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Bundesstrasse 17 in Germany
Bundesstrasse 17
Course of the B 17
Basic data
Operator: GermanyGermany Federal Republic of Germany
Start of the street: Gersthofen
( 48 ° 25 ′  N , 10 ° 52 ′  E )
End of street: Füssen
( 47 ° 33 ′  N , 10 ° 42 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 110 km

State :

Development condition: see course
B17-B300 Augsburg Rumplerstraße.jpg
Bundesstrasse 17 near Augsburg
Course of the road
Free State of Bavaria
Template: AB / Maintenance / NextDEGermany Continue  B2towards Donauwörth
District of Augsburg
node (72)  Cross Augsburg-West A8 E52 B2
Start of expressway Beginning of the motor road
Junction Symbol: UpAugsburg-Oberhausen -North
District-free city of Augsburg
Junction Augsburg-Oberhausen-Middle / Gersthofen- South
bridge under the Augsburg – Nördlingen railway line
bridge under the Augsburg – Ulm railway line
tunnel (150 m)  Bärenkellertunnel tunnel
Junction Augsburg-Bärenkeller / Oberhausen-Süd / Holzweg
bridge under Weldenbahn
Junction Augsburg-Kriegshaber / Central Clinic / Kobelweg
tunnel (90 m)  tunnel
Junction Augsburg-Kriegshaber / Center / Bgm.-Ackermann-Straße B300
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B300 direction Friedberg
tunnel (214 m)  tunnel
District of Augsburg
tunnel (215 m)  Bismarck tunnel
Junction Augsburg-Pfersee / Stadtbergen
District-free city of Augsburg
Junction Augsburg-Pfersee /
Stadtbergen-OT Leitershofen
flow Wertach
flow Factory channel
Junction Augsburg-Gabelsbergerstraße / Rosenaustadion
Junction Augsburg Congress Hall / Old University
bridge under the Augsburg – Buchloe railway line
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B300 direction Neusäß
Junction Augsburg- Messe / New University B300
Junction Symbol: rightSymbol: right Augsburg-Göggingen / WWK-Arena
Junction Symbol: leftSymbol: left Haunstetten-Nord / WWK-Arena / Göggingen
Junction Symbol: rightSymbol: right Augsburg-Haunstetten-North
Junction Augsburg-Haunstetten-Süd / Inningen
District of Augsburg
Junction Königsbrunn -North
Junction Königsbrunn-Süd / Bobingen St 2380
Junction Oberottmarshausen
Junction Kleinaitingen / Graben
Gas station Symbol: rightSymbol: right Lagerlechfeld gas station
Junction Lagerlechfeld St 2027
Junction Klosterlechfeld / Untermeitingen St 2027
Landsberg am Lech district
Junction Hurlach
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right parking spot
Junction Igling / Kaufering
node (24)  Landsberg -West St 2054A96
Junction south of Landsberg
Junction at Unterdießen
crossing west of Fuchstal-OT Seestall
crossing at Fuchstal St 2055
Junction east of Denklingen
Junction at Denklingen-OT Epfach
crossing west of Kinsau St 2055
Weilheim-Schongau district
Locality Hohenfurch
flow Schönach
crossing Schongau-North
Junction Altenstadt St 2014
Junction Schongau-West B472
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B472direction Bad Tölz
flow Lech ( Schongau – Peiting bridge )
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty together with B472direction Marktoberdorf
Junction Peiting West B472
Locality Peiting-OT Kurzenried
Locality Peiting-OT Lamprecht
Locality Steingaden-OT Engen
Locality Steingaden-OT cake
crossing at Steingaden-OT Ilgen St 2058
Locality Steingaden-OT Staltannen
Locality Steingaden-OT Lauterbach
Locality Steingaden St 2059
Locality Steingaden-OT ditch
Locality Steingaden-OT Biberschwöll
Locality Steingaden-OT hose
District of Ostallgäu
Locality Halch-OT Unterreithen
Locality Halbch-OT pear tree
Locality Halbch-OT Ried
Locality Halbch-OT Trauchgau
Locality Halbch
flow Halbch
Locality Halbch-OT Buching
Locality Halbch-OT Herdweg
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist Neuschwanstein Castle
crossing northeast of Schwangau St 2016
Locality Schwangau
Locality Schwangau-OT Horn
crossing southwest of Schwangau-OT Horn St 2008
crossing near Schwangau-OT Erlisholz B16
Locality Füssen -OT Ziegelwies
EU border crossing Border crossing Füssen / Weißhaus
Austria Continue on  396 towards Reutte

The federal highway 17 (abbreviation: B 17 ) is a German federal highway in Bavaria . It leads along the Lech from Augsburg via Landsberg am Lech and Schongau to the federal border near Füssen and runs largely on the border of the Bavarian administrative districts of Swabia and Upper Bavaria .

The length is approximately 110 km. Parts of the Romantic Road run on or parallel to it and, in the southern section, part of the German Alpine Road . It roughly follows the ancient Via Claudia Augusta . Initially, it was planned to expand the line as the A 91 .


