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Federal Law Gazette, issued in Bonn on May 23, 1949, No. 1
Federal Law Gazette 1990

The German Federal Law Gazette ( BGBl. ) Is the public announcement gazette of the Federal Republic of Germany . It is from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection to Bonn issued and by the DuMont media group belonging publishing Federal Gazette distributed.

No federal law is valid if it has not been promulgated in the Federal Law Gazette ( Art. 82.1 sentence 1 GG ). In that case, however, retroactive validity of a law is also possible within the narrow limits of the rule of law.


The Federal Law Gazette has been published since the proclamation of the Basic Law ( Federal Law Gazette 1949, p. 1 ) and is thus the successor to the Reich Law Gazette published from 1871 to 1945 . It has been published in two parts since 1951. The parts are given in Roman numerals. The Federal Law Gazette was available free of charge on the Internet for issues from 1998 onwards , and all issues since 1949 were available as part of a paid subscription. Since April 22, 2009 all issues can be viewed free of charge. The only official edition is still the printed edition.

After the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany (OKF) had criticized that the online edition of the Federal Law Gazette could only be searched, printed and copied for a fee, in December 2018 it opened its own portal with the contents of the Bundesanzeiger Verlag, accepting a copyright conflict with the Bundesanzeiger Verlag Federal Law Gazette freely on the Internet. A few days later, Federal Justice Minister Katarina Barley announced to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that federal laws and ordinances should only be published electronically from 2022. A citizen portal will be set up for this purpose. First, however, the Basic Law must be changed and the contract with DuMont terminated.

part One

The Federal Law Gazette Part I publishes:

Part II

The international agreements and treaties applicable in Germany , the legal provisions enacted for their entry into force and the related notices are published in Part II of the Federal Law Gazette. In addition, legislation on customs tariffs is published ( ISSN  0341-1109 ).

Part III

There is also the collection of federal law in the Federal Law Gazette Part III.

As part of a legal adjustment for the time before the meeting of the German Bundestag , the federal law applicable on December 31, 1963 - with a few exceptions - was established in full and printed in Part III of the Federal Law Gazette. Regulations that were not excluded in accordance with Section 1 (3) of the Act on the Collection of Federal Law of July 10, 1958 ( Federal Law Gazette I p. 437 ), and regulations that were not included in the collection, are accordingly on December 31 Expired in 1968. This sub-series is now only available as an e-journal , which means that no ISSN is available anymore.


In addition, the Federal Ministry of Justice issues two references (FN) annually on December 31st . FN A contains federal law without international agreements, FN B contains international agreements and the treaties for the preparation and establishment of the unity of Germany.

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