Federal Highway 535

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Bundesstrasse 535 in Germany
Federal Highway 535
Course of the B 535
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Heidelberg
( 49 ° 22 ′  N , 8 ° 40 ′  E )
End of street: Schwetzingen
( 49 ° 24 ′  N , 8 ° 33 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 11.5 km

State :

Development condition: predominantly four-lane
B535 exit Oftersheim Plankstadt 1096.jpg
Exit Plankstadt-Süd / Oftersheim,
view towards Heidelberg
Course of the road
State of Baden-Württemberg
City district of Heidelberg
node Heidelberg- Rohrbach / Leimen B3
Junction Symbol: Up Heidelberg-Hertzstrasse
Junction Heidelberg- Kirchheim L 598
Junction Heidelberg-Speyerer Strasse L 600a
Start of expressway '' Kraftstrasse ''
node (38)  Heidelberg / Schwetzingen A5 E35
Junction Heidelberg- Patrick-Henry-Village K 9711
Junction Heidelberg-Kurpfalzhof
Rhein-Neckar district
Junction Plankstadt -Süd L 630 K 4147
tunnel Enclosure
Junction Schwetzingen / Plankstadt L 543
Junction Plankstadt-Nord K 4144
Junction Schwetzingen-Nord L 597
node (28)  Mannheim / Schwetzingen A6 E50 B36

The national highway 535 (abbreviation: B 535 ) is a German federal highway in Baden-Wuerttemberg .


The B 535 previously ran from Heidelberg-Kirchheim to Schwetzingen . An additional, initially separate section, the Nordtangente or Schwetzingen bypass (Nordstadt), runs between Plankstadt and Schwetzingen up to the B 36 . The previously missing link between the L 600 and L 543, the Schwetzingen bypass (Oststadt), which runs in sections in a 650 meter long tunnel , was completed in December 2010 and opened to traffic on December 22, 2010 . From now on, according to the plans, the B 535 should relieve the A 656 , which runs parallel to the north , and the Bruchhäuser Landstrasse running across Schwetzingen Oststadt, and is thus an improved connection from the A 5 (connection Heidelberg / Schwetzingen) to the B 36 , and thus also to the A 6 (connection Mannheim / Schwetzingen) and the common industrial area of ​​Schwetzingen and Brühl located there . In practice, commercial areas had already grown along the Schwetzingen bypass, at the Plankstadt entrance, on the Plankstadt-Schwetzingen road, in the Hirschacker district of Schwetzingen, as well as the large commercial and industrial area of Plankstadt. A new residential area in Plankstadt now also has a short way to the main road.

Current status

Between the connection to federal highway 3 and the Speyerer Straße / Grasweg junction, the B 535 has two lanes , and then four lanes. The third and fourth lanes between the Schwetzingen / Plankstadt and Schwetzingen Nord connections are still under construction. According to the Karlsruhe RP, the last part will not be completed in 2013. The current completion is now planned for 2015. Reasons for the delay include the lack of a bridge over the DB tracks and the discovery of rare lizards in the area of ​​the former barracks.

The easternmost part of the B 535 between Speyerer Straße and the connection to the B 3 south of Kirchheim should also be expanded to four lanes according to plans by the Baden-Württemberg state government. It is used by around 39,000 vehicles every day, which is about twice the value from which roads are expanded accordingly. A planned registration of this project for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 was withdrawn again in autumn 2013, as both the Heidelberg municipal council and the district councils of Kirchheim and Rohrbach had opposed it.


A first section of federal highway 535 was set up in 1998 to improve the network of federal roads in the Rhine Valley near Heidelberg. In 2002 the plans for the expansion to include the Schwetzingen bypass became concrete. A citizens' initiative for the preservation of the local recreation area or biotope "Zeitzeloch" had an impact by leading a section underground through a tunnel where Plankstadt and Schwetzingen are very close together, so that at least the worst noise pollution for the residents is eliminated. There is also a high noise barrier along the city limits of Plankstadt. On June 27, 2007, a single-lane section between the B 36 and Plankstadt-Nord was put into operation. At the end of 2007, the subsequent section up to the L 543 was put into operation. In the snowy winters of 2009/2010 and 2010/2011, which were snowy for Schwetzingen conditions, parts of the landscape, which had been greatly altered by the construction of tunnels and noise barriers, turned out to be a new recreational option for children , as this area offered the opportunity to toboggan for the first time . Numerous arable land was given up for the construction of federal roads.

Previous routes and names

The B 535 was largely rebuilt. However, some parts already existed before:

  • between Speyerer Straße / Grasweg and Patrick-Henry-Village as L 600 a
  • between Patrick-Henry-Village and east of Schwetzingen as L 600 and
  • between Schwetzingen-Nord and the Mannheim / Schwetzingen motorway junction as the B 36 .

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