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Rebeuvelier coat of arms
State : SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton of JuraCanton of Jura Law (JU)
District : Delémontw
Municipal municipality : Courrendlini2 w1
Postal code : 2832
former BFS no. : 6720
Coordinates : 598236  /  241571 coordinates: 47 ° 19 '30 "  N , 7 ° 24' 55"  O ; CH1903:  598236  /  241571
Height : 664  m above sea level M.
Area : 8.42  km²
Population density : 46 inhabitants per km²
View of Rebeuvelier from the road to Vermes

View of Rebeuvelier from the road to Vermes

Rebeuvelier (Switzerland)
w w
Parish before the merger on January 1, 2019

Until December 31, 2018, Rebeuvelier was a political municipality in the Delémont district of the canton of Jura in Switzerland . The former German name Rippertswiler is no longer used today. Not to be confused with the Bernese municipality of Rebévelier .

On January 1, 2019, Rebeuvelier merged with Courrendlin and Vellerat to form the municipality of Courrendlin.


The farming village of Rebeuvelier is 664  m above sea level. M. , seven kilometers southeast of the canton's capital Delémont (as the crow flies) on a wide saddle north of Mont Raimeux , which forms the southern end of the Delsberg basin , a broad depression in the Jura .

The area of ​​the 8.4 km² municipal area includes the Rebeuvelier basin. This is flanked in the west by Montchemin (up to 860  m above sea level ), in the north by Rosé ( 800  m above sea level ) and Moton ( 797  m above sea level ). In between there are two valleys that drain the municipality to the north. In the south, the Rebeuvelier area stretches up the steep slope of the Jura folds of Mont Raimeux and reaches 1302  m above sea level at its summit . M. the highest point of both the municipality and the canton of Jura. In the far south-west, Rebeuvelier extends to the limestone cliffs Roche Saint-Jean in the area of ​​the Moutier gorges created by the Birs . In 1997, 3% of the municipal area was accounted for by settlements, 50% for forests and woodlands and 47% for agriculture.

Several individual farms belong to Rebeuvelier. The neighboring municipalities of Rebeuvelier are Courrendlin , Courroux , Vicques and Vermes in the canton of Jura and Grandval and Roches in the canton of Bern .


With 384 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2018), Rebeuvelier is one of the smaller communities in the canton of Jura. 93.6% of the residents are French-speaking, 5.1% German-speaking and 0.6% Italian-speaking (as of 2000). The population of Rebeuvelier was 332 in 1850 and 392 in 1900. Thereafter, the population decreased by around 45% to 220 people by 1980 due to strong emigration. Since then, significant growth rates have been recorded again.


The community is still predominantly agricultural. In the last few decades a new residential area has developed on the northern edge of the village. There are few jobs outside of the agricultural sector in the village. Many employees (around 60%) are therefore commuters and work mainly in the Delémont region.


Rebeuvelier is away from major thoroughfares; it is accessed by a spur road to the main road from Delémont to Moutier . The village is connected to public transport by a bus line that runs from Delémont via Courrendlin to Rebeuvelier.


The place is first mentioned in 1148 as Ripoltswilre , later the French name Rebvouilier appears . These designations can be derived from the Germanic personal name Ripold . As one of the 13 free villages of the Delsberg rule, Rebeuvelier came to the Principality of Basel in 1271 . The parish of Rebeuvelier became dependent on Vermes in the 17th century , but became independent again in 1772. From 1793 to 1815 the village belonged to France and was initially part of the Département du Mont-Terrible , from 1800 it was linked to the Department of Haut-Rhin . As a result of the decision of the Congress of Vienna , Rebeuvelier came to the Canton of Bern in 1815 and to the newly founded Canton of Jura on January 1, 1979.

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