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Porzellanstraße is the name of two tourist streets in Bavaria and Thuringia , which focus on the development of porcelain . It is a marketing concept developed by private associations . In 2015 the concept was expanded and a Porcelain Route International was created in a cooperation between the federal state of Bavaria and the Czech Republic .

Bavarian Porcelain Route

Map of the Bavarian Porcelain Route in Rehau

A tourist “porcelain street” was opened in January 2003 in northeast Bavaria . Initiator was founded in 1996, club Porzellanstraße e. V. in Selb . According to the statutes, he wants to "draw the attention of domestic and foreign tourists to the product porcelain in all its variations and to the attractive landscape in which the production facilities are located".

Places on the Bavarian Porcelain Route

The following villages are located one after the other along the 550 km long Porcelain Route:

Thuringian Porcelain Route

A tourist “porcelain road” also leads through large parts of eastern and southern Thuringia. This was founded in 1992 by the Förderverein Thüringer Porzellanstraße e. V. , which today has its headquarters at the Leuchtenburg . Here too, the development of white gold can be experienced in numerous porcelain factories, factories and museums . The signage for the 340 km long route was introduced in 1999. On the traffic routes, a brown sign with a logo and white lettering marks the Thuringian Porcelain Route.

Places on the Thuringian Porcelain Route

The following alphabetical list is not intended to be exhaustive:

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  • Association Porzellanstraße e. V., hiking along the Porzellanstraße , Ludwigstr. 6, 95100 Selb

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