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Title page of the first complete edition of the Reichsgesetzblatt 1871
First page of the Reichsgesetzblatt (1871, No. 19, p. 95)
Proclamation of the Civil Code (1896)
Enabling Act (1933)

The Reichsgesetzblatt (abbreviation: RGBl. ) Was the official proclamation gazette of the German Reich from 1871 to 1945. First it was published by the office of the Reich Chancellor in Berlin , then by the Reich Office of the Interior and later by the Reich Ministry of the Interior .

Unless otherwise stipulated, Reich laws only came into force "on the fourteenth day after the end of the day on which the Reichs-Gesetzblatt was issued in the Reich capital ".

The forerunners of the Reich Law Gazette were the Federal Law Gazette of the North German Confederation (first edition August 2, 1867, last edition January 20, 1871) and the Federal Law Gazette of the German Confederation (first edition January 27, 1871). Before that there was already a Reichsgesetzblatt for the Frankfurt National Assembly (1848/49). The last edition of the Federal Law Gazette of the German Confederation of April 29, 1871 appeared on May 2, 1871 as No. 18 on page 91 of the 1871 volume.

For the first complete edition of the Reich Law Gazette, the laws, ordinances, decrees, notices and individual contracts from the time of the North German Confederation and the German Confederation were also included. Therefore, on May 8, 1871, the first decree of April 29 appeared as issue no. 19 on page 95 and according to the table of contents as publication no. 636, since the Federal Law Gazette of the German Confederation was continued in the same volume under the name “Reichsgesetzblatt”.

A summary of the currently valid laws with all incorporated changes appeared as the German Reich Code for the first time around 1900.

From April 1, 1922 the Reichsgesetzblatt appeared in two separate parts: Part I and Part II. In the second part, international conventions, Reich budget laws and laws, ordinances etc. a. the rail traffic, the shipping traffic, internal affairs of the Reichstag , as well as affairs of the Reichsbank concerned, published. All other laws, ordinances, etc. appeared in Part I.

The last edition of the Reichsgesetzblatt was published on April 11, 1945 (Part I) and April 5, 1945 (Part II).

During the period between 1945 and 1949, the Control Council documents were published in the Official Gazette of the Control Commission. From 1949 onwards, the current Federal Law Gazette of the Federal Republic of Germany and from 1949 to 1990 the Law Gazette of the German Democratic Republic appeared .

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