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Bundesstrasse 22 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 22
Course of the B 22
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Kitzingen
( 49 ° 47 ′  N , 10 ° 12 ′  E )
End of street: Cham
( 49 ° 13 ′  N , 12 ° 41 ′  E )
Overall length: 258 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane
Image Winklarn 2010 01.JPG
Bundesstrasse 22 near Winklarn
Course of the road
Free State of Bavaria
Kitzingen district
Junction (75)  Kitzingen / Schwarzach St 2271A3 
Bypass Schwarzach-OT Hörblach bypass
Bypass Schwarzach bypass  St 2271  St 2450
Locality Schwarzach-OT Düllstadt St 2421
Locality Wiesentheid -OT Reupelsdorf
crossing at Prichsenstadt-OT Laub St 2260
Locality Prichsenstadt-OT Stadelschwarzach
bridge via the Kitzingen – Schweinfurt railway line
Junction north of Prichsenstadt B286
flow Schwarzach
Locality Prichsenstadt-OT Neuses am Sand
Locality Prichsenstadt-OT Neudorf
Schweinfurt district
crossing south of Oberschwarzach St 2272
Locality Oberschwarzach-OT Breitbach St 2272
Bamberg district
Locality Ebrach st 2258
Locality Ebrach-OT Eberau
Locality Burgwindheim-OT Mendenmühle
flow Middle fallow
Locality Burgwindheim
flow Middle fallow
Locality Burgwindheim-OT Kappel
Locality Burgwindheim-OT Kötsch
Locality Burgebrach-OT Mönchherrnsdorf
Locality Burgebrach-OT Wolfsbach
flow Middle fallow
Locality Burgebrach-OT Mönchsambach
Locality Burgebrach-OT Dürrhof
Locality Burgebrach-OT Klemmhof
Locality Burgebrach-OT Schatzenhof
Locality Burgebrach St 2262
Bypass Bypass bypass Burgebrach-OT Unterneuses St 2263
flow Rauhe Ebrach
Locality Burgebrach-OT Oberharnsbach
Locality Frensdorf -OT Birkach
flow Aurach
Locality Stegaurach-OT Debring
Junction east of Stegaurach St 2276
District-free city of Bamberg
crossing Bamberg-Wildensorger Hauptstrasse
crossing Bamberg-Waizendorfer Strasse / Babenbergring St 2254
Junction Bamberg-Buger Strasse
Junction Symbol: Up Bamberg-Schellenbergerstrasse
Locality beginning Beginning of  Bamberg
flow Left Regnitzarm
crossing Bamberg-Rhein-Main-Danube dam
flow Right arm of regnitz
flow Main-Danube Canal
crossing Bamberg-Forchheimer Strasse
crossing Bamberg-Rotensteinstrasse / Gereuthstrasse
bridge under the Nuremberg – Bamberg railway line
crossing Bamberg-Von-Ketterler-Strasse
crossing Bamberg-Münchner Ring / Berliner Ring
crossing Bamberg-Gutenbergstrasse
crossing Bamberg-Nürnberger Strasse
crossing Bamberg-Forchheimer Strasse
crossing Bamberg-Gutenbergstrasse
Village end End of Bamberg
Junction (24)  Bamberg-South A73 B505
Autobahn beginning replaced by A73 A70 E48
Bamberg district
Junction (18)  Scheßlitz St 2190 St 2210A70 E48
Locality Scheßlitz-OT Würgau
crossing east of Scheßlitz-OT Würgau St 2190
Locality Stadelhofen -OT Steinfeld
flow Wiesent
flow Wiesent
Locality Königsfeld -OT Treunitz
Bayreuth district
Locality Hollfeld-OT Wiesentfels
Locality Hollfeld-OT hole
Locality Hollfeld-OT Freienfels
Locality Hollfeld-OT Neidenstein
Locality Hollfeld-OT Weiher
Locality Hollfeld St 2189 St 2191 St 2281
flow Kainach
Locality Hollfeld-OT pilgrimage village
Locality Hollfeld-OT Schönfeld
Locality Eckersdorf-OT Busbach
Locality Eckersdorf-OT Eschen
Bypass Eckersdorf-OT Schanz bypass
Locality Eckersdorf-OT Oberwaiz
crossing west of Eckersdorf St 2186
Locality Eckersdorf
Locality Eckersdorf-OT Donndorf
Independent city of Bayreuth
crossing south of Bayreuth-OT Meyernberg St 2163
crossing Bayreuth-Rheinstrasse
Locality beginning Beginning of  Bayreuth
crossing Bayreuth-Bamberger Strasse / Spitzwegstrasse
crossing Bayreuth-Wörthstrasse / Wallstrasse
crossing Bayreuth-St.-Nikolaus-Strasse / Jakobstrasse
crossing Bayreuth Freedom Square
crossing Bayreuth-Kulmbacher Strasse
crossing Bayreuth-Dammallee / Am Sendelbach
crossing Bayreuth-Am Mainflecklein / Am Mühltürlein
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B85direction Pegnitz
