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Bundesstrasse 87 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 87
Course of the B 87
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Frankfurt (Oder)
( 52 ° 21 ′  N , 14 ° 32 ′  E )
End of street: Stadtilm
( 50 ° 46 ′  N , 10 ° 3 ′  E )
Overall length: 317 km

State :

Development condition: two-lane
Eilenburg B87.jpg
Federal road 87 near Eilenburg
Course of the road
State of Brandenburg
Independent city of Frankfurt (Oder)
Locality Frankfurt (Oder)
Junction (9)  Frankfurt (Oder) -center L 382A12 E30 B112 
bridge over A12 E30
crossing B112
Locality Frankfurt OT Markendorf
Oder-Spree district
Bypass Müllrose bypass  L 37  L 373  L 435
flow Oder-Spree Canal
Locality Ragow-Merz
flow Spree
Bypass Beeskow bypass  B168 B246
Locality Dive OT Rancid
Locality Dive OT Sabrodt
flow Spree
Locality Dive OT Trebatsch
Locality Dive OT Mittweide
District of Dahme-Spreewald
crossing L 442
Locality Märkische Heide OT Birkenhainchen B179 B320
Locality Märkische Heide OT Biebersdorf L 443
crossing L 42
flow Spree
Locality Lübben (Spreewald) L 44 L 49B115  
Railroad Crossing Lower Lusatian Railway
Junction (8th)  Duben A13 E55
Locality Luckau OT Duben
Bypass Luckau bypass  L 442B96 B102 
Locality Heideblick OT Langengrassau
Railroad Crossing 2 × Niederlausitzer Railway
Locality Heideblick OT desert stamp
Elbe-Elster district
Locality Hohenbucko L 70
Locality Fichtwald OT Naundorf
crossing at Wehrhain L 691
Locality Close L 68
crossing L 704
Locality Kremitzaue OT Kolochau L 72
Locality Herzberg OT Alt Herzberg B101
flow Black magpie
Locality Herzberg B101
Free State of Saxony
Northern Saxony district
Locality Beilrode OT Döbrichau S 22
crossing at Beilrode S 25
Locality Beilrode OT Großtreben-Zwethau S 25
Locality Torgau OT bridgehead B183
flow Elbe ( bridge Torgau 509 m)
Locality Torgau B182
Locality Mockrehna S 16
Locality Doberschütz
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Motorway junction Eilenburg-Ost S 11  ( S 19 )
flow (318 m)  trough
flow (44 m)  Mill moat
Motorway junction Eilenburg B107
Expressway end End of the highway
Locality Jesewitz
flow Parthe
Locality Taucha S 79
Independent city of Leipzig
Junction (25)  Leipzig-Northeast A14
Locality beginning Beginning of  Leipzig
Locality Paunsdorf B6
Locality Schönefeld B2
Locality Center-east B2
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Central Station
Locality center B6
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Arena Leipzig
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Central Stadium
flow White magpie
Locality Leutzsch B181
flow Elster-Saale Canal
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Kulkwitzer See
Village end End of Leipzig
District of Leipzig
Locality Markranstädt B186
State of Saxony-Anhalt
Burgenland district
Locality Lützen L 184
Motorway junction L 188
Junction (28)  Lützen L 189A38 
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty downgraded to L 188
Autobahn beginning replaced by A38 A9 E51
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty replaced by B91
Motorway junction Weißenfels-South B91
Locality Weissenfels
crossing L 199
Locality Teuchern OT Prittitz L 204
Locality Wethau L 200B180 
Locality Naumburg (Saale) L 204 L 205B88 B180  
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Naumburg Cathedral
Locality Naumburg OT Bad Kösen L 203
flow Saale
Bypass Eckartsberga bypass
Locality Eckartsberga L 211 L 210B250 
Free State of Thuringia
Weimarer Land district
Railroad Crossing Straussfurt – Großheringen railway line
crossing Reisdorf L 2158
Locality Rannstedt
flow Ilm
Locality Apolda L 1057
bridge via the Halle – Bebra railway line
Locality Oberroßla
Locality Rödigsdorf
Locality Schwabsdorf
Locality Umpferstedt B7
bridge under the Weimar – Gera railway line
Locality Mellingen L 2161
flow Ilm
Junction (50)  Apolda A4 E40
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty downgraded to K 511
Autobahn beginning replaced by A4 B85
Locality Bad Berka B85
Railroad Crossing Weimar – Kranichfeld railway line
Locality Munich
Locality Tannroda L 1060
Locality Crane field L 1052
flow Ilm
Locality Barchfeld on the Ilm
Ilm district
Locality Dienstedt L 1050
flow Ilm
Locality Grosshettstedt
Locality Stadtilm L 1048 L 1049
bridge (201 m)  under the Ilm Valley Viaduct
( Arnstadt – Saalfeld railway line )
flow Ilm
Locality Oberilm
crossing Stadtilm junction B90
bridge (630 m)  under the Ilmtalbrücke Griesheim
( Bundesstrasse 90 )

The federal highway 87 (abbreviation: B 87 ) is a federal highway in Germany . It begins in Ilmenau and ends in Frankfurt (Oder) . It runs in Thuringia on parts of the Thuringian Porcelain Route and the Romanesque Road .