The federal road 17 can be divided into three large sections.

Augsburg - Landsberg am Lech

In this section, the B 17 has been developed with four lanes similar to a motorway and without any plan.

At the A 8 AS Augsburg-West (72), the B 2 changes to the B 17. The B 17 initially crosses the Augsburg city ​​area (western bypass). From the Augsburg-Zentrum and Augsburg-Messe-Universität exit, it runs together with the B 300 . Here it is called Dayton-Ring and between the junctions Leitershofen and Messe Oberbürgermeister-Müller-Ring .

After leaving the Augsburg city area, the B 17 runs on the route previously intended for the A 91 west of Königsbrunn and returns north of Lagerlechfeld to the old route. Passing the air base Lech field the location is Lagerlechfeld reached, the crosses the B 17 in the depth position. The eastern bypass of Klosterlechfeld follows in the further course of the route . At the end of this, the federal road leaves the administrative district of Swabia ( district of Augsburg ) and reaches the administrative district of Upper Bavaria ( district of Landsberg am Lech ).

Shortly afterwards the B 17 crosses under the Lechfeldbahn . Passing Hurlach , Kaufering and Igling (here crossing the Allgäubahn ) the B 17 reaches the roundabout of AS Landsberg am Lech-West ( A 96 ). This motorway junction-like distribution roundabout is the largest of its kind in Germany with a diameter of around 330 meters (and thus an area of ​​around 7 hectares).

Landsberg am Lech - Peiting

B 17 near Schongau

In this section, the B 17 has a single lane with two, sometimes three lanes.

From the A 96 AS Landsberg am Lech-West (24), the B 17 initially leads around Landsberg am Lech and reaches the old route at AS Landsberg am Lech-Süd. Here it crosses the Fuchstalbahn . In the further course, there are several identical crossings until the B 17 reaches the Weilheim-Schongau district before Hohenfurch .

After crossing Hohenfurch , the Schongau / Peiting bypass begins at the Schongau-Nord exit . The B 17 again crosses under the Fuchstalbahn. Now follow the exits Schongau / Altenstadt and Schongau-West. From here the B 17 runs together with the B 472 coming from Marktoberdorf . In the further course the B 17 crosses the Lech on the Lechtal bridge . The Peiting-West exit follows at the end of this section. Here the B 17 leaves the Schongau / Peiting bypass. On this route, the B 472 continues in the direction of Bad Tölz and Garmisch-Partenkirchen ( see article Bundesstraße 23 ).

Peiting - Füssen

In this section, the B 17 has two lanes. There are no major bypasses in this section.

To the south of the Schongau / Peiting bypass is Kurzenried (Peiting municipality), which runs through the B17. This is followed by a well-developed section that ends in a tight curve at the pilgrimage church of Ilgen in front of Staltannen. After passing through the hamlets of Staltannen and Lauterbach, the B 17 reaches Steingaden . After Steingaden and the hamlet of Biberschwöll, the B 17 crosses into the administrative district of Swabia ( Ostallgäu district ).

The B 17 crosses Trauchgau (to halch), halch and Buching (to halch). On the east bank of the Bannwaldsee , the B 17 reaches Schwangau . This is followed by the hamlet of Horn, after which the B 17 continues southwards, while the route turns west into the B 16 .

Along the eastern bank of the Lech, the B 17 reaches Füssen . On Lechfall past the B ends 17 on the German- Austrian border ( district of Reutte , Tyrol ) and goes there on Austrian territory in the Weis Hauser road (L396 - originally part of the B 189 ) through to the connections to Reutte and to Fernpassstraße and the Inntal exist.



The federal road 17 roughly follows the ancient Via Claudia Augusta .

Previous routes and names

The Bavarian state roads were numbered according to their starting point:

  • State road No. 13: Augsburg - Landsberg - Oberau
  • State road No. 109: Peiting - Steingaden - Füssen

On January 17, 1932, trunk road 17 (FVS 17) was introduced. In 1934 the German Reich took responsibility (construction load) for the route and ran it as Reichsstraße  17 (R 17). At that time the R 17 began in Augsburg and followed today's route of the B 17 (without bypasses) to the border with Austria . After Austria was annexed to the Third Reich (1938), the route was extended via Ullrichsbrücke ( R 309 ), Reutte ( R 309 ), Weißenbach am Lech ( R 308 ) and Warth (Vorarlberg) to Alpe Rauz am Arlberg ( R 31 ). This expansion was reversed after the end of the Second World War (1945). When the Federal Republic of Germany was founded (1949), the name was changed to Bundesstrasse 17.

Replacements and relocations

The construction of the A 91 was envisaged in the initial planning of the post-war years . When these plans were rejected in the 1970s, the four-lane expansion of the B 17 was pushed ahead. This is how the Königsbrunn bypass was created in the 1980s . In addition, the “Stadtautobahn” Augsburg was built in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the B 17 was extended to Lagerlechfeld . The opening of the Klosterlechfeld bypass followed in 2001.

