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Bundesstrasse 85 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 85
 European Road 53 number DE.svg
Course of the B 85
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Berga
( 51 ° 28 ′  N , 11 ° 1 ′  E )
End of street: Passau
( 48 ° 35 ′  N , 13 ° 27 ′  E )
Overall length: 493 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane
B85 at cham.jpg
Federal road 85 near Cham
Course of the road
State of Saxony-Anhalt
Mansfeld-Südharz district
Junction (13)  Berga A38
crossing Junction Roßla L 151
Bypass Berga / Kelbra bypass
Railroad Crossing Berga-Kelbra – Stolberg (Harz) railway line
Locality Berga L 151
Railroad Crossing Railway line Halle – Hann. Münden
flow Helmets
Locality Kelbra L 234 L 220
Free State of Thuringia
crossing Rathsfeld L 2292
Locality Bad Frankenhausen L 1172
crossing Rottleben / Bad Frankenhausen bypass B86
Locality Seehausen
crossing Oldisleben bypass B86
Locality Oldisleben L 1221 L 2287
Locality Sachsenburg B86
flow Unstrut
Railroad Crossing Sangerhausen – Erfurt railway line
crossing Junction Heldrungen L 3086
Railroad Crossing Sangerhausen – Erfurt railway line
Locality Gorsleben
Locality Etzleben
Railroad Crossing Sangerhausen – Erfurt railway line
bridge over A71
Sömmerda district
Locality Schillingstedt
Roundabout Streitsee L 1051
crossing North bypass Kölleda B176
Locality Koelleda B176
Railroad Crossing Peppermint train
Locality Großneuhausen
Railroad Crossing Peppermint train
Locality Olbersleben L 2164
flow Lossa
Railroad Crossing Peppermint train
Roundabout Hauenthal L 1058
bridge via the new Erfurt – Leipzig / Halle line
Weimarer Land district
Bypass Buttelstedt / Daasdorf bypass
Locality Buttelstedt L 1055
flow Shear probe
Locality Daasdorf
Locality Großobringen L 2159
Independent city of Weimar
Locality Schondorf
Roundabout Schondorf B7
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B7direction Nohra
crossing Ettersburger Strasse L 1054
crossing Gaberndorf
bridge under the Halle – Bebra railway line
crossing Tröbsdorf
Junction Weimar -West
Weimarer Land district
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B7Weimar
Locality Nohra B7
Junction (48)  Nohra A4 E40
Locality Troistedt
Roundabout Gutendorf L 2155 junction
Bypass Bad Berka bypass
crossing Branch laying field L 1053
bridge via the Weimar – Kranichfeld railway line
Locality Bad Berka B87
flow Ilm
Locality Blankenhain L 1060
flow Schwarza
Locality Lengefeld
Locality Neckeroda
District of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
Bypass Teichel bypass
Locality Teichel L 1052
crossing Junction Clöswitz L 2391
Locality Teichröda L 1050
flow Gutter
Locality Ammelstädt
Bypass Plantwirbach bypass
Locality Plant Wirbach
flow Gutter
flow Gutter
Locality Rudolstadt B88
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B88direction Schwarza
Locality Rudolstadt B90
Bypass Volkstedt bypass 
Bypass Schwarza- Ost bypass 
flow Saale
flow Saale
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B88direction Rudolstadt
crossing B88
bridge under the Arnstadt – Saalfeld railway line
Start of expressway Motorway together with B281direction Pößneck
Junction Saalfeld-West B281
flow (130 m)  Saale
Junction Remschütz
bridge (470 m)  Saalfeld station bridge over the
Arnstadt – Saalfeld line , Saalbahn , Leipzig – Probstzella line
Junction Saalfeld-East B281
Expressway end End of the road together with B281direction Neuhaus
bridge via the Arnstadt – Saalfeld, Saalbahn, Leipzig – Probstzella railway lines
Locality Saalfeld
bridge via the Leipzig – Probstzella railway line
Locality Obernitz
Bypass Fischersdorf bypass 
Locality Kaulsdorf L 1106
flow Saale
Locality Eichicht
flow Loquitz (3 ×)
Locality Stool soda B90
Railroad Crossing Railway line Hockeroda – Unterlemnitz
flow Sormitz
bridge via the Leipzig – Probstzella railway line
flow Loquitz
Locality Unterloquitz
Locality Arnsbach
Locality Schaderthal
flow Loquitz (3 ×)
bridge via the Leipzig – Probstzella railway line
