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Railway viaduct bridge over the Seeve near Jesteburg

Railway viaduct bridge over the Seeve near Jesteburg

Water code EN : 5952
location Lower Saxony , Germany
River system Elbe
Drain over Elbe  → North Sea
source Southeast of Undeloh, OT Wehlen in the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve
53 ° 11 ′ 41 ″  N , 9 ° 53 ′ 37 ″  E
Source height 67  m above sea level NHN
muzzle At Stelle, OT Wuhlenburg in the Elbe Coordinates: 53 ° 25 ′ 29 ″  N , 10 ° 6 ′ 19 ″  E 53 ° 25 ′ 29 ″  N , 10 ° 6 ′ 19 ″  E
Mouth height m above sea level NHN
Height difference 65 m
Bottom slope 1.5 ‰
length 42 km
Discharge at the gauge Jehrden
A Eo : 408 km²
Location: 8 km above the mouth
NNQ (July 5, 1976)
MNQ 1962–2014
MQ 1962–2014
Mq 1962–2014
MHQ 1962–2014
HHQ (February 13, 1962)
2.12 m³ / s
2.91 m³ / s
4.42 m³ / s
10.8 l / (s km²)
15.3 m³ / s
34 m³ / s
Left tributaries Handeloher Bach, Büsenbach, Seppenser Bach, Arbeck, Bendestorfer Mühlenbach, Lindhorst Graben, Seevekanal
Right tributaries Rehmbach, Weseler Moorbach, Weseler Bach, Wiebach, Cameroon Bach, Schmale Aue , Rönnebeck, Ashauser Mühlenbach
Communities Wehlen , Inzmühlen , Holm , Thelstorf , Lüllau , Jesteburg , Bendestorf , Ramelsloh , Horst , Seevetal , Lindhorst , Hittfeld , Maschen , Hörsten

The Seeve is a 42 km long, left tributary of the Elbe in northern Germany . The Seevetal municipality owes its name to this river.

River course

The Seeve rises southeast of Undeloh, OT Wehlen in the nature reserve " Lüneburg Heath ". A first barrage can be found in Holm, here the river drives the Holmer mill , as well as a sawmill until the 1970s. Other places on your way are Lüllau , Jesteburg , Bendestorf , Ramelsloh . At the Horster Mill in Horst , it drives a mill wheel to generate electricity. It then flows past Lindhorst , Hittfeld , Karoxbostel and Glüsingen, with the Seeve being the boundary to the village of Maschen. From the underpass west of the marshalling yard mesh it flows channeled partly as Seevekanal towards Harburg for the purpose of supplying cooling water to the Harburger Phoenix works, but for the most part continue through the village Hörsten and the nature reserve " Lower Seeveniederung " with his big chess Flower stock and flows between Rosenweide (municipality of Stelle) and Over (municipality of Seevetal) at the "Seevehaus" through the Seevesiel into the Elbe . Between the “Lüneburg Heath” and “Untere Seeveniederung” nature reserves, the Seeve and part of its lowland are fully designated as a nature reserve of the same name .


The Seeve has a relatively constant water temperature of 6 to 8 degrees Celsius in summer and winter and is therefore often called the coldest river in northern Germany. The water of the Seeve has consistently the quality class II (moderately polluted). Only the Ashauser Mühlenbach brings water of quality class II-III (critically polluted) shortly before the confluence.

Traffic rules

Due to the intensive use of the Seeve by recreational sports and canoe rental companies, the Harburg district issued an ordinance in 2002 for the Seeve, its backwaters and the associated bank areas, which is intended to protect the habitat of plants and animals. Since then, driving and entering the Seeve from the source to Jesteburg has been prohibited all year round and between Jesteburg (100 m south of the railway viaduct bridge) and the Horster Mühle only with kayaks and boats with a maximum width of 1 m and a length of 5.50 m, Only allowed during the day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and only allowed in the direction of flow. From the Horster Mühle, kayaks can only be used without restrictions .

Seeve cycle path

The lake cycle path is almost exactly one hundred kilometers long. There are no inclines worth mentioning. In some cases, unpaved field or sand paths are to be used. The entire route is divided into three sections (Ring 1 "From the source through the heath"; Ring 2 "Through the Seeveaue"; Ring 3 "To the mouth of the lake on the Elbe").

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