Bundesstrasse 285

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Bundesstrasse 285 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 285
Course of the B 285
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: bad Salzungen
End of street: Mellrichstadt
Overall length: 60 km

State :

Course of the road
Free State of Thuringia
Wartburg district
crossing Bad Salzungen SouthB62
Locality Langenfeld
Locality Urnshausen
flow Felda
Confluence L 1022
Locality beginning Entrance to  Dermbach
Confluence L 1026
Confluence L 1026
Village end End of Dermbach
Locality Neidhartshausen
Confluence L 1122
Bypass Diedorf bypass
Locality Diedorf
Bypass Kaltennordheim bypass
Locality Kaltennordheim
flow Felda
Schmalkalden-Meiningen district
Confluence L 1124
Locality beginning Entrance to  Kaltensundheim
flow Felda
Confluence L 1124
Village end End of Kaltensundheim
Locality beginning Entrance to  Reichenhausen
Confluence L 1123
Confluence L 2621
Village end End of the town Reichenhausen
(611 m above sea level)  Stellbergpass Weser - Rhine watershed
Locality Melpers
Free State of Bavaria
District of Rhön-Grabfeld
flow Litter
Locality beginning Beginning of the top  loading
Confluence St 2265
Village end Local end loads
Locality beginning Beginning of the village  Fladungen
Confluence St 2288
Village end Local endings
Railroad Crossing Mellrichstadt – Fladungen railway line
flow Litter
Locality Hayurt
flow Litter
Locality beginning Entrance to  Nordheim before the Rhön
Confluence St 2289
flow Litter
Village end End of Nordheim before the Rhön
Bypass Ostheim bypass
Locality Ostheim in front of the Rhön
Bypass Stockheim bypass
Locality beginning Start of the village  Stockheim
bridge under the Mellrichstadt – Fladungen railway line
Village end End of Stockheim (Lower Franconia)
Bypass Mellrichstadt bypass 
Railroad Crossing Mellrichstadt – Fladungen railway line
Confluence Mellrichstadt-Nord St 2445
bridge (430 m)  Malbach Valley Bridge over
Malbach and the Schweinfurt – Meiningen railway line
bridge (165 m)  Roßbachtalbrücke over Roßbach
Confluence Mellrichstadt-East
Junction (24)  Mellrichstadt St 2275A71

The federal highway 285 (abbreviation: B 285 ) is a German federal highway in Thuringia and Bavaria . It begins in Bad Salzungen in the Wartburg district in West Thuringia and leads over the Salzunger Berg into the Felda valley , which it follows to the source. Then it crosses the state border with Bavaria and runs through the valley of the Streu to the vicinity of the Lower Franconian town of Mellrichstadt , where it ends after bypassing it at the federal highway 71 . The B 285 is mainly used for local traffic in the eastern Rhön and has only a low traffic density due to its location away from larger cities.


The B 285 branches off from Bundesstraße 62 at the Langenfelder Straße intersection on the southern edge of the city of Bad Salzungen . After crossing the Langenfeld district and a forest area, the road reaches Urnshausen . The Feldatal valley is reached north of Dermbach , where it runs through Kaltennordheim . After crossing the Thuringian-Bavarian border south of Melpers , after about 25 km it reaches Mellrichstadt, the third largest city in the Rhön-Grabfeld district .

In Thuringia, the B 285 is part of the Deutsche Alleenstrasse . The route of the former Feldabahn runs parallel to the main road between Dorndorf and Kaltennordheim , some of which is now used as a tourist cycle path.


Until 2005 the B 285 began at the Werra bridge from Dorndorf and led through the lower Feldatal via Dietlas , Stadtlengsfeld and Weilar to Dermbach. With the release of the southern bypass road for Bad Salzungen in the course of the federal highway 62, the transport network was changed in 2005 to the current course. Before Dermbach, the B 285 meets the original route at Hartschrecken , which was stepped down to form a state road between Dorndorf and Hartschimmern.

Also until 2005, the B 285 ended almost directly at the Mellrichstadt city center. In the course of the opening of the BAB 71 to traffic, the Mellrichstadt bypass was raised to the B 285 and the federal road ends today at the Mellrichstadt junction.

Accident blackspot

In some areas in the Wartburg district, the federal highway 285 is the focus of accidents. Between 1991 and 2012 there were 60 fatal accidents on the B 285 in the Wartburg district alone, making it the front runner in the Bad Salzungen police station area.

Individual evidence

  1. Stephan Sachs: Allee 285: When the street looks like a tunnel. Südthüringer Zeitung, April 30, 2013, accessed on May 3, 2013 : “The federal highway 285 - in the Thuringian Rhön it is in large parts a delightful avenue and death runway at the same time. Many crosses line the edge of the road, behind each there is a fate. "