crossing Bayreuth-Schulstrasse
crossing Bayreuth-Annecyplatz
crossing Bayreuth-Josephsplatz B2
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B2direction Pegnitz
crossing Bayreuth-Romanstrasse
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with direction Hof or KulmbachB2 B85
crossing Bayreuth-Wieland-Wagner-Strasse B2 B85
bridge under the Schnabelwaid – Bayreuth railway and the Weiden – Bayreuth railway
crossing Bayreuth-Koenigsallee
crossing Bayreuth-Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse
crossing Bayreuth-Kerschensteinerstraße /
bridge over A9 E51
Locality Bayreuth-OT Aichig
Junction southeast of Bayreuth-OT Aichig
(to ) A9 E51
Bayreuth district
flow Red Main
Locality Weidenberg -OT Neunkirchen
Locality Weidenberg-OT fiefdom
flow Oil carving
bridge via the Weiden-Bayreuth railway line
Bypass Seybothenreuth bypass 
Bypass Speicherersdorf-OT bypass Kirchenlaibach St 2184
Bypass Speicherersdorf bypass 
Locality Speicherersdorf-OT Lettenhof
flow Haidenaab
Locality Speicherersdorf-OT Wirbenz
Tirschenreuth district
Locality Kemnath-OT Neuwirthshaus
Locality Kemnath-OT Oberndorf
Bypass Kemnath bypass St 2665 St 2168
Locality Kemnath-OT Schönreuth
Bypass Kemnath-OT Waldeck bypass
Bypass Kemnath-OT Guttenberg bypass
Locality Erbendorf-OT Kornhof
Locality Erbendorf-OT road shaft
Junction southwest of Erbendorf B299
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B22direction Tirschenreuth
Bypass Erbendorf bypass 
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B299direction Amberg
crossing southeast of Erbendorf B299
Junction southwest of Krummennaab St 2181
Locality Erbendorf-OT Steinbach
Locality Erbendorf-OT Geiselhof
Bypass Erbendorf-OT Wildenreuth bypass
Locality Erbendorf-OT Frodersreuth
Locality Erbendorf-OT Gramlhof
Neustadt an der Waldnaab district
Bypass Kirchendemenreuth bypass 
Bypass Kirchendemenreuth-OT Döltsch bypass
Locality Kirchendemenreuth-OT Obersdorf
Locality Kirchendemenreuth-OT Wendersreuth
flow Sauerbach
Junction (21b)  Altenstadt an der Waldnaab St 2395A93
Locality Altenstadt an der Waldnaab
Independent city of Weiden in the Upper Palatinate
Junction Weiden-Dr.-Kilian-Straße (to A93)
crossing Weiden-Neustädter Strasse / Ostmarkstrasse St 2657
bridge under the Weiden – Oberkotzau railway line
Junction Weiden-Am Langen Steg
flow Waldnaab
Junction Weiden-Vohenstraußer Strasse /
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse St 2166
Junction Weiden-Leuchtenberger Straße /
South bypass Weiden St 2238 (to A93)
Neustadt an der Waldnaab district
Bypass Bechtsrieth bypass 
Bypass Irchenrieth bypass 
Bypass Leuchtenberg-OT Michldorf bypass
flow Luhe
Bypass Leuchtenberg bypass 
Locality Leuchtenberg-OT Wieselrieth
Junction (72)  Leuchtenberg A6 E50
Locality Leuchtenberg-OT Bernrieth
flow Pfreimd
Locality Tännesberg-OT Großenschwand
Bypass Tännesberg St 2157 bypass 
Schwandorf district
Locality Gleiritsch -OT lamp direction
Locality Teunz-OT Zeinried
Bypass Teunz St 2156 bypass 
Bypass Oberviechtach bypass  St 2159  St 2398
Locality Oberviechtach-OT Forst
Locality Winklarn-OT Obereppenried / Untereppenried
flow Ascha
Bypass Winklarn bypass  St 2152 St 2160
Cham district
Locality Rötz-OT Gänsschnabl
Locality Rötz-OT Pillmersried
Bypass Rötz-OT Hetzmannsdorf bypass
Bypass Rötz bypass  St 2150 St 2151
Bypass Schönthal bypass 
flow Schwarzach
crossing at Schönthal-OT Kleinschönthal St 2400
Locality Schönthal-OT Rhan
Locality Schönthal-OT Lixendöfering
Locality Pemfling -OT Birkmühle
Bypass Pemfling-OT bypass Grafenkirchen
crossing west of Waffenbrunn St 2151
Locality Waffenbrunn-OT Rhanwalting
Locality Cham-OT Wackerling
bridge via the Schwandorf – Furth im Wald railway line
Bypass Willmering St 2146 bypass 
Bypass Cham bypass 
flow rain
Junction Cham East B20 B85
Template: AB / Maintenance / NextDEGermany Continue  B20towards Straubing