The motorway-like section from Klosterlechfeld to the roundabout at the Landsberg am Lech-West junction ( A 96 ) was opened to traffic on September 17, 2009. The extension from the distribution circuit (opened on September 14, 2007) to the old B 17 at the Landsberg am Lech-Süd exit also went into operation on September 17, 2009. The construction time for the 15.5 km long section from Obermeitingen to the old route in the south of Landsberg was just under four years. The construction costs amounted to 70.3 million euros.

Schongau bypass

In 1991/1994 a bypass was opened in stages to the west and south of Schongau and Peiting, via which the B 17 and the B 472 cross the Lechtal bridge Schongau . At the southern intersection of the bypass with the old route of the B 17, it now turns south towards Füssen. Before the completion of this bypass, the B 17 ran through the inner city of Schongau and crossed the Lech together with the B 472 on the only Lech road bridge in the Schongau urban area, which resulted in major traffic jams, especially during the holiday season.

With the release of the bypasses, the bypassed sections of the B 17 were graded.


View of the new construction of the Gabelsbergerstraße junction in Augsburg-Göggingen (2008)

In 2010, Bundesstraße 17 reached a traffic volume of 58,410 vehicles in 24 hours on the southern outskirts of Augsburg (near Königsbrunn).

In the city of Augsburg at the end of 2006 the junctions “ Leitershofen / Augsburg-Pfersee ” and “ Augsburg-Göggingen (Gabelsbergerstraße)” were not yet free of intersections and were switched using traffic lights. On September 14, 2006, the crossing-free renovation of the “Gabelsbergerstraße” intersection began with the demolition of the existing bicycle and pedestrian bridge in the south of the intersection, with the northern abutment in the way. By the end of 2006, the bridge should be relocated to the north-west on new pillars; However, shortly before completion of the pedestrian bridge, a low-loader loaded with a large excavator rammed it with the cantilever arm of the excavator, so that it had to be removed again after months of testing. The route of the B 17 was lowered by approx. 3.6 meters on Gabelsbergerstraße and connected to the crossing street by means of ramps. The entry and exit ramps at the Leitershofer Straße junction, on the other hand, lead into two roundabouts. The renovation, which cost 11.4 million euros, was completed in June 2008.

From February 20, 2008 to November 2010, the “Leitershofen / Augsburg-Pfersee” intersection was rebuilt so that it did not cross. This cost 18 million euros after the original plans were changed in this area in favor of improved noise protection.

In July 2017, the roadway between the Augsburg-Messe and Göggingen / Haunstetten junctions was renewed and, in this context, a continuous interwoven strip was built as the third lane. A route control system was then installed between the Königsbrunn-Süd and Augsburg-Messe junctions due to the heavy traffic and the above-average number of accidents.

From Landsberg am Lech -Süd to Hohenfurch , the B 17 was gradually expanded to three lanes between 2004 and 2014 ( 2 + 1 system with sections between 1 and 1.5 km). A part of the previously at the same level of intersections was expanded to be free of height .


Noise protection is to be improved in the border area between Augsburg and Stadtbergen . At the existing 214 m long tunnel between the Augsburg-Zentrum and Bismarck tunnel junctions, a half-cover is to be installed over a length of 184 meters to the south of the tunnel and 193 meters to the north of the tunnel. The construction connected with cross struts at the top should be greened. A middle wall coated with sound-absorbing material is erected between the lanes up to the cross braces. The start of the 8.2 million euro renovation has not yet been determined; the construction time is estimated at around a year.

For the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 , the inclusion of a bypass or tunneling under Hohenfurch, a relocation north of Steingaden , and a bypass Steingaden were proposed. These were included as sub-projects of an overall project “B17 Augsburg-Füssen” and classified as “additional needs”.

For the partially height- free junction Schongau / Altenstadt, after several serious left-turn accidents at the end of 2019, a height-free expansion to be implemented by 2021 is being considered.

The construction of overtaking lanes is being discussed for the southwestern part of the Schongau bypass, but is currently (as of August 2018) not considered to be feasible in the medium term.


Tourist routes

The federal highway 17 includes two scenic routes :

  • The Romantic Road begins at the Landsberg-Süd exit and leads to Füssen. The route was shortened at the end of 2008, as heavy goods traffic had increased along the B 2 (north of Augsburg), according to the managing director Jürgen Wünschmeyer of the Romantische Straße Touristik Arbeitsgemeinschaft GbR .
  • The German Alpine Road runs from Steingaden (confluence with St2059) to Füssen (B 16) .


There are numerous sights along the way. These include the churches in the Pfaffenwinkel (e.g. St. Michael Basilica (Altenstadt) ), Wieskirche near Steingaden, Forggensee from Halch, Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle near Schwangau and the Lechfall in Füssen.


In Augsburg, the B 17 is accompanied by noise barriers , as is customary on city motorways . After leaving Augsburg, the B 17 runs in Lechfeld , while from Landsberg am Lech it merges into the foothills of the Alps . The Ammergau Alps form the last section from Halchlch . In front of Schwangau you have a view of Neuschwanstein Castle.

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