Federal Highway 173

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Bundesstrasse 173 in Germany
Federal Highway 173
Course of the B 173
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Bad Staffelstein
( 50 ° 8 ′  N , 11 ° 2 ′  E )
End of street: Dresden
( 51 ° 3 ′  N , 13 ° 44 ′  E )
Overall length: 267 km

State :

Development condition: see below
Course of the road
Free State of Bavaria
Lichtenfels district
Junction (13)  Lichtenfels A73
Autobahn end Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Franconian Switzerland Nature Park
Junction Lichtenfels -West St 2197
Junction Lichtenfels-Mitte St 2203
Junction Lichtenfels-East B289
Expressway end End of the highway
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B289direction Zettlitz
Locality Lichtenfels OT drive
Locality Hochstadt am Main
bridge via the Bamberg – Hof railway line
flow Main
together with B289direction Lichtenfels
Bypass Zettlitz St 2191 bypass B289 
bridge via the Bamberg – Hof railway line
Bypass Redwitz bypass  on Rodach St 2208
District of Kronach
flow Rodach
Locality Küps
bridge via Frankenwaldbahn
Bypass Johannisthal bypass  B303
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B303direction Marktrodach
Locality Kronach St 2200B85 
flow Hasslach
flow Rodach
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B303direction Küps
Locality Marktrodach B303
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Franconian Forest Nature Park
flow Rodach
Locality Steinwiesen St 2207
flow Rodach
flow Wild Rodach
Bypass Wallenfels bypass 
flow Wild Rodach
flow Lamitz
Hof district
Bypass Schwarzenbach am Wald bypass 
Motorway junction Straßdorf / Schwarzenbach St 2194
Bypass Naila St 2158 bypass 
flow Selbitz
bridge under the Hof – Bad Steben railway line
Bypass Selbitz St 2195 bypass 
Junction (32)  Naila / Selbitz A9 E51
Junction (2)  Courtyard St 2692A72 E441 
Bypass Köditz bypass 
District-free city of Hof
Locality Hof (Saale) St 2192B2 B15 
flow Saale

Symbol: tourist Theresienstein

Locality Hof-Haidt
Hof district
Junction (2)  Hof-Ost A93
Autobahn beginning replaced by A93A72 E441
Free State of Saxony
Vogtland district
Junction (5)  Pirk S 311A72 E441 
crossing at Weischlitz S 311
Locality Plauen S 297 S 312B92 E49  
flow 2 × White Magpie
Junction (7)  Plauen-East A72 E441
Autobahn beginning replaced by A72 E441
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Gradation of the course between Reichenbach and the Autobahn connection Plauen-Ost to state and district roads
Locality Reichenbach in Vogtland B94
bridge via the Leipzig – Hof railway line
Motorway junction Reichenbach S 289 (to B94)
Bypass Neumark bypass  S 289
Zwickau district
Locality Light fir OT Altrottmannsdorf
Locality Light fir OT Schönfels S 282a
flow Pleiße
Locality Fir tree S 293
Locality Zwickau B93 B175
flow Zwickauer Mulde
Locality Mülsen S 286
Bypass Bypass  Lichtenstein / Sa. S 255  S 256
Locality Bernsdorf
Locality Oberlungwitz S 242B180 
Independent city of Chemnitz
Locality Chemnitz-Mittelbach S 246
Junction Chemnitz-Reichenbrand S 245
Locality beginning Beginning of  Chemnitz
Junction Siegmar S 244
node (14)  Chemnitz-South A72 E441
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B169through Chemnitz
Locality Stilt village
Locality Helbersdorf
Locality Chapel
Locality Kapellenberg
bridge under the Dresden – Werdau railway line
Locality center B95
flow Chemnitz
Locality Sonnenberg S 236B174 
bridge via the Dresden – Werdau railway line
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Chemnitz Central Station
crossing August-Bebel-Strasse B107
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B169through Chemnitz
Locality Hilbersdorf B169
Junction Chemnitz Südring / Chemnitzer Strasse
Central Saxony district
Locality Niederwiesa S 238
Bypass Flöha bypass B180
flow Zschopau
Locality Flea B180
Locality Flöha OT Falkenau S 237
Locality Oederan S 201  S 207
Locality Oberschöna S 203  S 206
Bypass Freiberg bypass 
Locality Freiberg S 184 S 190 S 196B101   
flow Freiberg Mulde
flow Bobritzsch
Locality Bobritzsch OT Naundorf S 194  S 208
Locality Neck bridge OT Niederschöna
District of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains
Locality Wilsdruff OT Mohorn S 195
flow Instinctively
Locality Wilsdruff OT Herzogswalde
Locality Wilsdruff OT Grumbach S 192
Bypass Kesselsdorf bypass  S 36
Independent city of Dresden
Locality beginning Start of town  Dresden
Junction (2)  Dresden-Gorbitz A17 E55
Junction Dresden- Gompitz
Junction Dresden- Kesselsdorfer Strasse
Locality Gorbitz
Locality Löbtau S 194
tunnel Brams tunnel
flow Weißeritz
bridge via the Dresden – Werdau railway line ( Nossener Bridge )
Locality Südvorstadt S 172
Locality Inner old town B6
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
  • The national highway 173 (abbreviation: B 173 ) is a German federal highway in the free states of Bavaria and Saxony .


