Federal motorway 39

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Bundesautobahn 39 in Germany
Federal motorway 39
Course of the A 39
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Seevetal
( 53 ° 24 ′  N , 10 ° 0 ′  E )
End of street: Holle
( 52 ° 5 ′  N , 10 ° 11 ′  E )
Overall length: 204.1 km
  of which in operation: 99.3 km
  of which in planning: 104.8 km

State :

Development condition: four-lane
Railway bridge over the A 39 near Schandelah (Gem. Cremlingen)
Course of the road
State of Lower Saxony
node (1)  Maschener Kreuz (western part)A7 E45
flow Seeve (bridge 50 m)
node (1)  Maschener Kreuz (eastern part)A1 E22
Junction (2)  Seevetal - Maschen
Junction (3)  Winsen (Luhe) -West
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) Luhewiesen / Grevelau
flow Luhe (bridge 50 m)
Junction (4)  Winsen (Luhe) -Ost Symbol: truck stop
bridge Hanover – Hamburg railway line (160 m bridge)
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) Busschewald / Roddau
Junction (5)  Handorf B404
node (5)  Handorf triangle A21
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: touristSymbol: leftSymbol: left Bardowick Cathedral
Junction (6)  Lüneburg -NorthB4
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Lueneburg Heath
Autobahn end Crossing in LüneburgB4 B209
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Further construction planned:
Junction (7)  Lüneburg / Adendorf B209
Junction (8th)  Lueneburg-Moorfeld
Junction (9)  Lüneburg-Bleckeder Landstrasse
tunnel Cover (tunnel 399 m)
Junction (10)  Lueneburg-Neu Hagen B4 B209
Junction (11)  Luneburg harbor B216
bridge Elbe Lateral Canal Bridge
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet)
Gas station Rest stop Rest stop
Junction (12)  Bad Bevensen -North
Junction (13)  Bad Bevensen -South
Junction (14)  Uelzen / StöckenB191
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet)
Junction (15)  Uelzen / Hanstedt IIB71
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet)
Junction (16)  Soltendieck
Junction (17)  Bad Bodenteich B190n
Gas station Rest stop Rest stop
Junction (18)  Wittingen- WestB244
Junction (19)  Wittingen - South
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet)
Junction (20)  Ehra-Lessien B248
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet)
Autobahn beginning Transfer from UelzenB248
Junction (21)  Weyhausen B188
flow Aller (bridge 180 m)
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Adventure city Wolfsburg
Junction (22)  Wolfsburg-Sandkamp
flow Mittelland Canal (bridge 250 m)
Junction (23)  Wolfsburg- West
Junction (24)  Wolfsburg-Fallersleben
Junction (25)  Symbol: UpWolfsburg-Mörse (northern part)
Junction (26)  Wolfsburg-Mörse (southern part)
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Adventure city Wolfsburg
Junction (27)  Flechtorf B248
flow Schunter (bridge 50 m)
node (28)  Cross Wolfsburg / Königslutter A2 E30
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Adventure city Wolfsburg
Junction (29)  Scheppau
Green bridge Green bridge
Green bridge Green bridge
Junction (30)  Cremlingen B1
parking spot with toilet Icon: Left RightIcon: Left Right Parking lot (with toilet) Herzogsberge
Junction (31)  Sickte (planned)Symbol: truck stop
bridge Wabebrücke (bridge 180 m)
Junction (32)  Braunschweig-Rautheim
tunnel Symbol: Up Lindenberg tunnel (bridge 690 m)
Junction (33)  Braunschweig-Südstadt
tunnel Symbol: Up Heidberg tunnel (bridge 379 m)
node (34)  Cross Braunschweig-Süd A36
bridge Oker (bridge 250 m)
node (35)  Braunschweig-Southwest triangle A391
Junction (36)  Braunschweig-Rüningen -Nord
Gas station Rüningen gas station (discontinuation planned)
Junction (37)  Braunschweig-Rüningen-Süd B248
Junction (38)  Salzgitter-Thiede
flow Salzgitter branch canal (70 m bridge)
Gas station Rest stop Salzgitterhüttenblick service area
Junction (39)  Salzgitter-Lebenstedt- North
Junction (40)  Salzgitter-Watenstedt
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Salzgitter - Salder Renaissance Castle
Junction (41)  Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd
Junction (42)  Salzgitter-Lichtenberg
Junction (43)  Westerlinde Symbol: truck stop
Junction (44)  Baddeckestedt B6
flow Innerste (bridge 210 m)
node (45)  Triangle Salzgitter A7 E45
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Traffic control system
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    1. Urgent need

