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Mannheim morning
Newspaper lettering
description daily newspaper
publishing company Dr. Haas GmbH
First edition 1946
Frequency of publication daily except Sundays
Sold edition 60,669 copies
( IVW 2/2020, Mon-Sat)
Editor-in-chief Dirk Lübke, Karsten Kammholz
Web link
ZDB 1290397-8
Former morning forum in Mannheim, P3

The Mannheimer Morgen (MM) is a regional daily newspaper . Its distribution area, including the subsidiary newspapers, extends to the entire Rhine-Neckar triangle on the right bank of the Rhine . The sold circulation of the newspaper with its local editions Südhessen Morgen and Bergsträßer Anzeiger is 60,669 copies, a decrease of 37.8 percent since 1998.

The main edition of the MM contains local news from Mannheim , Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg . The publishing house belongs to the Dr. Haas Group , which also has stakes in Radio Regenbogen and big FM . The Rhein-Neckar television , however, was sold in 1994. The publishing house and the printer are located in Mannheim-Wohlhotels . Together with external print jobs such as the Weinheimer Nachrichten , the Fränkische Nachrichten or the Odenwälder Zeitung , around 120,000 copies are printed there every day.


The press house in Dudenstrasse

In 1946 Eitel Friedrich Schilling von Cannstatt and Oskar Hörrle received the license for a newspaper in Mannheim from the US occupation forces. The title was initially Der Morgen, but after a short time it had to be changed due to copyright problems in Mannheimer Morgen . After it turned out that Hörrle had not correctly filled out the questionnaire about his past, he left on August 29, 1946 as a license holder. Karl Ackermann , the editor-in-chief of the Stuttgarter Zeitung at the time, took over for him .

In 1951 an attempt was made to expand the distribution area for the first time by taking over the Heidelberger Tageblatt , which has been appearing again since 1949 . Two years later, a Ludwigshafen edition of the MM was published. In the period that followed, cooperation agreements were concluded with many small newspapers in North Baden, for example with the Fränkische Nachrichten, the Wertheimer Tageblatt, the Bad Mergentheimer Zeitung, the Schwetzinger Zeitung, the Hockenheimer Tageszeitung and the Weinheimer Nachrichten and the Odenwälder Zeitung. In 1967 the social democratic AZ was taken over in Mannheim . Merger talks with the Rhine Palatinate on the left bank of the Rhine did not lead to any result in 1971.

In 1975 the print shop was relocated from the city center to Wohlhotels , and the editorial team followed in 2003. The traditional press house in R1 was finally given up and sold to Lidl . Due to the difficult overall situation of the newspaper business had 2002 Speyer Tagespost be set, and with the former major competitors from Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg, the Rhine Palatinate and the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung , joined the MM ad community.


The Mannheimer Morgen has lost a lot of its circulation in recent years . The number of copies sold has fallen by an average of 3.3% per year over the past 10 years. Last year it decreased by 3.5%. It is currently 60,669 copies. The share of subscriptions in the circulation sold is 86.4 percent.

Development of the number of copies sold

The Schwetzinger Zeitung edition reached a sold circulation of 9322 copies.


Lettering of the MM (until December 2007)
  • Mannheim morning with the expenses
    • City edition with the district editions Mannheim Mitte, Mannheim Nord, Mannheim Ost and Mannheim Süd
    • Rhine-Neckar
    • Mountain road
Logo of the Südhessen Morgen
  • Südhessen Morgen (variant of the MM) with the issues
  • Bergstrasse indicator
  • Schwetzinger Newspaper
  • Hockenheimer daily newspaper (variant of the Schwetzinger Zeitung)

In addition, the Fränkische Nachrichten , which is also part of the Dr. Haas, as well as Weinheimer Nachrichten and its variant Odenwälder Zeitung, belong to the supraregional cover section.


first book

  • page 1
  • politics
  • World and knowledge
  • Southwest (MM, SZ, FN) / Hessen (SM, BA)
  • economy
  • Sports
  • From around the world
  • Church services (only Saturday)

second book

  • Local pages (depending on the edition)
  • Ludwigshafen ( depending on the edition )
  • Heidelberg ( depending on the edition )
  • Metropolitan region ( depending on the issue )
  • Readers' forum (not daily)
  • Family ads
  • watch TV
  • Culture regional
  • Culture

Third book


  • Tips and trends
  • Breakfast exchange (classified ads)
  • multimedia


  • District pages (only MM city edition)
  • Rhein-Neckar car market
  • University page


  • District pages (only MM city edition)
  • Build live
  • Real estate and housing market


  • Car & traffic
  • Rhein-Neckar car market

Fourth book


  • Social desk
  • Job market

Side dishes

Tuesday: Prism

  • TV program
  • journal
  • Crossword puzzle

Thursday: morning magazine

  • Scene, heads
  • CD, DVD
  • Nothing like out
  • Key
  • nightlife
  • movie theater
  • Appointment calendar

Saturday: MM weekend

  • modern life
  • House and garden
  • to eat and drink
  • watch TV
  • Hear and read
  • Reading forum
  • Children's side
  • travel
  • Meeting point (acquaintance announcements)


The collaboration with the Wahlen research group on the survey of the MM Citizens' Barometer is exceptional . At regular intervals, as well as on topics of local interest, Mannheim citizens are asked in representative telephone surveys for their opinion on local politics. Surveys on major projects such as the SAP Arena or the expansion of the Rosengarten congress center , on the quality of life in the city, but also on satisfaction with local politicians have become a political issue in the city.


Foreign sales

For holidaymakers abroad, Mannheimer Morgen will also be sold through retail outlets in Austria and on the island of Mallorca from mid-July to mid-September .


social commitment

  • Social editorial office  - social and legal advice
  • We want to help  - annual fundraising campaign, every Christmas
  • Initiative award  - jury award for outstanding commitment in the region
  • Class Kids (formerly students read newspapers ) - annual large-scale campaign at the schools

Cultural engagement

  • Rock im Quadrat  - annual regional newcomer festival
  • Jazz in the Square  - annual concert series in the summer months

Further business areas of the publisher


  • WirtschaftsMorgen  - quarterly business magazine for the region
  • UbiBene  - lifestyle magazine
  • Quadrat  - guest magazine of the city of Mannheim
  • Econo Rhein-Neckar  - Business magazine for the Rhine-Neckar region (every two months)
Morning mail mailbox

Morning mail delivery service

The Mannheimer Morgen also has a daughter for delivery as part of the de-monopolisation of the postal service - the Morgenpost letter Service GmbH  - founded, which since commercial mail in the postal code area delivers 68 and 69th Morgenpost has also been delivering letters from private customers since 2006. For this purpose, own stamps were issued and own mailboxes were set up.

Job morning

Jobmorgen is a free metasearch engine that collects and prepares job offers within the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and the Main-Tauber district from company websites, career portals and online job exchanges.

In addition to the classic full-text search by entering a search term or several descriptive keywords in the specified search field, the user can also view the job offers by clicking on a location displayed on the map, using the area search or selecting predefined occupational groups.


Well-known personalities who worked at Mannheimer Morgen:



  • Franz Wilhelm Koch: R1, 4–6, a house on the market through the ages. Mannheim 1959.
  • Udo Leuschner : newspaper history. The development of a daily newspaper over two centuries. From the “intelligence sheet” to the cable television project using the example of Mannheim. A book about the newspaper business. Verlag Die Arbeitswelt, Berlin 1981, ISBN 3-88114-225-8 .

Web links

Commons : Mannheimer Morgen  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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