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legal form GmbH
founding April 3, 2006
Seat Mühlweg 2b
82054 Sauerlach , Germany
management Hans Riethmayer, Elmar Bartel
Number of employees 29 (2019)
Branch Internet
Website www.leo.org

leo.org (stylized custom spelling : LΞO ) is an advertising-financed website that primarily offers bilingual online dictionaries . It is now operated by the private company LEO GmbH. It is the most visited of its kind in the German-speaking area.


LEO emerged from a network of FTP software and data archives that had been set up in 1992 by interested students at the Technical University of Munich and the LMU in Munich , before the web technologies HTTP and HTML existed . The aim at that time was to build up a large archive by combining various FTP archives available at individual chairs, which is thematically structured and whose individual areas are maintained and kept up-to-date by archivists. With the spread of the WWW, HTTP access to the archive was initially offered as an alternative to FTP access. In addition, students developed various services in their spare time, of which the dictionary is the most prominent part today. The operation of the same was transferred to a private company on April 1, 2006, but the use should remain free of charge.

Until the Internet Movie Database was commercialized , LEO operated the German IMDb mirror in addition to the dictionary .


Link Everything Online is the subsequently invented "meaning" (" Backronym ") of the name for the Internet server of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich , which was named after the Bavarian heraldic animal "Leo", ie lion . The services were initially offered under the name ISAR (Information Systems and Archive Munich, obviously also a backronym ). However, this led to confusion with a company of the same name, which made it necessary to rename.



All dictionaries offer translation options in both directions. The dictionaries are partly expanded and corrected by the LEO employees through larger “word donations” from individuals or companies, and partly due to discussions in the associated LEO forums . In addition to the pure translation, further information and audio files containing the pronunciation of the word are also offered for parts of the vocabulary. Additional information includes a definition by Merriam-Webster in English , the Real Academia Española in Spanish , and tables for the inflection , tenses and modes of verbs in French .

English German

Since 1996, LEO has included an English - German online dictionary with around 814,000 entries (as of 2018).

French German

Since 2004 there has been a French- German online dictionary with around 262,000 entries (as of 2018).

Spanish German

A Spanish- German dictionary with around 213,000 entries (as of 2018) has been available on LEO since April 1, 2006 .

Italian German

Since April 3rd, 2008 there is an Italian- German dictionary on LEO . It contains around 208,000 entries (as of 2018).


A Chinese- German dictionary has also been available on LEO since April 3, 2008 . A Chinese term can be entered with simplified and traditional characters as well as pinyin with diacritical marks, with digits for the phonetic indications or without phonetic indications. The dictionary contains around 202,000 entries (as of 2019).

Russian German

On April 12, 2010, LEO published a Russian- German dictionary. Its basic database was made available in cooperation with ABBYY Europe GmbH. It consists of around 318,000 entries (as of 2018). With a so-called input assistant, Cyrillic letters can also be clicked with the mouse or entered directly using the keys on the German keyboard.


On February 8, 2013, LEO published a Portuguese- German dictionary, it contains around 105,000 lemmas (as of 2018).

Polish German

A Polish- German dictionary was also published on February 8, 2013 . It comprises around 71,000 entries (as of 2018).


Links to informative and entertaining offers

A few links have been collected in this offer, for example to sports (e.g. football Bundesliga ) or literature .

Links to Munich and the surrounding area

Here web links to Munich are offered, whereby the topics roughly correspond to those in the first point.

LEO's cocktail bar

The cocktail bar offers around 2,600 recipes. In addition to an alphabetical search, the cocktail bar offers the option of using the so-called "mixer" to select any number of ingredients to be processed into a cocktail.

Language forums

For an active participation in the LEO language forums, it has been necessary to register and log in for a number of years, as the increasing popularity of the offer also increased the abuse by internet trolls and spambots , which this measure is intended to prevent. In the LEO language forums, the registered user has the opportunity to ask and answer questions and comments about the respective nation and language area, for example general linguistic inquiries about the national language or the customs and traditions of the country. For specific translation questions, the online dictionary offers individual forums in which users can post example sentences, which in turn are translated by the community. In addition, there is the function of private messages between all registered users of the online community. In addition, the user has the option of suggesting new vocabulary with a reference to the source and criticizing incorrect dictionary entries and thus correcting them if necessary.

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