    The federal motorway 39 (abbreviation: BAB 39 ) - short form: Autobahn 39 (abbreviation: A 39 ) - is a motorway in Lower Saxony between Seevetal and Lüneburg as well as Wolfsburg , Braunschweig and Salzgitter .

    The gap between Lüneburg and Wolfsburg should be closed between 2027 and 2030. The plan approval procedures were initiated from 2012.

    Existing section


    The A 39 begins to unwind from the A 7 at the Maschener Kreuz, crosses the A 1 at the Maschener Kreuz and continues in a south-easterly direction to the Lüneburg Nord junction. Here it continues on four lanes into Bundesstraße 4.

    The continuation begins at AS Weyhausen in the district of Gifhorn , as it emerges from Bundesstraße 248 . From there it runs south through Wolfsburg . There it crosses the Mittelland Canal and the Berlin – Lehrte railway line with a 246 meter long bridge built in 1975 . Via the Wolfsburg / Königslutter motorway junction with the A 2 , continue in a south-westerly direction past Cremlingen to the Braunschweig- Rautheim junction . The construction of this section, which is only approx. 15 km long, took place over a number of years in several stages after the start of construction in 2002. Starting with the approval of the sections up to the Sickte (2005), Cremlingen (2006) junctions and finally the connection to the junction at the beginning of 2009. Only then is the A 39 from Wolfsburg to Salzgitter passable. Initially, however, due to road damage in the area of ​​the Cremlingen junction, the traffic had to be guided in a single lane via the Wolfsburg lane; since mid-2011, the motorway has also had four lanes in this area. In the direction of Wolfsburg, however, the speed is permanently limited to 80 km / h over a length of about one kilometer (as of 2017). In 2011, a motorway parking lot with toilet (Herzogsberge) was set up at the level of the town of Cremlingen, which will provide 54 parking spaces for cars and 32 truck parking spaces on the north side and (later) 47 parking spaces for cars and 32 truck parking spaces on the south side. There are also two parking spaces for buses and two parking spaces for disabled people. In its further course towards Salzgitter motorway forms with the A 36 , the junction Braunschweig-South , this was in 2019 from the A 395 produces and should in the 1970s as A 369 A 39 with A 36 of Hamelin to Bad Harzburg connect.

    After the A 39 crosses the Oker , the A 391 that ends here crosses at the Braunschweig-Südwest motorway triangle . Continue south past Salzgitter- Lebenstedt to the Salzgitter motorway triangle with the A 7 . This section was originally laid out as federal highway 490 .

    The part from Maschener Kreuz to Lüneburg, which was originally built as the A 250, is described under Federal Motorway 250 .


    The Salzgitter triangle is designed as a motorway fork. If you want to continue on the A 39 from Braunschweig / Berlin in the direction of Hanover , you have to change to the B 6 in the direction of Hildesheim at the Baddeckestedt exit and join the A 7 at the Derneburg / Salzgitter exit , otherwise the A 39 will join only take the A 7 towards Kassel .

    The A 36 does not begin directly at the BS-Süd junction, but a few hundred meters south of it. Strictly speaking, the A 39 crosses the B 4 .

    The headframe of the closed mine and the planned nuclear waste disposal facility Schacht Konrad can be easily seen from the motorway between AS Salzgitter- Thiede and AS Salzgitter- Lebenstedt- Nord. In this section of the route, the construction of a serviced tank and rest area in both directions, which will be called "Salzgitterhüttenblick", began. The plan approval procedure for this was initiated at the beginning of August 2008. Construction began on October 7, 2013. Construction work was suspended for three years to clarify technical questions, resumed in summer 2017 and ended in mid-2018. The newly built system replaced the tank system at the Braunschweig- Rüningen- Süd junction .

