Reichsstrasse (German Empire)

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Number plate of Reichsstrasse 128
Basic network of the Reichsstraßen 1937 (including extensions until 1941)

The term Reichsstraße was introduced in the German Reich in 1934 instead of the name Fernverkehrsstraße used until then (abbreviated to FVS in official texts). On January 17, 1932, the most important long-distance roads were numbered to improve orientation in the German Reich. Since 1934, the well-known yellow number plate with black letters has marked this street category. After the Reichsautobahn , the Reichsstraßen were the highest classified roads that were the responsibility of the Reich .

The course and numbering system of the Reichsstraßen were essentially adopted for the federal highways in the Federal Republic of Germany and the trunk roads in the GDR .


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foreign countries

Other states refer to comparable roads with “Nationalstrasse” (e.g. “ Nationalstrassen ” in Switzerland, “ Route nationale ” in France) or “Reichsweg” (“ Riksväg ” in Sweden, “ Rijksweg ” in the Netherlands or “ Riksvei ” in Norway).

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