Locality Probstzella L 1098 L 2376
bridge via Frankenwaldbahn
flow Loquitz
Free State of Bavaria
District of Kronach
Locality Ludwigsstadt OT Lauenstein
Locality Ludwigsstadt
Locality Steinbach am Wald
Locality Pressig OT Förtschendorf
bridge Bridge over the Frankenwaldbahn
Locality Pressig OT Rothenkirchen
Locality Pressy
Locality Stockheim OT Neukenroth
Locality Stockheim
Locality Stockheim OT Haßlach B89
Locality Kronach OT Glosberg
Locality Kronach OT Gundelsdorf
bridge Underpass of the Frankenwaldbahn
Locality Kronach OT Knellendorf
flow Hasslach
Locality beginning Beginning of  Kronach
Confluence B173B303
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B173 B303
bridge Bridge over the Frankenwaldbahn
Confluence B173B303
flow Rodach
Village end End of town Kronach
Locality Kronach OT Friedrichsburg
Locality Weißenbrunn OT Friedrichsburg
Locality Weißenbrunn
District of Kulmbach
Locality Kulmbach OT Kirchleus
Locality Kulmbach OT Lösau
Locality Kulmbach OT Petzmannsberg
Junction Kulmbach center B289
flow White main
Junction Kulmbach-West B289
Locality Kulmbach
Locality Neudrossenfeld OT Unterbrücklein
Junction (24)  Kulmbach / Neudrossenfeld A70 E48
Bypass Neudrossenfeld bypass 
flow Red Main
Bayreuth district
Locality Heinersreuth
Independent city of Bayreuth
Locality Bayreuth B2 B22
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B2direction Pegnitz
Bypass Oberkonnersreuth bypass 
Junction (42)  Bayreuth South A9 E51
Motorway junction B22
Locality Bayreuth-Wolfsbach
Bayreuth district
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Franconian Switzerland Nature Park
Motorway junction Neuenreuth
Locality Cussen
Locality Beak woad
Bypass Bypass  Zips
Bypass Buchau bypass
Bypass Rosenhof bypass 
Locality Pegnitz
bridge over A9 E51
Bypass Neudorf bypass  B2 B470
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B2direction Bayreuth
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B470direction Auerbach
Junction (44)  Pegnitz A9 E51
flow Pegnitz
Amberg-Sulzbach district
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B470direction Neudorf
Bypass Auerbach bypass  B470
Bypass Edelsfeld bypass 
Bypass Sulzbach-Rosenberg bypass  B14
District-free city of Amberg
Locality On the mountain B299
flow Vils
Amberg-Sulzbach district
Junction (67)  Amberg-East A6 E50
Junction Schafhof industrial park
Bypass Pittersberg bypass 
Schwandorf district
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Motorway junction Schwandorf- NorthB15
flow Naab
Motorway junction Fronberg
Junction (32)  Schwandorf-North A93
Expressway end Autobahn beginning replaced by A93
Junction (33)  Schwandorf center A93
Bypass Wackersdorf bypass 
Bypass Bypass bypass  Bodenwohr
Bypass Bruck bypass  in the Upper Palatinate
Locality Bruck OT Mappach
Cham district
Locality Roding OT new building
Bypass Roding OT Neubäu bypass
Locality Roding OT Altenkreith B16
Roding OT Mitterdorf
flow rain
Bypass Roding bypass 
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Locality Roding OT Wetterfeld
tunnel (180 m)  Wetterfeld tunnel
Junction Weather field
Junction Cham-Untertraubbach
Junction Cham -West
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Historic old town of Cham
Junction Cham-South B20
Motorway junction Chammünster
Motorway junction Cham center B20 B22
Motorway junction Cham- Chameregg
Expressway end End of the highway
Bypass Miltach bypass 
Regen district
Bypass Prackenbach bypass 
Bypass Viechtach bypass 
Bypass Patersdorf bypass  B11
Bypass Bypass  rain B11
Bypass Rinchnach bypass 
Bypass Kirchdorf bypass 
Freyung-Grafenau district
Bypass Eppenschlag bypass 
Bypass Bärnreuth bypass  B533
Bypass Schönberg bypass  B533
Locality Eberhardsreuth
Bypass Saldenburg bypass 
District of Passau
Bypass Tittling bypass 
Bypass Neukirchen vorm Wald bypass 
Bypass Ruderting bypass 
Bypass Tiefenbach bypass 
Independent city of Passau
Locality Passau B12
Bridge of the B 85 near Viechtach
Aerial view of the federal highway 85 near Wackersdorf
Logo of the beer and castle route