    Reconstruction of the Braunschweig-Südwest triangle

    At the Braunschweig-Südwest triangle , the southern A 39 followed the branching line until 2010. The straight line merged directly with the A 391 . Due to the closing of the gap with the A 2 at the Wolfsburg / Königslutter junction on January 30, 2009, however, through traffic from Frankfurt am Main and Kassel to Berlin and Poland has shifted from the A 391 to the new section of the A 39, which is why the triangle was converted became necessary. The renovation work envisaged connecting the sections of the A 39 directly into one another, connecting the federal motorway 391 as a branching line and widening the section between the triangle BS-Südwest and the intersection BS-Süd to six lanes, because there is a risk of congestion there Section acts.

    The renovation began in spring 2009 and was completed on August 28, 2012. The costs amounted to around 110 million euros.

    Planning history and construction

    As early as 1940 there was a plan for a Reichsautobahn Evestorf (branch of the Hamburg – Hanover line) - southwest of Uelzen - Braunschweig - Bad Gandersheim (confluence with the Hanover – Kassel line).

    In addition, the following projects were planned:

    designation section expansion Urgency level
    B4 Deutsch Evern - Uelzen-Nord (B 4 old) four-lane II
    B4 Uelzen-Nord - Uelzen-Hambrock four-lane I.
    B4 Uelzen-Hambrock - Breitenhees ( B 191 ) four-lane II
    B4 Uelzen-Hambrock - Breitenhees ( B 191 ) four-lane III
    B4 Gifhorn - Braunschweig-Nord junction ( A 2 ) four-lane II
    B4 Northwest bypass Braunschweig (Braunschweig-Nord intersection - Braunschweig-Lehndorf) four-lane I.
    B950 Cremlingen (B1) - Wolfenbüttel - Salzgitter-Thiede four-lane III

    With the comprehensive investigation into the further construction of the Hamburg - Hanover - Kassel line at the beginning of the 1950s, the route of today's A 7 was relocated from the west of Hanover to the area east of the Lower Saxony state capital. At the same time, it was not expected in the foreseeable future that the plan for a second north-south motorway connection via Braunschweig would be taken up again. The project initially disappeared in the drawer.

    Nevertheless, work was carried out on an improved connection between the Braunschweig-Salzgitter area and the new federal motorway Hamburg - Hanover - Kassel. The section between Üfingen and Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord was built in the 1950s as the first part of the route that was later expanded to become a federal motorway. The Rüningen – Üfingen line was added by 1962. However, it was the construction of a two-lane state road that was not free of intersections, but bypassed built-up areas. The routes Baddeckestedt - AD Salzgitter and Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord - Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd were in the planning stage. In the mid-1960s, the entire route between the AD Salzgitter and Braunschweig (B 248) was completed and designated as federal highway 490. The federal road between Üfingen and Braunschweig was already built with four lanes. This was followed by the four-lane expansion between Üfingen and west of Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd, which was available to traffic from 1966. However, not all intersections were removed between Üfingen and Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord, so that a renovation had to be carried out here in the second half of the 1970s. In 1968 the four-lane expansion between Baddeckestedt and Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd was completed, with the route later being relocated between Westerlinde and Salzgitter-Lichtenberg. In addition, the route between the AD Braunschweig-Südwest and the AK Braunschweig-Süd was brought under traffic in the same year.

    In the requirement plan of the law on the expansion of federal highways from 1971 to 1985 from June 30, 1971, the route that is now designated as "Federal Motorway 39" was not included. Instead, the requirements plan contained the following new construction and expansion projects for federal roads on the route planned for the A 39 today:

    designation section Urgency level expansion
    A39 Junction from the A7 at Maschen - Lüneburg North I. four-lane
    B4 Lüneburg North - German Evern I. four-lane
    B950 Weyhausen (triangle with the B 188 ) - Wolfsburg-West I. four-lane
    B950 Wolfsburg-Mörse - Cross Wolfsburg-Königslutter ( A 2 ) - Cremlingen (triangle with B 1 ) I. four-lane
    B1 Triangle with B 950 near Cremlingen - Braunschweig-Rautheim I. four-lane
    B248 Braunschweig-Rautheim - triangle Braunschweig-Südwest - Braunschweig-Rüningen I. four-lane
    B490 / B490n Braunschweig-Rüningen - Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord I.
    B490n Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord - Baddeckestedt I. four-lane
    B490n Baddeckestedt - triangle Salzgitter I. 2nd lane

