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In construction, the term cubature describes the volume of a building , regardless of its design or materiality. The term originally referred to a geometrically measurable volume, but is often used in architecture in the sense of the shape / form of a building .

When restoring or rebuilding historical buildings that have disappeared, the term is also used to represent that the copy again corresponds to the former external dimensions. So z. As the construction of the Berlin Palace , which as Humboldt Forum is newly re-emerge in much of the cubic volume of the blasted and the GDR 1950 worn Schlüter -Baus.

The term is also used synonymously for the enclosed space , which plays a role in the valuation of buildings. The correct term used today for this is gross volume .

The word cubature is derived from the Latin term cube (cube), but in today's language it is used for buildings of any shape.

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