North-South Railway (Garzweiler)

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North-South Railway
A coal train on the north-south railway near Frechen-Habbelrath
A coal train on the north-south railway near Frechen - Habbelrath
Route length: 31.5 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Power system : 6.6 kV 50 Hz  ~
BSicon KDSTa.svgBSicon .svg
31.5 Loading point Tgb.Garzweiler (Stw. Frimmersdorf )
Overburden dump ← former Tgb. Frimmersdorf
Station Gustorf handover DB ( DB route Bedburg – Neuss )
BSicon hKRZWae.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon DST.svgBSicon .svg
Kw. Frimmersdorf
24.0 Kw. Neurath ← former Tgb. Neurath
BSicon DST.svgBSicon BS2l.svgBSicon BS2c3.svg
Kw. Niederaußem + former Tgb. Fortuna-Garsdorf
Niederaußem Handover DB
former Bergheim opencast mine
BSicon exKBSTaq.svgBSicon eABZgr.svg
former Fischbach mine
BSicon .svgBSicon KRZo.svg
DB route Aachen – Cologne
BSicon .svgBSicon BRÜCKE1.svg
A 4
BSicon KBSTaq.svgBSicon ABZgr + r.svg
6.6 Carl pit depot
BSicon KBSTaq.svgBSicon ABZgr.svg
former open-cast mine in Frechen
4.3 to the Cologne-Frechenhandover HGK
BSicon .svgBSicon BRÜCKE1.svg
A 1
BSicon .svgBSicon DST.svg
0.0 Kw.Goldenberg (Stw. Go-West)
BSicon .svgBSicon STR.svg
Black train to Hürth

The North-South Railway is a mine connection railway operated by RWE Power (formerly Rheinbraun ) in the Rhenish lignite district . Together with the Hambach Railway , which runs in an east-west direction, it is used to transport lignite and overburden between the various opencast mines , lignite power stations and other facilities in the area.


The north-south railway in the Rhenish lignite district

The route runs approximately in a south-north direction from the Goldenberg power plant (Go-Werk) in Hürth-Knapsack, past the coal refiners Ville / Berrenrath , Frechen and Fortuna-Nord , the Niederaussem , Neurath and Frimmersdorf power plants and various disused lignite mines to Loading point at the Garzweiler opencast mine .

The total length of the route is around 31 kilometers:

In the area of the Niederaussem power plant between the Bergheim districts of Niederaußem and Auenheim , the north-south railway meets the Hambach railway in a triangular track on the Glessener Höhe , which leads to the Hambach opencast mine . In the Niederaussem area, there is also a connection to the Deutsche Bahn network via the Niederaussem transfer station on the former Rommerskirchen - Bergheim railway line .

At the end of the north-south railway at the Garzweiler opencast mine, there is also a connection to the Düren – Neuss railway line operated by Deutsche Bahn via Grevenbroich Gustorf station .


The standard-gauge north-south railway was built in the 1950s by Roddergrube , one of the predecessor companies of the later Rheinbraun, and completed in 1957. Since then, the railway has been operated electrically with single-phase alternating current of 50 Hz and a voltage of 6.6 kV. Because of this peculiarity, it is operated with RWE's own locomotives .

Occasionally, special trips are carried out with historic diesel railcars . Furthermore, the vehicles of the Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG ( HGK ) will be exchanged from the former section of the Cologne-Bonner Eisenbahnen AG ( KBE ) to the former section of the KFBE on the north-south railway. Special trips with steam locomotives are only allowed for oil-fired steam locomotives due to the danger of flying sparks .


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