Bundesstrasse 463

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Bundesstrasse 463 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 463
Course of the B 463
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 145 km
  of which in planning: 5.7 km

State :

Course of the road
City district of Pforzheim
Expressway end Autobahn beginning Transition in A8
Junction (43)  Pforzheim -WestA8 B10
Junction Pforzheim Dietlinger Strasse (until 2019)
tunnel (1,335 m)  Arlinger tunnel
Junction Pforzheim-Brötzingen
Junction Sonnenberg ascent
tunnel (2,205 m)  Sonnenberg tunnel
Locality Pforzheim B10 B294
District of Calw
Locality Unterreichenbach
Locality Bad Liebenzell
Locality Calw B295 B296
Locality Bad Teinach
Locality Wildberg
Locality Nagold B28
Locality Hochdorf
Freudenstadt district
Locality Horb am Neckar B28
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty replaced by B28B32
Autobahn beginning replaced by A81
Junction (31)  Received A81
Zollernalb district
Locality Haigerloch
Locality Balingen B27
Locality Albstadt - Ebingen
Bypass Winterlingen bypass 
District of Sigmaringen
Locality Sigmaringen B32
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The federal highway 463 (abbreviation: B 463 ) is a German federal highway . It leads from Pforzheim via Calw , Wildberg , Nagold , Horb am Neckar , Haigerloch , Balingen and Albstadt to immediately north of Sigmaringen , where the B 463 joins the B 32 .



    The Vicinalstraße leading from Nagold to Wildberg was upgraded to a state road in 1861.

    Previous routes and names

    The section between Pforzheim and Nagold is known as Nagoldtalstraße and from 1901 between Pforzheim and the Baden - Württemberg state border at Unterreichenbach was led as Baden state road 158 . Today's Bundesstraße 463 had different numbers before the introduction of the Reichsstraße network :

    country State road length course
    to bathe # 158 23.2 km Pforzheim - state border (–Calw)
    Württemberg No. 108 12.6 km (Pforzheim–) State border - Calw
    Württemberg No. 103 23.9 km Calw - Nagold
    Württemberg No. 88 30.5 km Horb - Haigerloch

    The federal highway 463 was established in the late 1960s.


    The plan is to relocate the B 463 in the city of Pforzheim and, as Pforzheim's west bypass, will in future lead traffic from the Nagold valley around the city center. The junction to the B 10 and A 8 was already completed in June 2012. On November 20, 2015, the ground-breaking ceremony took place for the extension to Landesstrasse 562 (Dietlinger Strasse).

    A section of the route between Horb am Neckar and the Empfingen motorway junction has been replaced by the B 32 and A 81 . At Balingen it is partially united with the B 27 .

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    The bridge over the Eyach at Kühlen Grund between Haigerloch and Balingen