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Coat of arms of the local community Michelbach (Westerwald)
Michelbach (Westerwald)
Map of Germany, position of the community Michelbach (Westerwald) highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 41 ′  N , 7 ° 40 ′  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Altenkirchen (Westerwald)
Association municipality : Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld
Height : 230 m above sea level NHN
Area : 4.42 km 2
Residents: 532 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 120 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 57610
Area code : 02681
License plate : AK
Community key : 07 1 32 070
Community structure: 2 districts
Association administration address: Rathausstrasse 13
57610 Altenkirchen
Website : michelbach-westerwald.de
Local Mayor : vacant (First Alderman Alexandra Schleiden)
Location of the local community Michelbach (Westerwald) in the district of Altenkirchen (Westerwald)
Friesenhagen Harbach (Landkreis Altenkirchen) Niederfischbach Mudersbach Brachbach Kirchen (Sieg) Herdorf Daaden Emmerzhausen Mauden Derschen Nisterberg Friedewald (Westerwald) Weitefeld Niederdreisbach Schutzbach Grünebach Alsdorf (Westerwald) Betzdorf Scheuerfeld Wallmenroth Willroth Krunkel Horhausen (Westerwald) Pleckhausen Güllesheim Obersteinebach Niedersteinebach Bürdenbach Eulenberg (Westerwald) Peterslahr Rott (Westerwald) Burglahr Oberlahr Eichen (Westerwald) Seifen (Westerwald) Seelbach (Westerwald) Flammersfeld Kescheid Reiferscheid Berzhausen Obernau (Westerwald) Walterschen Schürdt Orfgen Ziegenhain (Westerwald) Giershausen Katzwinkel (Sieg) Birken-Honigsessen Wissen (Stadt) Hövels Mittelhof Nauroth Elkenroth Rosenheim (Landkreis Altenkirchen) Kausen Dickendorf Malberg (Westerwald) Steinebach/Sieg Fensdorf Gebhardshain Elben (Westerwald) Steineroth Molzhain Selbach (Sieg) Forst (bei Wissen, Sieg) Bitzen Etzbach Roth (Landkreis Altenkirchen) Bruchertseifen Fürthen Hamm (Sieg) Seelbach bei Hamm (Sieg) Breitscheidt Pracht Birkenbeul Niederirsen Kircheib Hirz-Maulsbach Fiersbach Mehren (Westerwald) Rettersen Ersfeld Hasselbach (Westerwald) Forstmehren Kraam Werkhausen Oberirsen Weyerbusch Hemmelzen Neitersen Birnbach Ölsen Schöneberg (Westerwald) Stürzelbach Fluterschen Oberwambach Berod bei Hachenburg Gieleroth Almersbach Altenkirchen (Westerwald) Michelbach (Westerwald) Ingelbach Sörth Mammelzen Eichelhardt Idelberg Isert Helmeroth Racksen Volkerzen Hilgenroth Obererbach (Westerwald) Bachenberg Busenhausen Heupelzen Wölmersen Kettenhausen Helmenzen Nordrhein-Westfalen Landkreis Neuwied Westerwaldkreis Landkreis Neuwiedmap
About this picture
Michelbach: Old school
Michelbacher Mill
Mühlengraben and Wiedwanderweg
Mühlengraben on the edge of the old village center
Mittelstrasse in Michelbach before the renovation in the mid-1960s. In front right the former village shop, in the back right Haus Neitzert (Photo: Hachenberg)

Michelbach (Westerwald) is a municipality in the Altenkirchen (Westerwald) district in Rhineland-Palatinate . It belongs to the community of Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld . Districts are Michelbach and Widderstein.

Geographical location

Michelbach is located about one and a half kilometers (Widderstein about three kilometers) east of the center of Altenkirchen , not far from federal road 8 and below state road 414 in the valley of the Wied . The river flows directly south of the settlement, lined with the Wiedwanderweg . Fields, meadows and mixed forests surround the local community. The coniferous forest between Michelbach, Widderstein and Borod as well as north of the town on the Limburg – Altenkirchen railway line is managed by a forest interest group .