    A connection between Lüneburg and Wolfsburg was not included in the requirements plan. The aforementioned projects to expand the B 4, however, represent an alternative route that sought to establish a direct connection from Lüneburg to Braunschweig. The B 950 from Cremlingen via Wolfenbüttel to Salzgitter would have formed an additional southeast bypass from Braunschweig (next to B 1 / B 248).

    With the restructuring of the network of federal motorways, which was introduced with effect from January 1, 1975, a new route was created from the individual projects under the uniform name of "Federal Motorway 39". The A 39 should branch off from the A 7 at Maschen, cross the A 1 and lead via Lüneburg to Uelzen. The status of the section south of Uelzen to the north of Wolfsburg was still open. From Wolfsburg, the A 39 should cross the A 2 at Königslutter and run via Cremlingen, Wolfenbüttel to Salzgitter, to merge with the A 7 at Baddeckestedt. This planning essentially corresponded to the route planned today. Only between Cremlingen and Salzgitter-Thiede should the A 39 be given a route that is further away from the city of Braunschweig (cf. Bundesstraße 950).

    In the network map of the federal government of January 1, 1976, the A 39 was then shown as a continuous line from Maschen via Lüneburg, Uelzen, Wolfsburg, Wolfenbüttel to Salzgitter and to the A 7 near Baddeckestedt. In the Braunschweig area, the south-east bypass of Braunschweig, which is far from the city, remained.

    The requirement plan of the law amending the law on the expansion of federal highways in the years 1971 to 1985 from August 5, 1976 still contained the A 39 in full. However, the urgency of the individual sections was modified and a remarkable route was planned in the Lüneburg area, where the city of Lüneburg would have been in the "median" of the motorway:

    designation section Urgency level
    B209 Maschener Cross - Lüneburg-Adendorf 1st lane: Ib
    2nd lane: possible further requirements
    B209 Lüneburg-Adendorf - east of Lüneburg - Lüneburg-Häcklingen one directional lane in Ia
    Lüneburg-North - West Lüneburg - Lüneburg-Häcklingen a directional lane as a possible further requirement
    B4 (old) Lüneburg-Häcklingen - Uelzen-Nord possible further need
    B4 (old) Uelzen-Ripdorf - Uelzen-North  1st lane: Ia, 2nd lane as a possible additional requirement
    Requirements Uelzen-Süd - Weyhausen (north of Wolfsburg) possible further need
    Weyhausen - Wolfsburg-West: Urgency level Ia or ongoing project
    Wolfsburg-Mörse - Cremlingen Yes
    Cremlingen - Wolfenbüttel - Salzgitter-Thiede possible further need
    Salzgitter-Thiede - Salzgitter-Lichtenberg 2nd lane Yes
    Salzgitter-Lichtenberg - Baddeckestedt Yes

    Furthermore, the four-lane expansion and construction of the Gifhorn - Braunschweig - Braunschweig-Süd junction (B 4 / B 4n) was included.

    With the second law of August 25, 1980 amending the law on the expansion of federal highways from 1971 to 1985, significant cuts were made for the A 39: the route from Maschen to Lüneburg-Nord was planned in urgency level I. The bypass to the northwest and west of Lüneburg was only included as a new two-lane federal road (B 4 / B 209). For Uelzen, too, only a two-lane bypass should be implemented in the course of the B 4. The entire route Lüneburg-North - Weyhausen (north of Wolfsburg) was canceled. Only the Weyhausen - Sandkamp section was still included in Stage I as a project on the A 39. Construction work was already underway between Wolfsburg and the Wolfsburg / Königslutter junction. The section of the Wolfsburg / Königslutter - Wolfenbüttel - Salzgitter-Thiede junction was canceled; instead, the autobahn should now lead from the junction with the A 2 to the Braunschweig-Süd junction. This project was set to urgency level I. The construction and expansion of the A 39 in Stage I was also planned between the Braunschweig-Südwest triangle and Baddeckestedt.

