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Nuremberg (long-distance) road network

As the road network , the overall structure of each is roads within a transport area (eg, within a region, a city or a country) called. Together with other modes of transport , it forms a (overall) transport network . The road network is divided into different road classes , which take on different functions. The road construction administration is responsible for the new construction and maintenance of the road network .

Germany, for example, has a regional road network with a total length of over 231,000 km. The lengths of all contained therein motorways , national roads , regional roads and county roads . The municipal roads are missing in this list, they have a length of over 413,000 km.


A road network arises from the need to cope with transport tasks. These transport tasks take place between different areas of people's life (for example, workplace and place of residence).

The term network density is closely related to the road network . It describes a ratio of road length to area (unit km / km²). This number allows conclusions to be drawn about the economic development of a region or a country, since a well-developed road network is crucial for economic development.

It should be noted, however, that information on the road network and network density does not yet allow any statements about the usefulness of the roads. There, a more detailed consideration must be made with regard to the road cross-section , the alignment and the pavement .

Road network length

Worldwide, the total length of the road network, consisting of paved and unpaved roads, is around 31.7 million kilometers. The United States has the most extensive road network with 6.5 million kilometers, followed by the People's Republic of China with 3.86 million kilometers and India with 3.3 million kilometers. In Europe, France has the longest road network with 951,000 kilometers.

List of the ten longest road networks worldwide
country Road network length
surface Network density
(km / km²)
United States 6,506,204 9,629,091 0.68
People's Republic of China 3,860,800 9,571,302 0.40
India 3,320,410 3,287,590 1.01
Japan 1,210,251 377.835 3.20
Canada 1,042,300 9,984,670 0.10
Russia 982,000 17,075,400 0.06
France 951.200 668.763 1.42
Australia 823.217 7,692,030 0.11
Spain 681.298 504,645 1.35
Germany 644.480 357.121 1.80

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