Europastrasse 67

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Europastrasse 67
Sign of the European route 67
History map of the E67
Basic data
Start of the street: Prague
( 50 ° 6 ′  N , 14 ° 35 ′  E )
End of street: Helsinki
( 60 ° 10 ′  N , 24 ° 57 ′  E )
Overall length: 1,697 km (approx.)

States :

In Oleśnica (Poland)
Course of the road
Czech Republic (123 km)  Czech Republic
Locality Praha Prague
Street as D11
Locality Poděbrady Poděbrady
Locality Chlumec nad Cidlinou Chlumetz on the Cidlina
Street than 333
Locality Hradec Králové Hradec Kralove
Street than 324
Street as S11
Street as S33
Locality Jaroměř Jermer
Locality Česká Skalice Bohemian Skalitz
Locality Náchod Nachod
Poland (785 km)  Poland
Street as D8
Locality Kłodzko Glatz
Locality Ząbkowice Śląskie Frankenstein
Street as S8
Street as A8
Locality Wroclaw Wroclaw
Street as S8
Locality Łódź Lodsch
Street as S8 A1
Locality Piotrków Trybunalski Petrikau
Street as S8
Locality Mszczonów
Locality Warszawa Warsaw
Locality Wyszków
Locality Ostrów Mazowiecka
Street as S61
Locality Łomża
Locality Ełk
Locality Zambrów (not applicable)
Locality Jeżewo Stare (not applicable)
Street as D8(not applicable)
Locality Białystok Bjelostock (not applicable)
Street as (not applicable) D8 D19
Locality Augustów (not applicable)
Street as S61 D8
Locality Suwałki Suwalken
Street as D8
Lithuania (256 km)  Lithuania
Street as A5
Locality Kalvarija
Locality Marijampolė Mariampol
Locality Kaunas
Street as A1
Street as A8
Locality Kėdainiai Kedahnen
Street as A17
Locality Panevėžys Ponewiesch
Street as A10
Locality Pasvalys Poswol
Latvia (198 km)  Latvia
Street as A7
Locality Bauska Bauske
Locality Ķekava Keckau
Street as A2
Locality Rīga Riga
Street as A1
Estonia (193 km)  Estonia
Street as M4
Locality Parnu Pernau
Locality Tallinn Reval
ferry (75 km)  Tallinn - Helsinki ferry Symbol: ferry E75Template: RSIGN / Maintenance / EU-E integration
Finland Finland
Locality Helsinki
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • The European route 67 ( E 67 for short ) or Via Baltica is a trunk road that connects Prague , Wroclaw and Warsaw to Helsinki via Lazdijai , Kaunas , Riga and Tallinn ( ferry ) . This makes it the most important road connection in Northeast Europe . In part, it has been developed in a manner similar to that of a motorway , and the full extension to a motorway is planned for the long term. Their total length is almost 1700 kilometers.


    Czech Republic

    The European route 67 begins in Prague and initially runs along the Czech Dálnice 11 motorway to Hradec Králové . It then follows State Road 33 to the Polish border. It is planned to extend the motorway to the Polish border.


    Within Poland, the “Via Baltica” runs from the Czech border via Wroclaw , Warsaw , Białystok and Suwałki to the Lithuanian border. It is completely along the national road 8 , which has been or will be replaced by the A8 motorway near Wroclaw and the S8 expressway on the route from Wroclaw to Białystok, but at 13 km it is designed as the S61 expressway together with the national road 8 . In addition, it was decided in 2009 to add the S61 expressway from Ostrów Mazowiecka via Ełk and Suwałki to the road network and to relocate the European route 67 from what is now the national route 8 from Ostrów Mazowiecka via Białystok and Suwałki to this planned route. After the completion of the two expressways S8 and S61, the E 67 from Wrocław will run entirely on motorway-like roads .


    From the border to Kaunas it is the Lithuanian A5 trunk road . The E 67 then runs along the A1 and A8 highways to the south of Panevėžys . From there, the Panevėžys bypass ( A17 ) and the A10 highway lead to the Latvian border. The route is mostly two-lane; it often has hard shoulders and acceleration lanes at the driveways. The short section of the A1 is developed as a motorway and is signposted. The Kaunas bypass and the Garliava - Mauručiai section have four lanes, but are not signposted as a motorway.


    Within Latvia , the "Via Baltica" runs along the main state roads A 7 , A 5 , A 4 and A 1 . At least in the area around Riga, these have a similar standard of development as the line in Lithuania.


    From the state border to Tallinn , the E 67 follows national road 4. Only a small section near Pärnu is built like a motorway, the rest is a simple country road. From the junction of national road 9 at Ääsmäe to the Estonian capital Tallinn, the road has also been expanded to four lanes over a length of around 30 km.

    A 2 + 1 expansion of the previously two-lane sections was planned from 2015 to 2017.

    Ferries run between Tallinn and Helsinki. The Helsinki Metropolitan Region has been considering a permanent tunnel crossing the Baltic Sea between Helsinki and Tallinn.

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