The Federal Highway 85 (abbreviation: B 85 ) is a German national road with a length of 493 km. It begins near Berga on the northern edge of the Kyffhäuser , runs southeast across Thuringia and Bavaria past Bayreuth , Amberg and Cham (Upper Palatinate) and finally ends in the three-river city of Passau .

Places along the B 85: Berga - Bad Frankenhausen / Kyffhäuser - Kölleda - Weimar - Rudolstadt - Saalfeld / Saale - Ludwigsstadt - Kronach - Kulmbach - Bayreuth - Pegnitz - Auerbach in the Upper Palatinate - Sulzbach-Rosenberg - Amberg - Schwandorf - Bruck idOPf. - Roding - Cham - Viechtach - Regen - Schönberg (Lower Bavaria) - Tittling - Passau

The predecessor was Reichsstraße  85 Berga - Bayreuth - Vilseck - Amberg - Passau . Between Bad Frankenhausen / Kyffhäuser and Passau, the B 85 is part of the tourist beer and castle road , between Cham and Passau part of the old Bavarian Ostmarkstraße , which was completed in 1938.

The B 85 is very well developed in places (e.g. longer four-lane sections between Amberg , Schwandorf , Roding and Cham ).

Course and expansion

Mansfeld-Südharz district

After the opening of the Südharzautobahn A 38 between Nordhausen and Roßla , the B 85 in Berga in the district of Mansfeld-Südharz was extended from the intersection with the former B 80 to the motorway entrance in an easterly direction.

Starting at the intersection with the former federal highway 80 , the B 85 runs south through Berga, and leaves the place after crossing the Sangerhausen-Nordhausen railway line . To the east of the Kelbra dam , the B 85 crosses the Helme and Kelbra .


After the B 85 has left Kelbra, the main road crosses the Kyffhäuser. The northern part of the crossing is very popular with motorcyclists due to its 36 double curves. For this reason, these 4 km are very accident-prone, especially in the summer months. The federal road continues through the Kyffhäuser directly past Rathsfeld Castle and finally crosses Bad Frankenhausen , bypassing the old town.

The B 85 continues past the Kyffhäuser barracks via Seehausen (Bad Frankenhausen) to Oldisleben in a south-easterly direction. The B 85 continues in a southerly direction along the Unstrut to Sachsenburg through the Thuringian Gate , after leaving this the B 85 runs along the Sangerhausen – Erfurt railway line , which is crossed three times, through the towns of Gorsleben and Etzleben . The federal highway 71 is bridged south of Etzleben . From 2009 to August 2015 this ended at the federal highway.

Sömmerda district

The B 85 continues through Schillingstedt to Kölleda , where the federal highway 176 is crossed. After leaving Kölleda, the B 85 crosses the Straußfurt – Großheringen railway line , known as the Pfefferminzbahn, three times, as well as the towns of Großneuhausen and Olbersleben . The new Erfurt – Leipzig / Halle line is crossed south of Olbersleben .

District Weimarer Land / City of Weimar

The B 85 then reaches the town of Buttelstedt and continues via Daasdorf to Großobringen . Because of the narrow through-roads of Buttelstedt and Daasdorf, these should be relieved of a bypass.

