences. Instead, in 1819 Königsteiner Strasse between Königstein and Frankfurt-Höchst was expanded into an art street. This route ran within the Duchy of Nassau and enabled a journey from the Taunus to the Main without crossing the state border that separated the Duchy and the Free City of Frankfurt . This route via Höchst remained in place until the Höchst bypass, opened in 1934.

    Previous routes and names

    The Bavarian state roads were numbered according to their starting point:

    • State road No. 102: Nuremberg - Würzburg
    • State road No. 114: Regensburg - Straubing - Passau
    • State road No. 148: Würzburg - Aschaffenburg

    With the original numbering in 1932, the long-distance road, later Reichsstraße  8, also ran from Emmerich to Passau. After the annexation of Austria , this road was extended to the Slovakian state border near Pressburg on April 1, 1940 as part of the standardization of the road system .


    As early as 1938, the historic route was replaced by a few bypass roads. In Kitzingen a bypass road with a new Main Bridge was built, in Regensburg the Adolf Hitler Bridge, which was named until 1945 (today: Nibelungen Bridge ) was built to relieve the stone bridge and opened on June 18, 1938.

    In the area of ​​the city of Limburg an der Lahn ( Frankfurter Strasse ), the road was carried out through the Schiedetunnel under the Lahn Valley Railway .

    In the north of Düsseldorf, the old B 8 was gradually replaced by a motorway-like road. The section between the Kaiserswerth junction and Froschenteich was completed in June 2009. The last section of the motor road between Froschenteich and the Duisburg-Süd junction with the A 524 / A 59 / B 288 has been approved since mid-2012. The new Duisburg-Süd motorway junction , which replaces the old junction and connects the B 8 directly with the extended A 524, was implemented in four stages and fully released on November 25, 2014.

    Until the opening of the Schanzlbrücke in 1970, the B 8 in Passau ran through the Bahnhofstrasse there and merged with the B 12 at Ludwigsplatz.

    Koenigsteiner roundabout

    Plaque commemorating the nonviolent resistance to expansion

    The B 8 ran through the center of the town of Königstein im Taunus . As a first step towards relief, the Königsteiner Kreisel was built in 1958/59 at the northern end of the joint road layout of the B 8 and B 519 and the B 455 intersection. The large two-lane roundabout was decorated with a fountain in the middle. In addition, the inner-city bypass, today's Le-Cannet-Rocheville-Strasse, was built, through which traffic has been flowing since 1972.

    The Königsteiner Kreisel has led to long traffic jams for decades. For a long time there were plans to bypass Kelkheim and Königstein in order to defuse this bottleneck. This construction project was politically controversial. While the affected communities supported the measure, environmentalists criticized the environmental impact. In the period from May 5, 1979 until the evacuation on May 12, 1981, the longest successful occupation of the square in the Federal Republic of Germany took place on an embankment that had already been built on the new route planned at that time (at the southern end of the joint road layout of B 8 and B 519 ). For almost two years people lived there in the simplest of conditions in a hut village that was known as the “Damm” and for a long time was a real weekend excursion destination for families from all over the area. The measure is also known as the former A 647 and is listed in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2003 under “Further requirements” without planning rights, but with a nature conservation planning mandate, ie with a high ecological risk. In December 2009, the Königstein bypass was buried by the South Hesse regional assembly.

    In parallel to these plans, since October 2005 the said impounded gyro has been converted into turbines and multi-lane and partly provided with noise barriers. The renovation work was completed in 2010. Traffic lights were also installed to enable pedestrians to cross the streets safely. However, the traffic lights do not regulate the access to the roundabout, as this has led to many accidents.

    Esch bypass

    In Esch to meet federal highway 275 and the national road 8. Due to the topography of the construction of a is bypass consuming. Due to the high volume of traffic, the citizens' initiative “Outside instead of in the middle” is committed to building a bypass road. In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan, however, bypassing is only classified as a “further requirement”, ie as a low priority, since it is neither a hot spot for accidents nor a traffic jam.


    On January 1, 2007, the section between Troisdorf and Hennef-West was rededicated as Landesstraße 333 . The Hennef thoroughfare was rededicated as a state road after the A 560 bypass was built.

    On the same date, the section between the Dinslaken West motorway junction and Duisburg-Wanheimerort was rededicated to the L 1 (replacement by A 59).

    Between Aschaffenburg and Marktheidenfeld, the B 8 was rededicated as State Road 2312 . The reason for this was the extensive parallel routing of the B 8 with the A 3 in this area. In Aschaffenburg, the B 8 has since ended after the end of the four-lane motorway feeder (coming from the A 3) directly in front of the Aschaffenburger Westring. At the Marktheidenfeld junction of the A 3, the B 8 then continues on its way. State road 2315 between this driveway and the old Main Bridge in Marktheidenfeld was rededicated for this purpose, as the B 8 originally arrived in Marktheidenfeld from the direction of Esselbach .