    The third law of April 21, 1986 amending the law on the expansion of federal highways contained the route between Maschen and Lüneburg-Nord and the four-lane bypass Lüneburg as an ongoing project, but under the name "Bundesautobahn 250". The following were planned as part of the A 39:

    section was standing expansion
    Weyhausen - Sandkamp urgent need
    Wolfsburg / Königslutter cross - Braunschweig-Süd cross urgent need
    Triangle Braunschweig-Südwest-Dreieck Salzgitter ongoing project partial expansion

    The following projects were also included in the course of the B 4:

    designation requirement expansion
    OU Uelzen (Uelzen-Nord - Uelzen-Holdenstedt) urgent need two-lane
    OU Gifhorn-Kästorf / -Gamsen ongoing project
    Gifhorn - Braunschweig-Wenden further need two-lane
    OU Braunschweig-Wenden - Braunschweig-Hansestrasse as an ongoing project / urgent need partially four-lane

    With the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification, traffic planning changed significantly. For example, the requirement plan of the Fourth Law on the Amendment of the Highway Expansion Act of November 15, 1993 contained a north extension of the A 39, which, however, was to be extended from Wolfsburg via Salzwedel, Lüchow, Ludwigslust to the motorway triangle at Neustadt-Glewe ( A 24 / A 241 ). This route was intended as a further requirement. Also included was the closing of the gap between Winsen / Luhe and Lüneburg in the course of the A 250. The A 14 was then to connect near Lüneburg, which was planned via Salzwedel and Gardelegen to Magdeburg. The designation of the planning as "X variant" resulted from the spatial location of the motorways. Finally, the missing section between the Wolfsburg / Königslutter junction and the Braunschweig-Süd junction was also included, but it was urgently needed. In the course of the B 4, the bypasses Jelmstorf, Tatendorf, Kirchweyhe, Uelzen, Gifhorn (2nd lane) were planned for urgent needs, as well as the new four-lane construction of the Gifhorn - Braunschweig line if there was further need.

    The requirement plan of the Fifth Act on the Amendment of the Highway Expansion Act of October 4, 2004 now provided for the construction of the A 39 from Lüneburg via Uelzen, Wittingen, Brome to Wolfsburg as a fixed project. The A 14 should be led from Wismar via Schwerin, Wittenberge, Stendal to Magdeburg. A B 190n was to create a two-lane cross connection between the A 14 and A 39 between Neustadt / Dosse, Seehausen, Salzwedel and Wittingen. This resulted in the designation as "suspender variant". There were also plans to close the gap between the Wolfsburg / Königslutter cross and the Braunschweig-Süd cross, also as a fixed project. In the course of the B 4, the following projects were also considered:

    • OU Kirchweyhe (urgent need)
    • OU Uelzen (ongoing project)
    • four-lane expansion and new construction between Gifhorn and Braunschweig (partly in urgent need).

    List of traffic handovers

    The individual sections of the A 39 were opened to traffic as follows:

    • 1963/64: AD Braunschweig-Südwest - Üfingen (10.6 km, dedicated as B 490)
    • 1966: AS Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord - west of AS Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd (7.5 km, dedicated as B 490)
    • 1968: AS Westerlinde - AS Baddeckestedt (3 km, dedicated as B 490)
    • 1968: AK Braunschweig-Süd - AD Braunschweig-Südwest (2 km, dedicated as a federal road)
    • 1971/72: AS Wolfsburg-West - south of AS Wolfsburg-Mörse (4.4 km, dedicated as B 248)
    • 1975: AK Maschen (A 7 - A1) (1.0 km)
    • 1978: AS Sandkamp - AS Wolfsburg-West (2.1 km, including 1 km in 1977)
    • 1979: Üfingen - AS Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Nord (2.4 km)
    • 1982: south of AS Wolfsburg-Mörse - Kreuz Wolfsburg / Königslutter (9.2 km)
    • 1985: AK Maschen to AS Maschen (1.3 km, dedicated as A 250)
    • 1985: east of AS Lüneburg-Nord - AS Lüneburg-Neu Hagen (5.0 km, dedicated as B 4 / B 209)
    • 1987: AS Maschen - AS Winsen-West (8.2 km, dedicated as A 250)
    • 1989: AS Salzgitter-Lichtenberg to AS Westerlinde (6.0 km)
    • 1990: west of the Salzgitter-Lebenstedt-Süd junction - Salzgitter-Lichtenberg junction (3.3 km)
    • 1991: AS Winsen-West - AS Winsen-Ost (5.0 km, dedicated as A 250)
    • 1995: AS Winsen-Ost - east of AS Lüneburg-Nord (15.2 km, dedicated as A 250)
    • 1997: AS Braunschweig-Rautheim - AK Braunschweig-Süd (3.6 km)
    • 2004: AS Weyhausen - AS Sandkamp (3.8 km)
    • 2005: AS Sickte - AS Braunschweig-Rautheim (2.0 km)
    • 2006: AS Cremlingen - AS Sickte (2.9 km)
    • 2008: AK Wolfsburg / Königslutter - AS Cremlingen (7.0 km)