South of Großobringen, the B 85 reaches Weimar with its Schöndorf district . In this she meets the federal road 7 with which she is led together to Nohra . The center of Weimar is bypassed by a north-western bypass. The route through southern Weimar and Legefeld was downgraded in 2015. Since then, the B 85 has been running via Troistedt to Bad Berka . Between Nohra and Troistedt the federal highway 4 is crossed at the junction Nohra. After Bad Berka, the B 85 continues via Blankenhain to Rudolstadt.

District of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt

After reaching the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district , the main road crosses the town of Teichel , which was one of the smallest towns in the GDR. The road then follows the Gornitzbach and the Rinne via Teichröda , Ammelstädt and Pflanzwirbach to Rudolstadt , where they flow into the Saale , which is now followed by the B 85 together with the B 88 and the Saalbahn , both of which lead to Jena. At Schwarza the common course ends with the B 88, which continues to Ilmenau . The B 85 meets the Arnstadt – Saalfeld railway line , along which the main road now leads to Saalfeld . Due to the traffic load, the road is to be expanded to four lanes here. The old town of Saalfeld has already been relieved with a bypass road, whereby the main road now affects the city to the east. The rest of the route follows the Leipzig – Probstzella railway line to the Bavarian border.

District of Kronach

The federal road between Förtschendorf and Steinbach am Wald in the Kronach district.

In the north of the Kronach district , the main road between Förtschendorf and Steinbach am Wald overcomes a height difference of around 100 meters over a length of three kilometers. In winter road conditions, the section of the route, which had several relatively narrow curves with radii between 80 and 130 meters in combination with steep climbs, was often obstructed by broken down trucks . For this reason, the road was expanded from 2011 to 2014 with three lanes, flatter climbs and larger curve radii of 200 to 300 meters. The first section, around 1.9 kilometers long, from Förtschendorf to the confluence with the KC 18 district road was built from April 2011 and released in autumn 2012. The approximately 1.4 km long second section from the confluence of the district road to Steinbach am Wald followed in 2013/14. On May 24, 2014, the entire 3.3-kilometer route was officially opened to traffic with a ceremony that was also attended by Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann .

A total of around twelve million euros had to be spent on expanding the road section. The reason for this comparatively high sum is the very extensive earthmoving work with a volume of around 710,000 t and the necessary slope stabilization work. For reasons of space, the slope on the mountain side of the road has a significantly steeper angle than is usually the case; In order to minimize the risk of falling rocks, steel nets were therefore installed along the entire length to secure the slopes. In the area of ​​the section completed in 2012 alone, 30,000 square meters of steel mesh were fastened with 7,000 rock nails.

District of Kulmbach

In a two-year construction period, an approximately 3.5 km long section in the northern city of Kulmbach was expanded. Previously, the main road was led over a narrow and winding route through the Lösau forest and was a hotspot for accidents. The main road was leveled and the roadway widened, the curve radii were enlarged.

A four-lane expansion of the federal road from the southern urban area of ​​Kulmbach to the Kulmbach / Neudrossenfeld junction to the federal motorway 70 is planned . Violent public protests have stopped the construction project for the time being, now the plan is to be reduced to a three-lane route in the 2 + 1 system. From the public side, the reason for the expansion is that they want to connect Kulmbach better to the motorway in order to bring more industry and commerce into the city. Opponents point out that a time saving of less than two minutes over seven kilometers does not justify this major project and that there will also be increased noise pollution for the residents, which cannot be counteracted enough.

District of Amberg-Sulzbach and Amberg

Between Sulzbach-Rosenberg and Amberg, a three-lane expansion in five construction phases was completed between 2001 and 2013. A four-lane expansion to a length of 2.4 kilometers between the A6, Amberg-Ost and Pittersberg is an urgent requirement of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030.

Schwandorf district

In October 2009, the four-lane expansion of the B 85 near Wackersdorf in the Schwandorf district was completed after a two-year construction period. In December 2009, the four-lane expansion of the B85 between  Altenschwand and Bodenwöhr was completed. At Mappenberg, the B 85 has been expanded to three lanes.

A four-lane expansion of B 85 from the A 93, motorway junction 33 " Schwandorf-center " to the branch to the B 16 at Altenkreith (Roding, district of Cham) provides the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 in the further need with planning law before, that is, after the 2030th

Cham district

In the Cham district, the B 85 is very well developed, and further expansion plans are in place.