    The route of the B 173 between Hof and Zwickau largely corresponds to the old Via Imperii . On to Dresden , it largely follows the historic Frankenstrasse , which led from Dresden in an easterly direction on the B 6 towards Upper Lusatia and on to Silesia . At the latest since the Upper Saxon city was founded in the 12th century and for the accessibility of the former imperial city of Chemnitz, this path played, which crossed the mountain knot ( Franconian Forest , Fichtelgebirge , Ore Mountains ) from the Main region , opened up the Vogtland and served as a trade and later as a post route , a not insignificant role. It connects many important crossings over rivers that arise in the Fichtelgebirge and Ore Mountains. The road layout served as a section of the Way of St. James , running from north-east to south-west , albeit with less importance than other routes.

    In 1718 Adam Friedrich Zürner presented his "New Chursächsische Post-Charte". As a result of this survey, the stone, so-called Kursächsische Postmeile columns in the Saxon cities were also erected along this route from 1721 . Freiberg alone still has three such post mile pillars. In the context of industrialization up to the Second World War , the path was of great importance as a road that connected the Franconian cities with the industrial centers in the south of Saxony .

    The National Highway  173 resulted originally from Bamberg to Hof . The route from Hof ​​to Zwickau was part of the R 2 before 1937 , the route from Chemnitz to Dresden part of the R 7 . After the Second World War, it was gradually expanded into a yellow motorway in Franconia between Bamberg and Lichtenfels . The connection on the Bavarian-Saxon border was interrupted during the division of Germany . Until the completion of today's Bavarian Vogtland motorway triangle in 1966, the B 173 was used as a bypass route to connect the A 72 to the A 9.

    The four-lane section of the B173 between the motorway junction Bamberg and the junction Lichtenfels was upgraded from 1 January 2008 to the highway and is now part of Bundesautobahn 73 . Since then the main road has started in Lichtenfels; Until the expansion, the intersection with the B 4 north of Breitengüßbach was the original starting point. Since the upgrade to the motorway, the truck toll has been due; This means that the route can no longer be used as a "toll evasion route".

    In mid-2008, a new, four-lane section of the B 173 between the Dresden-Gorbitz junction (A 17) and Gorbitz was released. A four-lane bypass from Kesselsdorf has been built since May 6, 2009 and the subsequent route to Grumbach has been relocated to a new route. The Kesselsdorf bypass was finally released on July 5, 2011. The residents of the town of Flöha successfully tried to change the traffic situation and to relieve the traffic. With the official start of construction on October 6, 2008, the relocation of the B 173 and the S 223 began.

    As of January 1, 2016, the sections between Reichenbach and the Plauen-Ost motorway junction and between the Pirk motorway junction and the Saxony / Bavaria border were downgraded to district roads.



    Lichtenfels market square with the Catholic parish church and Upper Gate

    The federal highway 173 begins at the junction Lichtenfels as a highway-like road ; the A 73 turns here in the direction of Coburg - Suhl . At the junction Lichtenfels-West ends the Bavarian state road St 2197, which was dedicated as federal road 173 before the opening of the inner German border and before the new four-lane construction of the autobahn-like B 173, today's A 73. At the junction Lichtenfels-Mitte, the St 2203 begins in the direction of Langheim Abbey .

    The four-lane expansion ends after the Lichtenfels-Ost junction; A further expansion to Kronach has been discussed since the 1980s and, with the exception of the Oberlangenstadt-Küps through-town, was included in the urgent requirement of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 and approved. The federal highway 173 and the B 289 share the same route as far as Zettlitz . The street crosses the Main between Hochstadt and Zettlitz . From Zettlitz, where the St 2191 joins, the B 173 runs largely parallel to the Rodach and leads via Redwitz an der Rodach with the confluence of the St 2208, Küps with the confluence of the St 2200 and Neuses to Kronach . On this last section it is expanded to four lanes. It crosses both the Rodach and the Haßlach .

    In Kronach it crosses the B 85 and merges with the B 303 . There the St 2200 leaves the federal highway again.