The federal road 22 (abbreviation: B 22 ) leads from Würzburg in Lower Franconia via the Upper Franconian cities of Bamberg and Bayreuth and the Upper Palatinate city ​​of Weiden to Cham at the foot of the Bavarian Forest . At Schwarzach am Main it branches off from the A 3 and joins the federal roads 20 and 85 at Cham .

As a bypass road, it leads past the Upper Franconian communities of Seybothenreuth and Speichersdorf and the Upper Palatinate cities of Kemnath , Erbendorf , Oberviechtach and Rötz . In Bayreuth, it shares a section of the four-lane city center ring with Bundesstraße 2 and Bundesstraße 85.

Between Erbendorf and Cham, the B 22 is part of the Bavarian Ostmarkstrasse , which was completed in 1938.



The Würzburg prince-bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim was appointed bishop of Würzburg in 1755 and also bishop of Bamberg in 1757 . He promoted road construction in his two dioceses and had the road between his residential cities of Würzburg and Bamberg expanded into a continuous road . The road from Bamberg to Bayreuth was also turned into a road on the section to Würgau.

Previous routes and names

The long-distance road 22 (FVS 22) established in 1932, renamed Reichsstraße 22 (R 22) in 1934, was a junction of Reichsstraße 15 from Mitterteich to Eger . This section of the route later became part of federal highway 299 .

It was not until 1937 that the well-developed country road between Würzburg, Bamberg and Bayreuth was included as Reichsstraße 22 in the network of Reichsstraße . In 1937 this Reichsstraße only ran as far as Weiden. The condition of the road east of Bayreuth was described as dangerously bad in 1938.

The Bavarian Ostmarkstrasse was completed in 1938. For strategic military reasons, it was built parallel to the then German-Czechoslovakian border and was the first north-south connecting road that was suitable for motor vehicles and ran through the Upper Palatinate Forest . It replaced the previous Reichsstrasse between Weiden and Erbendorf.


In 1959, a new Main Bridge was built for Bundesstraße 22 near Stadtschwarzach .

A section was replaced by the A 70 between the Scheßlitz junction and the Bamberg junction . From there it runs on the A 73 to the Bamberg Süd junction. The route of the old B 22 from Bamberg to Scheßlitz has been rededicated as State Road 2190.

The route from Bundesstraße 8 to Schwarzach was downgraded to State Road 2450 in 2016. Since then, the B 22 has started at the Kitzingen-Schwarzach junction of the federal motorway 3 and interrupts the state road 2271 there.

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  1. ^ From Stegaurach to Bamberg, four lanes similar to a motorway; in the city of Bayreuth partially four-lane
The B 22 at Freiheitsplatz in Bayreuth