The planning approval procedure for the 4 km long bypass of the Roding district of Neubäu has been running since 2010 . At that time, the cost was estimated at 13.4 million euros. The planning approval decision was issued in March 2013 and became legally valid in January 2015. According to the publicly laid out documents, this section is to be built with 3 lanes for so-called 2 + 1 operation. Construction began in November 2015. The largest structure will be the 83 meter long bridge over a biotope (pond) and the Hauser Bach . The bypass was opened to traffic on November 16, 2018. The construction costs amounted to 28 million euros, after 19 million euros had originally been estimated.

Between the Rodingen districts of Neubäu and Altenkreith , the B 85 is over-wide. There are plans for the 4-lane expansion for the Altenkreith bypass from the confluence of the B 16 and the subsequent section at Roding.

The 4-lane expansion of the section near Wetterfeld (between Piendling and Wulfing ) began on August 1, 2012. The tunneling under the Wetterfeld area began in 2014. It was opened to traffic on October 27, 2016.

On December 5, 2007, the motorway-like expansion of the 8.2 km long section of the B 85 between Cham-Wulfing and the Cham-Süd junction (connection to the B 20 ) was completed after a three-year construction period. Since then, it has had two lanes in each direction, separated by a crash barrier. This section of the route in the city of Cham connects individual districts with three junctions. In addition, the B 85 north of Neubäu has four lanes.

The Chameregg bypass has been accessible since August 7, 2010. This 1.9 km long and four million euro expensive new building was constructed between April 2009 and August 2010.

Regen district

In the near future, the B 85 in the Regen district will be expanded by building overtaking lanes in several places.

It is planned to combine the accident-prone junctions "Rehau" and "Antonius" in the Viechtach municipality. In 2013, the Passau road construction authority presented plans for a bridge over the B 85, ​​two roundabouts and a total of seven adjacent lanes. The four million euro project is very controversial among the Viechtachers. A traffic light is currently regulating the traffic at the Rehau entrance.

At Ayrhof, the federal road is to be expanded to three lanes as far as the service area on the Aitnach.

To the east of Viechtach, the junction in Fernsdorf and the crossing of the B 85 were equipped with a separate lane. This crossing and the Ayrhof crossing were equipped with crossing aids.

The confluence of the B 11 into the B 85 in the area of ​​the Patersdorf community has been expanded. A roundabout with a bypass has been set up here.

On August 19, 2013, the groundbreaking ceremony for the 1.4 km long and 3.5 million euro three-lane expansion took place at Marcher Berg west of Regen, in order to allow the traffic, which is blocked in winter by black ice and slow trucks, to flow better . In 2014 the section was opened to traffic.

Freyung-Grafenau district

In the Freyung-Grafenau district, there are still two through-roads in Eberhartsreuth and shortly thereafter in Gumpenreit. The planned bypasses have a length of 2.4 and 1.6 km and expected costs of 17.3 and 2.5 million euros.

In addition, the subsequent route to Preying has not been developed. It has tight curves, a narrow road cross-section and steep gradients. A completely new building is planned here in the medium term. This section should have a length of 4.0 km and cost 12.3 million euros. A motorway feeder from Grafenau via Thurmannsbang to Eging is to be connected to the B 85.

All three projects are classified in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan as “further needs”.

District of Passau

From August 8, 2005 to July 21, 2009, construction was carried out on the bypass of Neukirchen vorm Wald in the Passau district . The 5.2 km long route cost 19.6 million euros. The first part of this bypass at Sittenberg was provisionally put into operation in September 2007 and fully operational in early August 2008. The Neukirchen bypass went into operation a year later on July 21, 2009. This means that the B 85 is free of local traffic in the entire Passau district.

Relocation / expansion plans

Due to the parallel federal motorway 71 , the B 85 is to be graduated between Hauenthal and Sachsenburg . At the same time, it is to be relocated to the current L 1058 from Hauenthal to Frohndorf, where there is a connection to the federal highway 71. The western part of the Sömmerda bypass is also planned as federal highway 85.

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