The district of Widderstein (with 15 residential buildings and a small village community center) is about two kilometers east of the main village in the Wiedtal, framed by the 300 meter high Herzberg and Pfahlberg. The old school, the Michelbacher Mühle and an Aussiedlerhof (Heidehof) are located between Michelbach and Widderstein .


In prehistoric times, the Herzburg ramparts lay on the mountain spur called the Herzberg above Widderstein . Archaeological monuments and place names give evidence of earlier settlement. This hilltop is surrounded by the Wied and is strategically located between the old "Köln-Frankfurter-Straße" (today Bundesstraße 8 ) and the old Köln-Leipziger-Straße (today Bundesstraße 414 ).

The Widderstein house was first mentioned in a document in 1346. At that time the settlement was called "Leckerrode". In the document , the knight Albrecht von Wiederbach, later Widderstein, is given the Gut Leckerrode below Ingelbach by Count Johann von Sayn as a fief . Documentary mentions of Michelbach can be found in the Miracle Book of Hilgenroth from 1428 and 1432, in which citizens of "Mychelenbach" and "Mychelbach" are mentioned.

The oldest document referring to residents of Michelbach dates from 1464 and concerns the exchange of serfs . Around 1520 the Cassius pen in Bonn had basic rights, which it sold to Count Heinrich von Sayn in 1573. A mill was first recorded in Michelbach from 1577.

In 1820 Michelbach had 22 fireplaces and 126 residents, 22 of whom were school children; Widderstein had 5 fireplaces and 27 souls, but no school children. Michelbach finally had its own school since 1843. The two formerly independent communities Michelbach and Widderstein merged in 1848 to form a school community and in 1938 to form the community of Michelbach.
Due to the proximity to the district town of Altenkirchen, the population of the place increased by 39.5% between 1939 and 1961.

The village renewal carried out in the early 1980s changed the character of the village considerably; this was mainly the case with the relocation of the upper section of Mittelstrasse in the direction of Widderstein. While the narrow village road previously snaked up the hill, this section has now been straightened. Several agricultural buildings were demolished for this purpose. Today the village's large playground is located there.
Michelbach experienced an expansion of the population in the 1970 / 1980s through the streets "Im Schleedörn" / "Südweg", "Im Beulsgarten" and in the 2000s through the new development area "Oberer Dorfgarten".

Population development

The development of the population of Michelbach, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 are based on censuses:

year Residents
1815 149
1835 203
1871 259
1905 263
1939 248
1950 317
year Residents
1961 346
1970 416
1987 404
1997 437
2005 578
2019 532


Municipal council

The council in Michelbach (Westerwald) consists of twelve council members, who in the local elections on May 26, 2019 in a majority vote were elected, and the honorary mayor as chairman.


The position of mayor is vacant, the official business is carried out by the first alderman Alexandra Schleiden and the alderman Torsten Klein. In the direct election on May 26, 2019, there was no candidate, and at the constituent meeting of the local council on July 2, 2019, there was no successor to the previous mayor, Hans Kwiotek.

Culture and sights


The hiking route leading from Altenkirchen to Ingelbach leads past the southern outskirts, with two pedestrian bridges, weir , mill ditch of the former Altenkirchener mill and ford
Michelbacher Mill
The five-story main building from 1847 has six grinders. Next to this building is the historic mill construction; today this includes a hydroelectric power station , the water from the Wied still provides the required energy - a turbine rotates in the water jet and generates electricity for the electric grinders. The Michelbacher Mühle is the largest milling company in the Koblenz chamber district . It can be viewed at the annual Mühlentag (“open day”) held nationwide .

Cultural monuments

Mittelstrasse 50
Half-timbered transverse house, partly solid or clad, around 1800
Mittelstrasse 50a
Former half-timbered barn ( thatched roof )
Mittelstrasse 59
Old school, former school building, half-hipped roof, partially slated, around 1910 (private property)
Block pillar located south of the village on the main road


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