    In Marktrodach the B 303 branches off again and the B173 crossed the border to the Franconian Forest . The road continues to run parallel to the Rodach to the Remitzhof district of the Steinwiesen community . There the St 2207 joins and the B 173 follows the Wilden Rodach to Wallenfels . Via the western districts, the federal road approaches the town of Schwarzenbach am Wald . At the bypass, the federal road crosses the St 2194 and nearby at an altitude of 670 m, the B 173 crosses the Elbe-Rhine watershed .

    The church of St. Marien in Hof

    At Naila , the B 173 leaves the Franconian Forest Nature Park and crosses the state roads 2158 and 2195. The B 173 touches Selbitz and crosses the A 9 shortly after the confluence of the St 2158 and a little later, after the confluence of the St 2692, the A 72 . The road finally leads to Hof via Köditz . The St 2191 joins Hof and briefly runs on the same route as the federal road. After the B 15 came into contact with the B 2 at the same point , the St 2191 left the common route a little later.

    The two federal highways 2 and 173 cross the Saale together and then separate again. The B 173 then leads east again out of the city.

    • Street names in Hof:
      • Hofecker Strasse
      • Ernst-Reuter-Strasse
      • Kulmbacher Strasse
      • Schützenweg
      • Lessingstrasse
      • Schleizer Strasse
      • Plauener Strasse

    Seven kilometers after Hof, the B 173 crosses the federal motorway 93 . The further course via Ullitz to the state border between Bavaria and Saxony was replaced by the A 93 and the A 72 .


    The B 173 begins again at the Pirk junction of the A 72 , where the S 311 also joins. Via Weischlitz-Rosenberg and the district of Meßbach , the federal road reaches the urban area of ​​the city of Plauen . The B 173 crosses the B 92 near the lower station and crosses the White Elster a second time shortly after the Alte Elsterbrücke .

    View of the town hall tower in Plauen

    Shortly after the confluence of the S 297, the Elster is passed again and the road then runs in an S-bend to the Plauen-Ost junction of the A 72, where the S 312 joins just before the motorway.

    • Street names in Plauen:
      • Hofer Landstrasse
      • Hofer Strasse
      • Reichenbacher Strasse
      • Stresemannstrasse
      • Hammerstrasse
      • Dresdner Strasse
      • Outer Reichenbacher Strasse

    The A 72 replaces the B 173 in the further course. The old route ran over the Pöhl dam to Netzschkau , Mylau and on to Reichenbach . The next section of the B 173 begins here at the intersection with the B 94 .

    • Street names in Reichenbach:
      • Friedenstrasse
      • Cunsdorfer Strasse
      • Zwickauer Strasse

    State road 289 joins the B 173 from the southeast at the border with Neumark. After bypassing the town to the south, the state road leaves the federal road to the northwest at the border of the Vogtland district . The expansion of the S 289 / S 61 is being planned or carried out as a measure on the west route and is intended to improve the connection to the A 4 . In Schönfels , the S 282a joins the main road, which continues to Lichtentanne and there crosses the Pleiße .

    Theater Zwickau

    After a few kilometers the road reaches the center of Zwickau . There it touches the B 175 and crosses the B 93 , shortly before it crosses the Zwickauer Mulde on the Glück-Auf-Brücke . The Silberstraße also begins in Zwickau , which from here takes its course south through the Ore Mountains and meets the B 173 again in Freiberg.

    • Street names in Zwickau:
      • Reichenbacher Strasse
      • Humboldtstrasse
      • Doctor Friedrichs Ring
      • Glück-auf-Brücke
      • Outer Dresdner Strasse

    In its further course, the B 173 leads past Zwickau's eastern border past the Colombstein monument and crosses the “longest municipality in Saxony”, Mülsen , in the valley of the Mülsenbach , with the state road 286, bypasses Lichtenstein on a northern bypass road , crosses the S 255 in the process shortly before Bernsdorf on the S 256 and shortly before Gersdorf , on the border with Oberlungwitz, crosses the B 180 . The Sachsenring is located in the immediate vicinity of this intersection . The S 242 joins as it runs through the municipality of Oberlungwitz and after leaving the town, the federal road continues eastwards to the city of Chemnitz . The S 246 is crossed in its Mittelbach district . In Chemnitz-Reichenbrand, the federal road crosses the S 244 before it reaches the Chemnitz-Süd junction of the A 72 in the Siegmar district .

    The Südring branches off not far from this junction and a little later, in the Kapellenberg district , the B 169 joins the B 173 from the south. Together they cross the B 95 in the center and cross the Chemnitz . Shortly after crossing the river, the B 174 and a little further on the S 236 join .

