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Bundesstrasse 82 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 82
Course of the B 82
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Seesen
( 51 ° 57 ′  N , 10 ° 8 ′  E )
End of street: Schöningen
( 52 ° 8 ′  N , 10 ° 57 ′  E )
Overall length: 79 km

State :

Development condition: see below
Federal road B82, 1, Hahausen, district of Goslar.jpg
Federal road 82 near Hahausen
Course of the road
State of Lower Saxony
District of Goslar
Locality Seesen OT Rhüden B243
Junction (66)  Male dogs A7 E45
Locality Ödishausen
Bypass Hahausen bypass 
flow Neile
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Seesen / Lutter am Barenberge B248
Junction Lutter am Barenberge Symbol: Up
Junction Langelsheim -West
Junction Langelsheim-South
flow Innermost
Junction Langelsheim-East
flow Grane
Junction Branch field
Expressway end End of the highway
Truck toll Start of the truck toll
crossing Goslar-Astfelder Strasse B6
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B6through Goslar
bridge Hildesheim – Goslar railway line
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Goslar-Hildesheimer Strasse
Junction Goslar-Marienburger Strasse
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B6through Goslar
Junction Goslar-Immenröder Strasse B6 B241
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Goslar OT Immenrode
Locality Goslar OT Weddingen
Wolfenbüttel district
Locality Schladen OT Bay
Junction (10)  Schladen-South A36
Autobahn beginning replaced by A36
Junction (9)  Schladen-North A36
Bypass Schladen bypass 
flow Oker
Locality Schladen-Werla OT City of Hornburg
flow Ilse
Locality Seinstedt
Locality Hedeper
Locality Semmenstedt B79
Locality Schöppenstedt
District of Helmstedt
Locality Schöningen B244

The German federal road 82 (abbreviation: B 82 ) is a German federal road and leads from Rhüden via Goslar to Schöningen .


After the Second World War , the federal highway 82 began at the federal highway 248 near Hahausen and ended at the federal highway 241 in Goslar, so it was a junction from the federal highway 6 to the west.

The section from Goslar to Schöningen was not upgraded to the B 82 until the 1960s, in order to ensure better connections to the western German area north of the Großer Bruch . The section between Rhüden and Hahausen was also upgraded or rebuilt after the Second World War in order to create a connection to the newly built federal motorway 7 from the previous end on federal highway 248 .


It begins in Groß Rhüden on federal road 243 ( Hildesheim - Nordhausen ) in the district of Goslar and crosses federal motorway 7 ( Hanover - Kassel ; AS Rhüden / Harz ) immediately to the east . From here it first leads east along the edge between Innerstebergland and the Harz Mountains and crosses the federal highway 248 ( Seesen - Braunschweig ) at Hahausen . From here, the B 82 is designed as a trunk road in the 2 + 1 system and bypasses Langelsheim and Astfeld .

In the urban area of Goslar , a secondary route branches off to federal highway 6 , which from the other end is developed like a motorway and, together with the B 82, forms a nationally important relationship from the A 7 to the federal motorway 36 from the northern Harz region (A 7 – B 82– B 6 - A 369 - A 36). In the city of Goslar, the B 82 forms a city ring, which curves around the old town in a south-facing curve and takes up the federal road 241 ( Osterode - Clausthal-Zellerfeld - Goslar ). Further east there is a junction to the federal road 498 (Osterode- Altenau- Goslar), which joins the B 6 coming from the Oker district . After another driveway on the B 6, the B 82 leaves the Goslar city area, from here it is all two-lane laid out, its importance compared to the section Rhüden-Goslar is subordinate. It leads in a north-easterly direction and joins the A 36 near Schladen (AS Schladen-Süd ) in the Wolfenbüttel district on the other side of the Harly .

At the Schladen-Nord exit , the B 82 forms a bypass for Schladen. It crosses Hornburg to the east and from here leads in a north-easterly direction through the sparsely populated but fertile landscape between the Großer Bruch in the south and the Elm in the northeast. The B 82 crosses the federal highway 79 ( Wolfenbüttel - Quedlinburg ) in Semmenstedt and reaches Schöppenstedt on the edge of the Elm . Here it bends in an easterly direction and ends in Schöningen in Bundesstrasse 244 ( Wittingen - Wernigerode ).

Local authorities

In Schöningen, the B 244 from Wernigerode in the direction of Helmstedt connects to the B 1 and the A 2 motorway in the directions of Berlin and Hanover .

Crossed waters

State of development

Federal road 82 in the 2 + 1 system near Langelsheim
route start of building completion km Construction Current
Crossing B 248 - AS Langelsheim-West Sep 18 2017 Nov 15, 2019 5.2 km three-lane (2 + 1 system) B82
AS Langelsheim-West - AS Langelsheim-Süd 1994 1999 2.2 km
AS Langelsheim-Süd - AS Langelsheim-Ost 1999 2002 2.0 km
AS Langelsheim-Ost - AS Astfeld / Goslarsche Straße 1999 2005 3.7 km
Individual proof:

Langelsheim bypass

The route to Langelsheim via Herzog Juliushütte was built between 1994 and 2005 as a three-lane, southern bypass as part of the B 82.

Hahausen - Langelsheim

On September 18, 2017, preparations began to convert the cross-section of the road into an alternating three-lane road in the area between the Langelsheim-West and Hahausen / B 248 exits. In the course of this, on September 25, 2017, the elevation-free redesign of the intersection to the L 496 into a one-sided exit began, the structure was released on December 3, 2018.

The actual work began with the renovation of the top floor cover on the section of road on July 11, 2019. From August / September 2019, the expansion of the road cross-section is planned; the road will be opened to traffic on November 15, 2019. The total costs for the renovation are around 15 .0 million euros (as of 2018).

Execution as federal motorway 36

In politics, a motorway-like (four-lane) expansion as the B 82n was and is being considered in order to close the gap between the federal motorways 7 and the A 36, which is also initially designated as the B 6. However, according to the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transport from 2018, even after the rededication of federal highway 6 to A 36/369, a motorway-like expansion of the B 82 is not planned, as construction projects in other regions of the state are given higher priority.

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