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The Star Lite Motel in Dilworth, Minnesota , a typical American L-shaped motel from the 1950s

A motel , in German also Rasthaus , Raststätte or Autohof , is an accommodation and catering business for car travelers.

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Motels are on highways lying inns with appropriate parking .

Motel is a suitcase word from engine and hotel .

In contrast to a hotel, the rooms in the motel can often be reached directly from the outside without access control at a reception - mostly a short distance from the parking lot to make loading and unloading luggage easier. Motels often do not have their own restaurants and do not serve alcoholic beverages. Accommodation and catering are often located as one or as separate businesses in one place, in combination with petrol stations , repair shops , car care areas and other recreational infrastructure ( rest stop in the true sense, compare motorway rest stop ). Motels / rest houses generally have no curfew - even when it comes to hospitality - but are open 24 hours a day. For travelers and professional drivers (deliverers, truck drivers) there are also more specialized offers available.

The first motels emerged in the USA with mass motorization at the beginning of the 20th century . The American architect Arthur Heineman is considered to be the founder . The first motel ever opened on December 12, 1925 in San Luis Obispo , California under the name Motel Inn . They came to Europe primarily as a motorway service station from the 1950s and on other long-distance routes, later also in the outskirts of large cities in a convenient location.

The first motel in Germany, which architecturally corresponded to the American models, was built in 1953 in Tübingen under the name Touring Motel on urban land. In a contemporary description it was referred to as the “caravanserai of the 20th century” due to its structural shape: The rooms were located around a square inner courtyard and were accessed via a corridor on the outside. Under this corridor and the rooms there was the garage for the guest's vehicle belonging to the respective room on the ground floor. The restaurant and kitchen were in a special wing attached to one corner of the square. The touring motel had 24 rooms with 38 beds and, according to a city report, was "especially popular with foreign guests" in the opening year. The former touring motel has since been expanded and enlarged as a 4-star Hotel Stadt Tübingen , but the original building shape around a square inner courtyard has been retained.

Motels are usually simply furnished and inexpensive. Motels without receptionists, so-called machine hotels, are very popular in France . The guest books in by credit card and receives a password with which he can enter his room. A well-known machine hotel chain is Hotel F1 (previously: Hotel Formule 1 ).

In Latin America and East Asia , a motel serves almost exclusively as an hourly hotel and is usually used by couples in love or prostitutes and their customers.



In Austria § 111 para 5 are in accordance with trade regulations modes Motel and roadhouse distinguished former among the inns , which are hospitality establishments in which both accommodation of guests as well as catering (food delivery and beverage serving activities) is operated belong (like the hotel), temptation to the inns that are primarily used for taking meals (such as a restaurant). The blocking period does not apply to motels and rest houses.

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