    Planned further construction towards Lüneburg

    Connection of the A 39 in the Hamburg area
    Motorways in the Hamburg – Berlin – Hanover area

    There were various plans to continue the motorway from Wolfsburg . They were defined and examined in 1995 in the North-East traffic investigation (VUNO). The so-called I or suspender version was given preference in 2004. The A 39 will continue via Lüneburg to Hamburg. On November 3, 2010, the existing A 250 was renamed the A 39 as a continuation of the A 39 to Hamburg ( Maschener Kreuz ). Salzwedel is to be connected to the A 39 and A 14 in an east-west direction by a "powerful" federal road in the 2 + 1 system , the B 190n . This variant opens up this sparsely populated and - also due to the division of Germany - previously motorway-free region over a large area. Together with the A 7 and the A 14, there are three motorways running parallel in north-south direction, each about fifty kilometers apart. At the same time, federal highway 4 is being expanded between Braunschweig and Lüneburg . The bypasses between Lüneburg and Uelzen on the B 4 ( Melbeck = NKV 7.5 and Kirchweyhe = NKV 7.6), which were also registered for urgent needs , were downgraded on the grounds that the A 39 would relieve these places sustainably. The Kirchweyhe bypass was opened to traffic in April 2014.

    In October 2008 the route determination procedure for the further construction of the A 39 was ended. In total, the 105 km long route comprises seven sections between the L 216 (Lüneburg-Nord) and the B 188 (Wolfsburg). The plan approval procedure has been running since May 3, 2012 for section 1 near Lüneburg and since October 9, 2014 for section 7 near Wolfsburg. The other sections are in the planning stage (as of the end of 2015). The preliminary draft for section 2 from east of Lüneburg (B 216) to Bad Bevensen (L 253) was approved by the Federal Ministry of Transport in November 2014 and the planning approval procedure is being prepared. The draft planning for section 6 from Wittingen (B 244) to Ehra (L 289) was approved by the Federal Ministry of Transport in April 2016 (as of April 2016). As of the end of April 2017, there were no design approvals for sections 3, 4 and 5. The procedure for Section 1 continues. The planning approval decision for Section 7 was issued on April 30, 2018. On July 11, 2019, the Federal Administrative Court (BVerwG) initially declared the decision to be unenforceable because it was not free from legal errors (BVerwG 9 A 13.18 / BVerwG 9 A 14.18). In section 1, a plan change procedure was initiated on August 4, 2017, because an additional interlinking strip is planned between the Lüneburg-Nord junction (L216) and Erbstorfer Landstrasse. The Template: future / in 5 yearsgap should be closed between 2027 and 2030 at the earliest .

    Historical plans and alternative variants

    A connection Magdeburg – Hamburg already existed in the very first Reichsautobahn plans from 1935. In 1938 it was planned to lead connections from Braunschweig, Hamburg, Magdeburg and Wittstock / Dosse to a junction near Wittingen, where today - eight decades later - the intersection of the 2+ 1-lane B 190n with the A 39 is provided. In 1940 the connection between Braunschweig and Hamburg was shown as approved for construction. After the Second World War , the division of Germany prevented it from being realized and the plans adapted to the possibilities as a connection between Wolfsburg and Hamburg, as shown here in 1971, but were never implemented because the route was recognized as superfluous due to the close parallel to the A 7.