Today's federal highway 87 was used as a road connection between Frankfurt (Oder) and Leipzig in the Middle Ages . Between Leipzig and Eckartsberga it follows the historical course of the Via Regia . Its expansion into a fortified art road was completed in 1819. The road link from Leipzig to Eilenburg was also completed by 1845. In order to enable the extension of the route from Eilenburg to Frankfurt (Oder), a share association was founded on November 20, 1854. The Frankfurt an der Oder Leipziger Chausseebaugesellschaft had its seat in Lübben. The route ran from Eilenburg via Torgau, Herzberg, Schlieben, Luckau, Lübben, Beeskow and Müllrose to Frankfurt (Oder). The easternmost section of the route between Frankfurt (Oder) and Beeskow was expanded into a paved artificial road in 1856. Road construction south of Umpferstedt did not begin until 1860 with the section to Mellingen.

Previous routes and names

The Prussian Staatschaussee No. 33 ran from Frankfurt (Oder) to the Saxon city of Leipzig. There the Prussian State Office No. 69 began , which connected Leipzig and Weißenfels. In Weißenfels, this street led into the Prussian State Office No. 66 , which led from Halle to Weimar.

With the original numbering in 1932, the then long-distance road 87 (FVS 87), renamed Reichsstraße 87 (R 87) in 1934, ended at the then long-distance road 7 (later Reichsstraße 7 ) in Umpferstedt (between Jena and Weimar). In 1961 the road, now again called trunk road 87 (but abbreviated as F 87 ), was extended from Umpferstedt to Ilmenau .


Bundesstraße 87 has been running since 2000 between the Lützen Süd (A 38) and Weißenfels (A 9) junctions on the A 38 and A 9 motorways , the former route between Weißenfels and Lützen has been rededicated as the L 188. The section between Bad Berka and the Apolda junction of federal motorway 4 was downgraded to a district road in 2007. The last stretch between AS Ilmenau-Ost and the town of Ilmenau was downgraded to a country road in 2013. The piece between the junction and Stadtilm followed in 2018.

Further planning

The federal highway 87n from Meiningen to Fulda has been planned since 1996 , the Thuringian part of which is classified as a further requirement in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 . There will be no connection to the B 87, which ends in Ilmenau.

In the summer of 2009, the start of the regional planning procedure for the new construction of the B 87n between the north-east of Leipzig, Taucha and Eilenburg was announced. The new route was to run through the terminal moraine landscape of the Parthe with a four-lane expansion with a motorway character . After it became known, there were protests by environmental groups and residents, which resulted in the "Taucha Declaration". The regional planning procedure was discontinued in mid-2015. An alternative route to the north, which partly uses the S4 and B 2 to the west of Eilenburg and meets the A 14 at the Leipzig-Mitte junction , was included in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 as a "further requirement" . In the summer of 2018, DEGES started a participation process in which all variants are checked again. A tunnel up to two kilometers long under Taucha is also being examined.

In the 1990s, it was planned to replace the B 87 with the Leipzig-Lusatia axis planned as federal motorway 16 . After these plans had been rejected, at the end of August 2011 the long-term planned expansion of the B 87 between the BAB 14 and Torgau via Eilenburg with four lanes was also rejected. Since then, the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan only sees a need for a four-lane expansion in the BAB 14 – Eilenburg section; a three-lane B87 is sufficient between Eilenburg and Torgau. Most of the local politics were negative. The mayor of Eilenburg, Hubertus Wacker, gave its approval. The roadway extension for the three-lane section began in August 2016.

Currently (2011) there are plans for the Bad Kösen , Lübben and Naumburg (Saale) bypasses . For this purpose, the B 87 between Taugwitz and Wethau is to be re-routed. The Saale Valley would be spanned between Großheringen and Saaleck by a 1,200 m long bridge on bridge piers up to 60 m high. In the course of the planning, the question of the extent to which the planned area monument of the Naumburg and Saale Valley World Heritage Site would result was not examined. There was no coordination with ICOMOS and UNESCO .


B 87, Elbe bridge Torgau with flooded Elbe meadows, Hartenfels Castle

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