Joint rules of procedure of the federal ministries

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Basic data
Title: Joint rules of procedure of
the federal ministries
Abbreviation : GGO
Announcement day: August 30, 2000
( GMBl. P. 526 (No. 28))
Come into effect: September 1, 2000
Last change
Change of GGO v.
(GMBl. S.)
Effective date of the
last change:
September 1, 2011
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The Joint Rules of Procedure of the Federal Ministries ( GGO ) are the rules of procedure that regulate the organization and procedures within the German Federal Ministries , the ministries among themselves and their cooperation with the other constitutional bodies. In addition, it specifies the procedure for drafting bills by the federal ministries (see also government draft ).

The current GGO was decided by the Federal Government in the cabinet meeting on June 26, 2000 as part of the Modern State - Modern Administration program and has been in force since September 1, 2000. It is a step towards deregulation and the reduction of bureaucracy and replaces the GGO that was valid up to that point and that has become difficult to manage over the course of time through numerous additions, adaptations and expansions, the GGO I (general part) and the GGO II (Special part) existed. It also replaces the recommendation on the use of electronic communication systems, taking into account Joint Rules of Procedure I , which also expired. The new GGO was drawn up by an inter-ministerial working group headed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and presented as the first draft in 1999. This was revised in cooperation with all ministries and adopted in the final version created by the Cabinet and the Joint Ministerial published.

The GGO is divided into seven chapters (general; organizational principles; organizational structure ; management, work flow; cooperation; legislation; final provisions) and contains eleven annexes.


In order to create greater transparency and closeness to the citizens , Section 7 (4) of the GGO stipulates that the federal ministries must publish their organizational structure ( business distribution plan , organizational chart ). A similar target regulation that affects all federal authorities can be found in Section 11 Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the IFG , which has been legally binding since January 1, 2006 .

Federal ministries and subordinate authorities of a federal ministry in another business area can now work together directly (Section 26 (1) sentence 1 GGO; see also Fayolsche Brücke ) and no longer have to use the respective federal ministry (one- line system ) as before . This new regulation will shorten the communication channels.

The detailed regulations on legal formality previously contained in the special part of the GGO (GGO II) have been omitted with reference to the manual on legal formality published by the Federal Ministry of Justice (Section 42 (4) GGO). The regulations on the legal impact assessment to be carried out (§ 44 GGO) were newly introduced . See also Legislative Doctrine .

In addition, the new GGO created the prerequisites for putting legislative proposals up for discussion on the Internet (Section 48 (3) GGO).

Since 2006, the GGO has also been regulating cooperation with the Federal Government's Regulatory Control Council .

On August 17, 2011, the federal government decided to change the GGO. The changes that came into force on September 1, 2011 are primarily aimed at reflecting the legally extended mandate of the National Regulatory Control Council in the GGO. In future, the entire effort that citizens, businesses and administrations will incur as a result of compliance (compliance effort) will be estimated and reported for new regulatory projects by the federal government. This goes beyond the information requirements. The structure of the cover sheet, which precedes the proposed regulation, has also changed as a result. The change also implements a resolution by the municipal finance commission on privileged participation and consultation of the municipal umbrella organizations.

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