    From the Bavarian border near Kahl am Main to Kleinostheim , the B 8 was downgraded to State Road 3308 in August 2013.

    On January 1, 2010, the section between the motorway feeder of the AS Opladen of the A 3 and Berliner Platz in Leverkusen-Opladen was rededicated together with the B 232 as the L 291 and L 288. The section between Berliner Platz and AS Reusrath ( A 542 ) in Langenfeld (Rhld.) Was rededicated as the L 219.

    On January 1, 2015, the section between Emmerich am Rhein and Wesel was downgraded to Landesstrasse 7; The reason here is also the parallel guidance with the A3.

    On July 1, 2016, the section between the B 299 in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz via the A3 junction Nittendorf through the urban area of ​​Regensburg to the Rosenhof junction was rededicated to state road 2660.

    State of development

    In the area of Düsseldorf Airport , the B 8 is built similar to a motorway. The bypass of the Kaiserswerth and Wittlaer districts was completed in June 2009. The opening of the last construction phase up to the partially completed motorway junction Duisburg- Süd took place on June 1, 2012. The B 8 merges into the A 59 there . Since the completion of the Duisburg-Süd motorway junction, the B 8n / A 59 has been linked to the A 524 , which was extended by around 2.5 km to the west from the previous end of the expansion.

    Between Kelkheim-Nord and the A 66 junction Frankfurt-Höchst and between the Erlensee junction and the confluence with the B 43 , the B 8 is also built similar to a motorway.

    From the A 3 junction Aschaffenburg-West to Aschaffenburg , the road is built like a motorway and is partially designated as a motor road.

    Between the Greinberg junction in Würzburg and the Rottendorf driveway to the A 3 , the road has four lanes and no intersections and is closed to bicycles and mopeds .

    Between Langenzenn and Fürth , the B 8 is a motorway-like motorway and is known as the south-west bypass.

    Between Vilshofen and Passau , the federal highway 8 runs for a good four kilometers in a very confined space parallel to the Regensburg – Passau railway line between the right bank of the Danube and the foot of the Löwenwand . Here the main road no longer meets today's standards, so that despite regulations (no overtaking, speed restrictions) serious accidents can be complained about. In particular, when visibility is poor or road conditions in winter, road users of different road widths and curve radii are fatal.

    The B 8 ends in Passau at the south-western access ramp of the Schanzlbrücke and joins the B 12 there . The following course of the road to the Upper Austrian Nibelungen Straße (B 130) is a section of the Bavarian state road St 2125 . Originally, this section was also supposed to become part of the B 8, but could never be rededicated due to the bottleneck in the Passau Innstadt .

    Blocking for transit trucks over twelve tons

    Since the B 8 runs largely parallel to the A 3, it has been used by truck drivers as an alternative route since the introduction of the truck toll .

    Between Straßkirchen and Osterhofen, the B 8 was closed to trucks over twelve tons as the first alternative toll route to the parallel A 3 Nuremberg – Passau since June 2006. Since summer 2006, the section between Enzlar (district of Markt Bibart ) ( B 286 ) and Neustadt an der Aisch as well as the section between Nittendorf and Regensburg has been closed to truck traffic . The blockage between Nittendorf and Regensburg was lifted in September 2011 due to a pending legal dispute before the competent administrative court (as of November 11, 2011).


    Between Nuremberg and Fürth

    In Nuremberg, the B 8 runs in the area of Fürther Straße parallel to the former route of the Ludwigseisenbahn , which is considered the first railway in Germany . Then in the direction of Fürth, the B 8 crosses the "Frankenschnellweg" ( A 73 ) at the city limits , which was built on the former route of the Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal . In Fürth, Nürnberger Straße forms the B 8, until 1988 even the narrow Gustavstraße was still part of the federal highway and thus one of the busiest streets in Fürth. The Nürnberger / Fürther Strasse was initiated under Prussian administration by Karl August von Hardenberg and completed in 1804.


    In 2006, the B 8 in Siegburg led across Europaplatz, which was thus a federal road and a pedestrian zone at the same time.

    In August 2008, the L 21 in Dinslaken between the Dinslaken-Süd junction (A 3) and the Dinslaken-Hiesfeld junction (A 59) was rededicated as the B 8, without being directly connected to the "original" B 8.

    The Michaeliskirchweih takes place every year directly on the main road in Fürth . Therefore, the street in this area is closed for about two weeks at a time.


    Some street views of the B 8 on the almost 800 km long route

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