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East Asia is a sub-region in East Asia . Its borders with respect to the neighboring large areas are drawn differently.

East asia
Topographic map of East Asia
East asia
Chinese name
Long characters 東 亞細亞
Abbreviation 东 亚细亚
Pinyin Dōngyàxìyà 1
Pinyin Dōngyǎxìyǎ 2
Jyutping dung 1 aa 3 sai 1 aa 3
Alternative name
Long characters 東亞
Abbreviation 东亚
Pinyin Dōngyà 1
Pinyin Dōngyǎ 2
Jyutping dung 1 aa 3
Japanese name
Kanji 東 亜 細 亜A
Kanji 東 ア ジ アB
Kana ひ が し ・ ア ジ ア
Kana ひ が し ・ あ じ あ
Hepburn Higashi Ajia
Alternative name
Kanji 東 亜
Hiragana と う あ
Hepburn Tōa
Korean name
Hangeul 동아시아
Hanja 東 아시아
RR Dong Asia
Alternative name
Hangeul 동아
Hanja 東亞
RR Dong A
Vietnamese name
Quốc Ngữ Đông Á
Hán tự 東亞
Alternative name
Quốc Ngữ Á Đông
Hán tự 亞東
Large model & small model
East Asia (orthographic projection) .svg
East Asia - in the narrower sense
East Asia Concepts

Large model and small model

The geographical delimitation of East Asia is controversial. The “small” model includes that part of Asia that is under the influence of the extra-tropical monsoons . These include today's states of the People's Republic of China (with Hong Kong and Macau , but occasionally without Xinjiang , Inner Mongolia and Tibet ), Republic of China (Taiwan) , Japan , North Korea and South Korea . Vietnam is geographically included in Southeast Asia , but culturally belongs to East Asia.

The "large" model developed by Carl Ritter differentiates between Northeast Asia , including Mongolia, and the Pacific coastal region of Russia east of the Amur, and Southeast Asia .

In general, the term is now used to refer to the “small” model, which can also be defined in cultural and historical terms as that part of Asia that was shaped by Chinese culture (especially Chinese characters , Daoism , Confucianism , Mahayana - Buddhism , chopsticks ).

The numerically largest peoples in East Asia are Han Chinese (see peoples of China ), Japanese (see Ainu , Ryūkyū ), Koreans and Vietnamese .

1 Pronunciation as Pǔtōnghuà in mainland China
2 Pronunciation as Guóyǔ in Taiwan
A. General pure Kanji notation
B. Popular Kanji - Katakana spelling

Northeast Asia as a broad term

Northeast Asia in the broader sense includes North Asia and East Asia , i.e. the entire Asian part of Russia (Siberia and the Far East) and Mongolia as well as China , Taiwan , Japan , North Korea and South Korea .

In a narrower sense , only the “real” northern East Asia is meant: China (occasionally only north of the Great Wall of China ), Japan, Taiwan , the Korean peninsula and the Far Eastern part of Russia .

In politics

In addition to the East Asian countries, the Southeast Asian countries as well as India, Australia and the USA are participating in the East Asia Summit (EAS).

The East Asian Community (EAC) is a planned trade bloc that includes the ASEAN Free Trade Area or the East Asia Summit (EAS).

Hans-Peter Bartels focuses on eight major conflicts in East Asia that threaten world peace.

In sports

The following states and territories are currently participating in the East Asian Games:

Russian governorship

East Asia was also called a Russian governorship , which existed between 1903 and 1905 and in Russian Dalni Wostok , d. H. Far East, was called. It consisted of the General Government of Amur , the Kwantung lease area and the rest of Manchuria .

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