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The Felda in Stadtlengsfeld

The Felda in Stadtlengsfeld

Water code EN : 4138
location District of Schmalkalden-Meiningen , Wartburgkreis , Thuringia ( Germany )
River system Weser
Drain over Werra  → Weser  → North Sea
source in the Auersberger Kuppenrhön near Erbenhausen
50 ° 34 '14 "  N , 10 ° 8' 55"  E
Source height 510  m above sea level NHN 
muzzle in Dorndorf in the Werra coordinates: 50 ° 50 ′ 32 ″  N , 10 ° 4 ′ 57 ″  E 50 ° 50 ′ 32 ″  N , 10 ° 4 ′ 57 ″  E
Mouth height 225.1  m above sea level NHN 
Height difference 284.9 m
Bottom slope 6.8 ‰
length 42.2 km
Catchment area 216.7 km²
Discharge at the Dorndorf gauge 2
A Eo : 214 km²
Location: 2 km above the mouth
NNQ (11/08/1975)
MNQ 1936/2014
MQ 1936/2014
Mq 1936/2014
MHQ 1936/2014
HHQ (01/23/1995)
50 l / s
537 l / s
2.3 m³ / s
10.7 l / (s km²)
27.4 m³ / s
59.4 m³ / s
Left tributaries Lotte , Schmerbach
(these and others see opposite )
Right tributaries Ziegelbach , Wiesenthalbach
(these and others see opposite )
Small towns Kaltennordheim
Communities Erbenhausen , Diedorf , Dermbach , Weilar

The Felda is a 42.2 km long, southern and orographically left tributary of the Werra in southwest Thuringia . The river, which runs from south to north, is the most important inner river of the Rhön along with the western parallel Ulster and the even westerly Haune , the valley of which separates the Vorderrhön in the east from the Auersberger Kuppenrhön in the west (see section Natural areas ).


The main source of the Felda lies immediately south of Erbenhausen am Bergsattel between the Stellberg ( 662.3  m ) in the south and the Alten Mark ( 675.7  m ) in the north at an altitude of about 510  m ; The Herpf rises in the eastern neighborhood . A left source stream, called Rodgraben , rises at an altitude of about 676  m on the eastern slope of the Ellenbogen ( 813  m ) and passes the village of Reichenhausen immediately above the confluence .

After a route along the federal road 285 through Kaltensundheim , Kaltennordheim , Fischbach / Rhön , Diedorf , Neidhartshausen and Dermbach to Hartschimmern and further along the state road  1022 via Weilar , Stadtlengsfeld , Menzengraben and Dietlas , the Felda flows into the Dorndorf at 225.1  m above sea level Weser source river Werra coming from the east .

The route of the former Feldabahn follows its eponymous river between Kaltennordheim and Dorndorf and crosses it several times.

Catchment area and tributaries

The Feldatal is a valley basin that separates two partial landscapes of the Kuppenrhön, the Vordere Rhön in the east and the Auersberger Kuppenrhön in the west. The orography is accordingly more herringbone than fan-shaped. The Feldatal is also designated as a single natural area.

The catchment area of the Felda is 216.7 km². Its tributaries include (viewed downstream):

Surname page Length
( m above sea level )
Left source brook v. Reichenhausen Left 3.2 487 Reichenhausen 4138-1? 1
Grimmelbach right 4.4 448 under the Kaltensundheims 4138-1? 2
Lotte Left 8.3 21.5 448 Kaltenwestheim , Mitteldorf 4138-2
Ziegelbach ( Goldbach ) right 7.1 12.7 436 Kaltenlengsfeld , Kaltennordheim 4138-4
Fischbach right 2.6 410 Fischbach 4138-5? 1
Dirleser water right 1.7 398 Oberh. Diedorfs 4138-5? 2
Klingbach Left 3.7 393 Klings , Diedorf 4138-5? 3
Schmerbach Left 6.8 16.5 375 Andenhausen , Zella / Rhön , Neidhartshausen 4138-6
Dermbach ( White Born ) Left 4.7 6.3 327 Dermbach 4138-7? 1
Albabach Left 4.9 313 Oberalba , Unteralba , hard shrinkage 4138-7? 2
Wiesenthalbach right 9.4 34.4 295 Wiesenthal , Urnshausen , Oberh. Weilars 4138-8
Fischbach Left 3.3 275 Oberh. Stadtlengsfelds 4138-9?

Tributaries of higher order

The main second-order tributaries are:

The Steinbach drains almost half of the catchment area of ​​the Schmerbach, while all other secondary streams listed here are of minor hydrological importance.

Natural spaces

The Auersberger Kuppenrhön between the Ulstertal (west) and that of the Felda (east), which begins southeast of Kaltennordheim. After passing the Baier below Dermbach, the Lower Feldatal begins .

The Felda valley, which is framed in red sandstone, is of particular natural significance for the structure of the Kuppenrhön and the Salzunger Werrabergland to the north and east .

The Middle Feldatal from Fischbach (sometimes also from Kaltennordheim on) to the crossing of the Baier - Pleß threshold at Urnshausen - Hartschrecken below Dermbach is a natural spatial unit of the Vorder and Kuppenrhön and separates the up to 751  m high Vorderrhön in the east from the to 757  m high Auersberger Kuppenrhön in the west.

The Lower Feldatal to Dorndorf , on the other hand, is a sub-natural area of ​​the Stadtlengsfeld hill country, which is built entirely on red sandstone .

Flora and fauna

In the fish population, brown trout predominate in the upper course and grayling in the middle and lower course .

Power generation

The Felda is traditionally used to generate energy. Weir systems with currently used hydropower systems are among others. a. in Dermbach, Weilar, Dietlas and Dorndorf. In the course of a model project for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive, unused weirs were dismantled by the Free State of Thuringia (e.g. in Stadtlengsfeld) or made ecologically consistent (e.g. in Weilar and Dorndorf) between 2004 and 2008.

Individual evidence

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