    In the case of the so-called X variant, which was later discussed and which was advocated by the ADAC , it would have run to Schwerin and would have crossed the A 14 at Salzwedel , which should have been extended from Magdeburg to Lüneburg .

    On the other hand, despite a benefit-cost ratio (NKV) of 3.5, the G variant, which also provided for the construction of the A 14 between Magdeburg and Schwerin, but favored federal highways as a connection between Lüneburg and Wolfsburg , got out of the discussion . The G variant emerged as the best solution in terms of traffic engineering at the VUNO in 1995, but was rejected for political reasons in favor of the I variant (NKV 3.4).


    Logo of the citizens' initiative PRO A39 e. V.

    Both the extension to Lüneburg as a whole and the choice of the routes in detail are highly controversial in the region, partly also in state politics.

    The project is mainly supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lüneburg-Wolfsburg , a “Nordland-Autobahn-Verein” and the citizens' initiative “PRO A39 e. V. “, which emerged from the medium-sized companies' associations of the neighboring districts. These have large parts of the CDU, SPD and FDP in the region and at the state level on their side, at the federal level, the then Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder pushed through the inclusion in the federal transport infrastructure plan. The former Lord Mayor of Wolfsburg and freight forwarder Rolf Schnellecke is one of the better-known proponents . You argue for the project that this will shorten the transport route from Braunschweig and Wolfsburg to the Port of Hamburg, and that an alternative to the A 7 will be created between Hamburg and Salzgitter . The traversed region would be more attractive for transport-intensive production and for logistics companies, and through-town traffic would be relieved. In addition, the expansion is considered necessary to bring about the urgently needed relief of the A 7 and to absorb the increasing port hinterland traffic for Hamburg. The project is also supported by numerous medium-sized companies in northeast Lower Saxony, who hope to improve economic conditions and infrastructure.

    On the other hand, there are a number of local citizens' initiatives and environmental groups, while regional and national environmental associations such as BUND and Verkehrsclub Deutschland act against it, as do Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen and individuals from the other parties. They generally doubt the economic benefit, also in comparison with significantly cheaper expansions such as individual bypasses. There are negative consequences for tourism in the Ostheide to be feared, construction costs and land consumption are not responsible. They also point to the low traffic in their opinion on the Elbe-Seiten Canal and the Braunschweig – Wieren railway line .

    Protest sign against the planned motorway in Weste (Lower Saxony)

    According to the results of the regional planning procedure, all routes show a "high potential for conflict". The planned expansion of the existing B 4 within Lüneburg is particularly controversial. The so-called eastern bypass cut through the Moorfeld residential area when it was built. During their planning (planning approval decision 1981), objections from citizens that the route could become part of a later north-south motorway were rejected as unfounded and that the route was unsuitable for expansion as a motorway. A tunnel is now planned in this section. Almost the entire rest of the section crosses biotopes in which numerous strictly protected species have been identified. Specifically, these are the bird species kingfisher , green woodpecker , woodlark , red-backed shrike , black woodpecker , moorhen and kestrel ; bat species Noctule , brown long-eared , Serotine , Gray long-eared , big and whiskered bat , soprano pipistrelle , Nathusius' pipistrelle , Daubenton's bat and pipistrelle ; the moor frog and the fish species bitterling , bullhead and asp . Older documents also showed the river lamprey , which this time could not be proven.

    The conflict over an originally planned tank and rest area in Hohnstorf was ended by the fact that the city of Uelzen declared its willingness to open up commercial space in the city for such a system. As a result, however, another 17 hectare facility was to be set up between Jembke and Tappenbeck , which led to protests there.

    More ideas / plans

    An extension of the A 39 west of Salzgitter in the direction of North Rhine-Westphalia intended to relieve the A 2 was discarded as part of the reorganization of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 .

    Web links

    Commons : Bundesautobahn 39  - Collection of pictures, videos and audio files

    To the dispute about the A 39

    To the dispute about the reconstruction of the motorway triangle Braunschweig-Südwest

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