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Federal Gazette
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The Federal Gazette ( BAnz , until March 31, 2012 BAnz. ) Is an official gazette alongside the Federal Law Gazette and a further proclamation and notification organ of the German federal authorities . It is published by the Federal Ministry of Justice and appears in the Bundesanzeiger Verlag , which was partially privatized in 1998 and fully privatized in 2006. Today it belongs entirely to the M. DuMont Schauberg media group based in Cologne .

Until the introduction of the electronic Federal Gazette ( eBAnz ), the Federal Gazette was also a mandatory publication sheet for judicial and other notifications, for all entries in the commercial register and for legally required publications of annual financial statements and filing notices of companies .

The Federal Gazette was published four times a week before April 1, 2012. Since then, it can be published up to five times a week, depending on the need, but not on weekends and on public holidays.

Electronic Federal Gazette

In addition to the printed Federal Gazette (BAnz), the electronic Federal Gazette (eBAnz) had existed as an independent official publication and announcement organ on the Internet since 2002. In recent years, the publication tasks of the paper edition have been increasingly transferred to the electronic Federal Gazette. However, official announcements and announcements were usually still in the Federal Gazette and were only allowed to be published in the electronic Federal Gazette in cases regulated by law. Judicial and other notices were usually only published in the electronic Federal Gazette.

Changes from April 1, 2012

With the introduction of free electronic access to the official section of the Federal Gazette on April 1, 2012, the previous division was abandoned. The revised announcement and announcement organ has since been published under the sole title of the Federal Gazette . The volume of the previous electronic Federal Gazette has been transferred to the new Federal Gazette. A printed edition of the new Federal Gazette is only intended for exceptional cases, but printouts of individual publications can be obtained from the operator of the Federal Gazette for a fee.

On April 1, 2012, the structure of the reference system for the publications in the official section also changed. The current composition of the individual references follows the structure "Abbreviation for the Federal Gazette (BAnz), abbreviation for the official part (AT), date of publication (e.g. 18.10.2012 ), abbreviation of the category of publication (e.g. B for announcement), publication number (e.g. 1 ) ”- for example“ BAnz AT 18.10.2012 B1 ”.


Before April 1, 2012, the main edition of the printed Federal Gazette was divided into three parts.

  • In the official part were published:
    • Ordinances with a legally limited period of validity, in the event of imminent danger and if their immediate entry into force was necessary for the implementation of legal acts of the European Union,
    • Administrative regulations if their publication in the official gazettes of the federal ministries was not considered sufficient,
    • Justification of government drafts, if their publication was desired,
    • Contracts between the federal government and the federal states or between the federal states among themselves, in which no decision by the legislative bodies was intended,
    • Awards of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany ,
    • Announcements by the federal authorities such as B. tenders and, if required by federal laws and ordinances, the state authorities.
  • The non-official part was dedicated to the legislative organs of the German Bundestag and the Bundesrat and gave an overview of the state of federal legislation .
  • The third part comprised judicial and other notices. Here were public notifications , criminal cases, foreclosures , detachments Real estate matters and documents , changes in corporations and cooperatives and limited partnerships and other announcements printed.

Since the merger of the Federal Gazette and the electronic Federal Gazette on April 1, 2012, the content has been divided into the following seven parts:

  • Official part,
  • Unofficial part,
  • Judicial part,
  • Company announcements,
  • Accounting / financial reports,
  • Capital market ,
  • Various notices.


The first edition appeared on September 24, 1949.

The historical forerunner of the Federal Gazette is the Deutsche Reichsanzeiger , the official newspaper of the German Empire and the Weimar Republic , in which personnel matters and administrative regulations of the Reich as well as short reports from the work of the parliament were published.

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