    Gunzenhauser Museum on the B173 in Chemnitz

    A little later, near the Chemnitz main station , the B 107 branches off . In the Hilbersdorf district , the B 169 and the B 173 separate again and the B 173 passes the Dresdner Strasse location of the Chemnitz hospital , heading east out of the city.

    • Street names in Chemnitz:
      • Hofer Strasse
      • Neefestrasse
      • Kappler turn
      • Zwickauer Strasse
      • Bahnhofstrasse
      • Waisenstrasse
      • Dresdner Strasse

    The B 173 reaches Niederwiesa as a four-lane road . Behind the city, the road narrows again to two lanes, crosses the Zschopau and shortly afterwards takes the B 180 from the northwest. In the urban area of Flöha , the two federal highways separate again and the B 173 runs parallel to Flöha in an eastward direction from the city. A bypass road has been built in Flöha since October 6, 2008, to relieve the city of through traffic. In Falkenau the S 237 opens a little later and the national road reaches Oederan .

    The road continues via Oberschöna to Freiberg . At the southern bypass of the old town, the B 101 is crossed.

    • Street names in Freiberg:
      • Chemnitzer Strasse
      • Bebelplatz
      • Schiller Street
      • Hornstrasse
      • Dresdner Strasse.

    The S 190 joins the edge of the Halsbach district and the Freiberger Mulde is crossed in the center of the district . On the western edge of Naundorf , the main road crosses the Bobritzsch and shortly afterwards the S 208 and S 194 join. The Freiberg – Bobritzsch section is part of the Silberstraße . The B 173 turns to the north, in the direction of Niederschöna and after passing through the village, the federal road leads northeast from the district of Central Saxony and reaches the district of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains . The S 195 joins the Wilsdruffer district of Mohorn . The Triebisch is crossed between Mohorn and Herzogswalde . Further east in the district of Grumbach, the road crosses the S 192 and continues towards Kesselsdorf , where the S 36 uses a short stretch of the same route. Since June 5, 2011, Kesselsdorf has been bypassed on a bypass.

    At the city limits of Dresden , the B 173 reaches the federal motorway 17 with the Dresden-Gorbitz junction. The street leads through four lanes through the districts of Gompitz , Gorbitz and Löbtau . There it initially leads south on both sides of the Weißeritz , before it finally crosses the river shortly after the confluence of the S 194 and continues to the southeast. In the southern suburb , it makes a hook to the northeast at the confluence of the S 172 and a little later runs in an arc on the edge of the Wilsdruffer suburb to the Elbe . Shortly before crossing the river on the Marienbrücke , the B 173 changes into the B 6 .

    Further expansion

    Efforts are being made to expand the B 173 to four lanes in the Lichtenfels  - Kronach section in the medium term .

    In the Marktrodach market area, a bypass in the 2 + 1 system for the Zeyern district is currently under construction. The opening is planned for autumn 2020.

    In the Reichenbach / Vogtland area , a shorter connection from the A 72 to the A 4 is being created as part of the construction of the west route . The construction of the bypass creates a direct connection between the B 94 and the B 173.

    The 13.5 kilometer bypass around Freiberg , which the city is to bypass in the south and west together with the B 101, is in the planning approval process . Several lawsuits stopped the start of construction, u. a. because the bypass was planned by a European species protection area.

    State of development

    The development of the B 173 is structured as follows:

    section Stripes Dividing strip comment
    A73AS Lichtenfels - B289AS Lichtenfels-Ost 4th Yes motorway-like
    B289 AS Lichtenfels-Ost - Neuses Süd 2 No  
    Neuses Süd - Kronach Südbrücke 4th Yes motorway-like
    Kronach south bridge - Zwickau-Maxhütte 2 No  
    Zwickau-Maxhütte - Zwickau-Neuplanitzer Strasse 4th Yes urban
    Zwickau-Neuplanitzer Strasse - Zwickau-Äußere Dresdner Strasse 4th No urban
    Zwickau-Äußere Dresdner Strasse - S 244 Chemnitz-Siegmar 2 No  
    S 244 Chemnitz-Siegmar - Chemnitz-Goethestrasse 4th Yes urban
    Chemnitz-Goethestrasse - S 236 Chemnitz-Zentrum 6th Yes urban
    S 236 Chemnitz-Zentrum -B169Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf 4th No urban
    B169 Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf - Chemnitz city limits 2 No  
    City limits of Chemnitz - K 7703 Niederwiesa 4th Yes Similar to the motorway, but not free of intersections
    K 7703 Niederwiesa - S 36 Kesselsdorf 2 No  
    S 36 Kesselsdorf - Dresden-Pennrich 4th Yes Similar to the motorway, but not free of intersections
    Dresden-Pennrich - B172Dresden-Innere Altstadt 4th Yes urban

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