Europastraße 40

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Europastraße 40
Sign of the European route 40
Course of the E 40
Basic data
Overall length: approx. 8000 km

States :

The Europastraße 40 (E 40) is a European road that extends in an east-west direction, especially through Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia . It begins in Calais on the English Channel in France and ends in Ridder near the border with China in Kazakhstan . With a length of more than 8,000 kilometers, the E 40 is the longest European road.

General and history

In the Central Asian part - that is, in Russia , Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan - the street is also given street names from the Asian Highway Project . These are the Asian Highway 8 , the AH70 , the AH63 and the AH6 .


E 40 in Katowice
The E40 crosses the border between Europe and Asia on the bridge over the Urals in Atyrau


The route of the E40 is divided between Radymno (Poland) and Lemberg (Ukraine):

“Pothole” on the Maqat – beinu route

In the eastern areas, the development status is sometimes very low - while the road is paved throughout as far as Atyrau in Kazakhstan, it only exists as a gravel road from Maqat to the southeast and only nominally with the development status after the branch in the direction of Aqtau "Unpaved slope". This can be used by all-wheel drive vehicles in good conditions, otherwise rail transport is recommended for this approximately 400 km long section between the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea . From Kunghirat the road is paved again.

Along the E 40 there are - due to the length of the road - a comparatively large number of World Heritage sites and sites that are of historical importance across Europe, including:

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