Federal motorway 13

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Federal motorway 13 in Germany
Federal motorway 13
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Course of the A 13
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Kiekebusch
( 52 ° 19 ′  N , 13 ° 33 ′  E )
End of street: Dresden - Hellerau
( 51 ° 8 ′  N , 13 ° 45 ′  E )
Overall length: 151 km

State :

Development condition: four-lane
A13 near Staakow.jpg
Federal motorway 13 near Staakow
Course of the road
State of Brandenburg
node (1)  Schönefeld Cross
A10 A113 E30 E36 E55
Junction (2)  Ragow
flow Notte Canal (bridge 50 m)
Junction (3a)  Mittenwalde
Junction (3b)  Bestensee B246
Rest stop Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Rest area at the Kahlberg
Green bridge Green bridge
Junction (4)  Great Koris
Junction (5a)  Teupitz
Green bridge Green bridge
Green bridge Green bridge
Junction (5b)  Baruth / Mark
Green bridge Green bridge
flow Dahme
Junction (6)  Staakow
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) Bugkgraben / Krausnicker Berge
Junction (7)  Freiwalde B115
Gas station Rest stop Symbol: hotelSymbol: rightSymbol: right Service area (with motel) Berstetal
Junction (8th)  Duben B87
Gas station Rest stop Symbol: leftSymbol: left Rüblingsheide service area
Junction (9)  Lübbenau / Spreewald
node (10)  Spreewald triangle A15 E36
Junction (11)  Kittlitz
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left RightSymbol: leftSymbol: left Parking lot (with toilet)
Junction (12)  Calau
parking spot Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right parking spot
Green bridge Green bridge
Junction (13)  Bronkow
Green bridge (10 m)  Green bridge
Junction (14)  Großräschen B96
Gas station Rest stop Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Service area Freienhufener Eck
Junction (15)  Klettwitz Symbol: truck stop
Junction (16)  Schwarzheide
Junction (17)  Ruhland B169
flow Black Elster (bridge 127 m)
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) Elsteraue / Ruhlander Heide
Junction (18)  Outskirts
flow Pulsnitz
Free State of Saxony
Junction (19)  Schönborn
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) meadow wood
Junction (20)  Thiendorf B98 Symbol: truck stop
Junction (21)  Radeburg
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) Finkenberg
Junction (22)  Marsdorf
node (23)  Triangle Dresden-North A4 E40 E55
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  • Traffic control system
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    1. Relocation planned by 500 m
      to the north
    Rieselfelder of the Stadtgut Deutsch Wusterhausen on both sides of the A13 south of the Schönefelder Kreuz

    The federal motorway 13 (abbreviation: BAB 13 ) - short form: Autobahn 13 (abbreviation: A 13 ) - is a federal trunk road in the east of the Federal Republic of Germany , which connects the cities of Berlin and Dresden . It begins at the Schönefelder Kreuz on the southern Berliner Ring ( A 10 ) and ends at the Dresden-Nord motorway triangle ( A 4 ). The city of Cottbus is also connected to this route through the A 15 branching off at the Spreewald motorway triangle .

    Important stations are Bestensee ( B 246 ), Mittenwalde , Teupitz , Lübbenau / Spreewald , Freienhufen ( B 96 ), Schwarzheide , Ortrand and Radeburg .


    The course of the A 13 was initially planned differently in the early 1930s than it was later implemented. The route was originally supposed to be about 30 kilometers further west between Golßen and Ortrand, roughly along the Berlin – Dresden railway line and thus affect the towns of Doberlug-Kirchhain , Finsterwalde , Luckau and Schlieben . This would mean that the motorway triangle to the A 15 would no longer exist and the existing motorway-free gap in the motorway network between Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin and Cottbus would be smaller.

    The sections from the Schönefeld junction to the Teupitz junction and from the Dresden-Nord triangle to the Ortrand junction were completed in 1938 with two lanes (two lanes in each direction) and the Ortrand – Ruhland section with one lane. The second lane was opened to traffic here in 1939. In the same year, the 39.5 km long Ruhland – Calau section (two-way) followed. In 1940, the Teupitz – Freiwalde and AD Spreewald - AS Calau sections followed in a two-lane design. Also in 1940, by closing the gap in the last remaining section Freiwalde - AD Spreewald, the Berlin – Dresden line was completed in a single-lane design. In 1962 this section was also expanded to two lanes. The crossing structure in the Spreewald motorway triangle was also initially unfinished, so that vehicles from and to Dresden had to drive on the southern ramps in oncoming traffic. The Spreewald motorway triangle was finally opened to traffic on December 4, 1962.

    In the area of ​​the Dresden-Nord motorway triangle, the A 13 was used from 1951 to 1971 as a motorcycle and car racing track at times ( Dresden motorway spider ).

    The German section of the motorway from Dresden to Prague was initially planned as a continuation of the A 13 after the fall of the Wall. In the meantime, the route has been implemented as the A 17 .

    Makeshift airfield near Ruhland

    On a long, dead straight stretch between the junctions Ortrand and Ruhland there was a makeshift motorway airport until the 1990s . The central reservation, which is usually green, was concreted at this point. This resulted in a runway together with the two lanes . This was supposed to serve primarily as a makeshift runway for the aircraft of the National People's Army and the armed forces allied with it, since according to the scenario the existing airfields were only intended for take-offs. It was expected that in the event of an invasion, the fighter jets would no longer have been able to land at the home airport.

    At both ends of the runway there were parking spaces for jet planes , which could be recognized by the exhaust jet deflectors. This was intended to protect the nearby forest from fires that, for B. could have been caused by the ignition of a jet engine. After the fall of the Wall , the aircraft parking spaces were converted into parking spaces, and these were also dismantled, so that in 2005 only the heaped up exhaust jet deflectors could be seen.

    Tank and rest area Freienhufen

    In June 1982, pedestrians crossed the motorway from the rest area on the east side to the parking lot on the west side

    The Freienhufen petrol station and rest area was the only petrol station and rest area between Dresden and Berlin. It was located south of the Drochow - Freienhufen connecting road in the immediate vicinity of the motorway maintenance depot, which still exists today. The facility consisted of a gas station on the west side and a combined gas station and rest area on the east side. After 1973 a steel bridge was added to the rest area so that travelers no longer had to cross the lane on foot. In addition, the median was given a fence to prevent pedestrians from crossing the lanes.

    The prohibition of pedestrians to cross the motorway was not consistently enforced at the Freienhufen motorway service station. In the photo from June 1982, pedestrians are still crossing the motorway. The fence on the median is not set continuously and is still open at this point.

    A sheet metal kiosk was later added to the site of the rest area. In an assessment by the GDR autobahn supervisory office from 1981, it was said of the “Freienhufen service complex”: “The traffic value of the service complex is very low, as there are no parallel lanes and the structural condition of the parking spaces is very poor. The petrol stations are very poorly located in terms of traffic and hinder traffic on both sides. Since there is a lack of storage space, the backlog of waiting vehicles on the lanes is considerable in the travel season. ”With the new construction of the two tank and rest areas at Freienhufener Eck (east and west), the Freienhufen facility has been dismantled.

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