Bundesstrasse 477

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Bundesstrasse 477 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 477
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Overall length: 95.5 km

State :

Course of the road
Junction (21)  Neuss- ReuschenbergA57
Locality Neuss- Reuschenberg
Locality Neuss bacon
crossing L 142
Locality Dormagen - Gohr L 35
Confluence Rommerskirchen - Widdeshoven L 69
Confluence L 36
Locality Rommerskirchen- Frixheim
Locality Rommerskirchen- Butzheim
bridge Cologne-Rheydt railway line
Locality Rommerskirchen- Eckum
Locality Rommerskirchen-Gill B59
Locality Bergheim - Rheidt L 213
Bypass Rommerskirchen - Frixheim bypass 
Bypass Rommerskirchen- Butzheim bypass
Bypass Rommerskirchen- Eckum bypass
Bypass Rommerskirchen-Gill bypass B59
Bypass Bergheim - Rheidt bypass 
bridge North-South Railway
Locality Bergheim- Niederaussem
Motorway junction Bergheim- Oberaussem
bridge Hambachbahn
Motorway junction Bergheim-Ost
flow Erft
Motorway junction Bergheim-West
bridge Erftbahn
Confluence Bergheim industrial park
Junction (18)  Bergheim A61
Motorway junction Elsdorf - Grouven B55
crossing Elsdorf- Widdendorf L 277
Junction (7b)  Elsdorf A4
Bypass Kerpen - Blatzheim bypass  B264
crossing Nörvenich L 263
Locality Vettweiß - Lüxheim
crossing L 33
Locality Vettweiß- Sievernich L 264
Bypass Zülpich bypass  B265 B56n
Bypass Zülpich- Hoven bypass B265 B56
Locality Zülpich Floren
Locality Zülpich- Sinzenich
Confluence Zülpich- Schwerfen L 11
Locality Mechernich - go
Bypass Mechernich- Kommern bypass B266
Locality Mechernich L 61
Confluence Mechernich- Breitenbenden
Junction (112)  Mechernich A1

The national highway 477 (abbreviation: B 477 ) is a German national road in North Rhine-Westphalia west of Cologne . It is the shortest connection between Düsseldorf or Neuss and the Eifel .

Origin and development

Federal highway 477 was established in the mid-1960s to improve the network of federal highways. At Elsdorf , the B 477 briefly runs on the same route as the B 55 . The same applies to Zülpich ( B 265 ) and Mechernich ( B 266 ), although the parallel route here is longer. In the Neuss area and in the through traffic of Niederaussem there are regular traffic jams.

Several bypass roads are currently planned between Rommerskirchen and Bergheim (bypass Rommerskirchen , bypass Rheidt-Hüchelhoven and western Niederaussem feeder).

The B 477 is considered by many motorcyclists from the Düsseldorf-Niederrhein-Ruhr area on weekends as a "flight path" to the Nürburgring and the Eifel holiday region .

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