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A trunk road connects distant places. The Trans-Sumatra Highway is 2,500 km long and is part of the Asian highway project with the number AH 25.

A trunk road (also trunk road ) is a public traffic route with a high level of development , which is primarily used for long-range traffic. This generally includes motorways and motorways . The trunk roads form a transport network within a state , which is also connected to the transport networks of neighboring states.


Construction of a trunk road in Germany according to the new guidelines

In the Weimar Republic , these supraregional connecting roads were called "Fernverkehrsstraßen" (long-distance traffic routes) (also abbreviated as "FVS" in official texts) since the numbering began on January 17, 1932. In 1934 the trunk roads were renamed Reichsstraßen (R). In the GDR , the designation " Fernverkehrsstraße " with the abbreviation "F" was also used for road classification. The numbering of the Reichsstrasse has been largely adopted.

In Germany, according to the Federal Trunk Road Act, both federal motorways and federal highways are trunk roads.

Since June 18, 2013, the “ Guidelines for the Construction of Rural Roads (RAL)” have stipulated that trunk roads be developed as three-lane roads in the 2 + 1 system . The directional lanes are separated by a double solid line, in which the space is colored green for better delimitation.


Austrian road traffic law does not specifically define this term. However, it is used in common parlance for federal motorways and federal expressways.


There are no road traffic regulations in Switzerland. The term is not used in relation to Swiss roads.

Roads owned by the federal government are referred to as national roads , those owned by the canton as cantonal roads . Roads with a longer course are referred to as autobahns , motorways or main roads , regardless of their ownership, depending on their expansion .



United States

Interstate highways in the United States are jointly owned by the federal and state governments.

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